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Right now target gambling is to easy with some some items and to hard with others (Smoke Weaver). The “Refresh Game” is just tedious and frustrating. I think it would be better for the game if you just gambled for Generic bases like “Sword”, “Dagger”, “Ring”, “Relic” and so on. And you just get a random version of that generic base. It would let you just spam click something and hope for the best and then move on instead of sitting for hours and click the refresh button.

I like using the gambler as I level up. The game doesn’t take into account what build you are playing, so loot drops are varied. That’s fine with me because I collect gear pieces for other builds and classes as well. If I’m not finding what I need from the drops, I will gamble for what I’m missing.

I found it to be a great way to easily get a rare with 2 affixes that I want. It’s also a great way to find +1 and +2 to levels of skills. I also check the vendor in between echoes, since the gambler and the vendor will more than likely have pieces of gear based on your class.

I haven’t used it to gamble for uniques personally.

My sugested change would not change any of what you use it for then. :slight_smile:

Nothing to see here, pay no attention to me. I may have had a couple of drinks at that time, and may have read your title as someone asking for feedback on gambling :grin:

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lol that is totally ok xD

I couldn’t disagree more. If we’re comparing undesired outcomes:

  1. I spend a small amount of gold refreshing until I get the base that I want, gamble for it, and don’t get the unique I’m fishing for.
  2. I spam click on a single generic base type, getting a bunch of unrelated bases and/or uniques that I don’t want.

The latter would make me much more annoyed than the former currently does. Even if the costs of gambling were rebalanced with your suggestion so that over a reasonable number of gambling attempts it works out to be the same amount of gold as refresh-until-specific-base, I would still be more annoyed with your system because it feels like much less control and much more waste. Put another way - when I click Refresh now and don’t see the base I want, I don’t get annoyed with that. But if I gambled on a generic dagger icon looking for Smoke Weaver and got a Magic Moon Dagger, I would definitely be annoyed by that.

That besides (and I’m aware this is somewhat nitpicky), having a single fixed base item in a single location that you can just spam click makes for hilariously easy automation that even
a total numbskull could manage compared to what you have to do now.

Smoke Weaver is a Poignard. A level 1 base. If you gamble for it at the earliest you can (level 52) you have to refresh on average 87 times to get one poignard to spawn. That Poignard has an 1/1000 chance to be a Smoke Weaver acording to gambling simulator. so in average you will have to refresh 87000 times to get a single smoke weaver. a bit tideous dont you think?

That being said. I find being able to target gamble uniques problematic for the game health. Maybe not right now when everything is solo play. But once multiplayer launches the economy will be whacked when it comes to uniques if you can just gamble for them that easy. I think uniques should be removed from the gambling pool all together to be honest. But i get people like it so my sugestion of changing it is to atleast make target gambling harder.

If it is to easy to gear up in a game you are left with nothing to chase wich will make the game boring way to fast. This will result in spikes of players on league start and then you will see a massive dropp off after 1-2 weeks like with Diablo 3 where you gear up to fast. Path of Exile usually manages to keep most of its players 3-4 weeks after a new league before the big dropp off comes.

Tedium is a fact of life when pursuing a desirable item in an ARPG. So, I don’t think “it’s tedious” alone is a show stopper. If it were not the tedium of mashing Refresh and clicking on Poignards, it would be the tedium of running monos over and over for an indeterminate amount of time instead.

You would have even less chance to get something you want/need.
And I still think we should not gamble for uniques. Too much RNG. I gamble for good crafting bases and it works fine.

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