Gambler not functioning as advertised

The gambling system has been a nice supplement to conventional farming as the sort of background target farming you can do with the gold you get from farming mono’s, arena, etc. The update to the gambler where high rarity items have their rarity reflected in the gambling system was a good change in pushing the rarity of those items and it made a lot of sense, though, with the game being without multiplayer in its current state, the odds need to be achievable. I have currently sunk a total of 18 MILLION gold into buying ilvl 76 oracle amulet bases from the gambler (on a lvl 96 blade dancer) to supplement my monolith farming for it and have yet to come across that item.

I understand bad luck in these types of games, but for 99.99% of the playerbase these numbers are unachievable AND THE ITEM STILL HAS YET TO BE FOUND. At this amount of gold spent it’s less in the realm of bad luck and more in the realm of statistically improbable unless the base odds of finding the item are also astronomically low, in which case it would be best to have that advertised as at the current value, it’s neigh impossible for even the most hard core user to even dream of farming up for.

Should rare items be hard to get? Yes. Should they take millions to get with gambling? Yes. Should they take 10s of millions? NO, at that rate you’re more likely to hit the next update patch than you are gambling for the item as a full time job.

Thank you for your time.

The Orian’s Eye is a very rare drop which means it’s very rare to get it to drop from the gambler.

This is functioning as advertised.

Edit: You’re complaining about being ####ed over by RNG (which you totally are) in a system called the gambler.


I see you put a lot of thought into your response. The gambler is advertised as a method to spend excess gold to try and make something out of it, however, even if something is rare it should be obtainable. In the current iteration it’s more along the lines of false advertisement where you tell players they CAN but then on the back end the chance to obtain the item is 0.000001%. This could lead to burnout and outcry as in an SSF game especially items should be reasonably obtainable.

I think the gambler should be a huge gold sink like it is, but not to excessive degrees. From my experience in the current version people could dedicate a full time jobs worth of time for a month/months & still have nothing to show for it. Again, if it was multiplayer this would be less of an issue due to the ability to trade & odds over a large population of people, but as an individual it literally takes items out of the game, items which a good chunk of the population already has due to the previous rng rates as well.

I hope that helps point out WHY I created this message more than just outcry of bad rng, atm it’s a bad system for people getting into the game who want to set a goal and achieve it, 18 million gold is an insane number.

I’m globally happy with the gambler. But that’s because I use it for blue and yellow items, not for uniques. There is one unique I try to get, but that’s the exception.
I may be wrong, but I don’t see the gambler as a tool to find uniques. And I definitely don’t see him as a reliable tool to find uniques. But for good blue/yellow bases, the balance between what I pay and what I get seems fine.


Being on a phone mere moments after waking up isn’t exactly conducive to a lengthy conversation.

I must have missed that then, where does it say that? I mean, it’s a gambler what it is, and IMO, what it’s advertised as being, is kinda baked into the name.

To me, this just feels as confirmation bias. I note that you’re not complaining about that 18m worth of item drops that weren’t an Orian’s Eye! The gambler uses the same RNG as drops from mobs & if you check out Tunk’s gambling sim, you’ll see that for 1,000 Oracle Amulets you should get ~1.2 Orian’s Eye. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be ####ed over by the RNG & it take way longer than that.

This is just hyperbole. It depends what you’re using the gambler for. If it’s to find a specific base with a few useful mods that you can craft on then that’s quite achievable. Using it to hunt for specific gambleable uniques is also possible but still leaves you open to RNG.

If you view the thread that way, then fair enough. To me, it feels the same as the numerous “my craft fractured at 98% chance for success?! Why???” threads.

I agree with your pissed off-ness, 18m worth of gambling for an Orian’s Eye is very unlucky, but it’s not a bate & switch, it’s not false advertising, it’s just you being ####ed by the RNG roll. A lot. And that sucks.

It took me ages to get my first Omnividence & I was bitching about it on discord. You have my sympathy, but your basic premise is wrong.


You are apparently having some really bad luck is all. I’ve gotten this amulet multiple times from the Gambler. Therefore yes it’s working as advertised, sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t.

