Quest-Related UI Improvements Coming in Patch 0.7.9

In Patch 0.7.9 we’re updating some elements of our user interface to make it easier to tell which zones you need to visit in order to progress the quests currently available to you.

This work includes multiple individual changes;


  • Mousing over a tab in the world map will now display the quests active in that era.


  • Mousing over a zone on the world map will now display the quests active in that zone.


  • Zones with quests based in them will now alternate between showing whether they contain a waypoint (and if so, whether it has been activated) and a quest icon.


Very nice!

Useful little changes

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Having run through the campaign at least 15 times… I can still manage to get lost sometimes.

Great changes indeed!

Will there be a way to highlight the quests which are available but which you haven’t picked up yet? Thinking especially of the couple of side quests you pick up in the quest zones (rather than in the hub).

Nice! Though I was expecting some of these QoL to be found in the quest journal too :thinking:

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That’s a very nice QoL feature :ok_hand:

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Yeah, I always wonder what chapter of the story I am actually in.

Is there some way to know which areas you have already been to? They all look the same to me.


Thank you!!! Your development team just continues to impress. Keep listening to your community and this game is gonna be amazing.

It’s the well welcome thank, i hope someday we will have cut scene too but that’s not very important for now

Yes! Please! I feel I have developed ‘fear of missing out’ by missing a quest and this results in scanning every corner in every map for me. Maybe I am missing something but can we have certainty about not missing a quest?

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Really excited for this, finally I wont get lost in this beautiful world.

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thank you!

Anyone else notice the End of Time has its own tab in those screenshots?

Well, now that you point it out. Hmm, interesting. :thinking:

When is it coming out?

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