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Patch Preview: Beta 0.7.9

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Patch Preview: Beta 0.7.9

Our next content patch approaches, and today we’re spilling the beans on what you can expect! Patch 0.7.9 will be the largest update we have released for Last Epoch to-date. This patch is also the first to include a Phase 4 item from our Early Access Development Forecast.



Patch 0.7.9 focuses on the endgame, with changes and additions coming to both the available content and the rewards available for engaging with that content. We’re also replacing and adding many new sounds and replacing all animations used by the Sentinel class.




  • Significantly fleshed out the Monolith of Fate system.
    • We are working on a Developer Blog to share with you later this week.
      Edit: Posted! End-Game System Update: Monolith of Fate
    • Monolith of Fate zones will no longer scale with character level. It is important that endgame content includes concrete goals, and the progression to higher level content makes improvements to your characters feel more rewarding.
    • It will be possible to empower lower level content in the Monolith of Fate, and the rewards for completing that content will become more powerful as a result.
  • Implemented the Blessings feature.
    • This will be outlined in the above Developer Blog on the Monolith of Fate changes.



  • Implemented Tier 6 and Tier 7 affixes.
    • We are working on a Developer Blog to share with you early next week.
      Edit: Posted! Introducing Tier 6 and 7 Item Affixes
    • Affixes above tier 5 are not craftable.
    • Tier 6 & 7 affixes are intended to be a long-term goal, and not an expectation at any point in the game.
    • The intention is to widen the gap between easily obtainable rares and close to perfect rares, in order to keep rare drops exciting for much longer and gives us more room in which to balance uniques.



Patch 0.7.9 includes multiple new skills, each of which has a full-sized specialization tree.

  • The Acolyte class has a new skill called Bone Curse.
  • The Necromancer class has a new skill called Assemble Abomination.
    • We have posted a preview of Assemble Abomination here.
  • The Necromancer class has a new skill called Dread Shade.
    • We have posted a preview of Dread Shade here.

Some skills are also being removed in Patch 0.7.9.

  • The Acolyte class has had its Exhume skill removed from the game.
    • This removal is intended to be permanent.
  • The Acolyte class has had its Mark for Death skill removed from the game.
    • The base ‘marked for death’ effect can still be applied through alternative means, such as class passives and other skills’ trees. Only the active skill is being removed.
    • This removal will be permanent, with Bone Curse intended as its replacement.



  • All of the Sentinel’s animations have been replaced.
    • We’ve posted a preview of some new animations here.




Level Design

  • While a new Chapter is not included in Patch 0.7.9, there is a comparable number of zones being added in the update which will be available through the Monolith of Fate.
  • The End of Time zone has received a visual upgrade.


User Interface

  • Active quests are now shown on the world map.
  • Some UI windows now close in response to movement.
    • For example, windows associated with a stash or vendor NPC now close if you move far enough away from the stash or vendor, respectively.
  • Buy Back tabs can now be searched.


Quality of Life

  • Improved targeting for users of controllers.



  • Improved game start-up time for most system configurations.
  • Improved the performance of loot.


After This Patch

While Patch Previews focus on game updates, we are currently investing significant resources into out-of-game projects. In the months following Patch 0.7.9’s release we plan to completely replace the core website and our support site. Longer term goals include replacing the in-game chat system and the standalone client’s launcher.


Always excited for new content. Keep up the good work.

Awesome! Now for the dev blogs!

Omg I need this NAOW. Please have Dr for acolyte

Thanks for the preview Sarno. So hyped for the patch!

Woo can’t wait to try the new Monolith stuff!

Pretty pumped! Just beat the campaign…looking forward to the improvements!

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Excited for all this good stuff! Ready for Monolith especially.

So will this affect the forums in anyway? Will we lose our posts,work we created on the forums, and such?

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We don’t intend to replace the forum.


Are there higher level requirements than 81 for wearing/finding t6 t7?

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Would you rather it be gated behind level or content difficulty? or just rng? I’m not sure where I sit on that yet.

Ducking hell, hype as duck right now! coin coin

That doesn’t seem like a lot for the largest update, you guys have had some massive updates in the past. Guess we can look forward to seeing the actual patch notes for the rest of it.


Can’t wait!

I want t5 to drop sooner than 81 and make t6 t7 be 81+ I also want it to be head hunted. Depending on what way you choose to go on the MoF it give higher chamce for minion affixes or health affieexes and such. Completely blind rng is just… To slow


One of these things is probably a bit bigger than you’re expecting.


Yeah preview patch highlight only the big titles, the patch note itself is always massive

focus on game optimization and performance please. Without performance there is no way to run with “happiness” for me.

T5s can drop much earlier than before, but their chance to drop scales up more slowly with levels. T6s can drop in all level 55+ content. T7s can only drop in level 90+ content. T6 and T7 affixes increase an item’s equip level requirement by slight more than T5 affixes do, but there isn’t a big difference there.