I’ve had the same bad luck with other items, but once again that was just my bad luck. Once trading opens up that may help.


I’m still trying to find one. It’s the only unique I sometimes try to gamble.

This patch? They fixed a gambler bug where gambler did not respect rarity at all. Orians eye is the rarest item in the game meaning its actually a lot harder to do this patch than any previous patch.
That is the reason OP is complaining. If we look at tunklabs sim it shows that orians is around 1.2% drop chance from the gambler but this is not true anymore at all.


Don’t worry @Nostalgia you are not alone, i never found the item i wanted too ( i didn’t tried hard for a long moment though)

Yes, I’ve found one in 0.8.1, just not 1C-1F.

Was wollt’er’n mit dem scheiss Ding?
…i mean…
What do you want with that fucking thing?

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i think the gamble should be a way to get t6-t7 (should add to craft too) i am lv 95 now after 100 hours and the game is just boring u farm 300k gold in 4-5 hours spend on the gambler and get nothing… people left poe to try this game cause they removed the harvests crafts (a deterministic craft) and the way of obtain endgame itens here are way more rng and time consuming

The entire point of t6/7 gear is that it gives you a reason to use gear dropped from mobs rather than just sitting at the gambler.


Instead of sitting 3-4 hours at the gambler you could instead keep in killing monsters and farm monolith with high rarity drop chances.

You may have an equally good chance to find the item of desire and you save your money.

I’m with @Shtrak here. I don’t use the gambler for finding uniques.

I spend my time playing the game and not sitting at an npc. Yes, gambling is tedious. And it’s not very effective (for uniques). So why do it? Why do people think they “have to” gamble?


It can help a lot if you want to find good bases for your crafting. And it can be helpful during the campaign.

I once heard something about Diablo 3: “the town is lava”. The idea was “don’t spend time in town, go kill monsters”. While Last Epoch is not the same game, this stays rather true.

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Because it’s a lot simpler & less RNG to get the base you want probably with a few usable affixes which you can then craft up to the item you want.

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Sorry but i chuckled at your point of T6-T7 should be added to craft.
That is a hard disagree for me. There should be more items and things to chase for in my opinion in LE.
Those T6 and T7 at the moment and a few unique items are a few example (for me personally) to chase for and you suggest to make that easier aswell?

Then about the point you make about gamble not functioning as advertised:

Gambling , the betting or staking of something of value, with consciousness of risk and hope of gain, on the outcome of a game, a contest, or an uncertain event whose result may be determined by chance or accident or have an unexpected result by reason of the bettor’s miscalculation.

So it does function as it says. That is the point of gambling.
Its your right however to find it to RNGish to find endgame items.
I hard disagree with you on that aswell since i crafted a lot of t4/t5 items myself with great ease.
Getting everything to easy would make the game boring way to fast in my opinion.

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Because some uniques are described as “can be gambled”.
Maybe there should be more detailed and clear information about the chance to get a unique.

> Spent all my money for an ashen crown, didn’t get it, can’t do build, frustrated.

Exactly, gambling at the moment for me is pretty expensive ( which it should to keep the rest of the items etc balanced and to make farming still important).
I only gamble for fun and in the hopes of maybe iam getting a lucky outcome. For me its also fun to do as a variety thing between the farming. A lot of times i left with no money and oke ish items and sometimes i hit a rather good item.

Iam glad that gambling is more expensive. I remember getting everything a while ago of the gamble system instead of actually playing the game.
If people want to gamble that hard why not just playing slot machines or something -_-

To bad for you, you didnt get your item your hoped for.
It was to be expected though since that is the whole point of gambling.
This is the reason why you get warned for gambling in real life with money because you can LOSE all of your money and get nothing in return.

Iam really not getting why people dont get the basic definition of gambling.
So because they described “can be gambled” you expect to get it? That seems strange to me. Are you going to the casino aswell to gamble and expecting to win the jackpot and complaint at the company afterwards for not winning the jackpot?

Thats literally what your doing right now in my opinion.
My advice, dont spend on your money on gambling just like in real life.