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End-Game System Update: Monolith of Fate

Hello, Travelers!

I’m excited to share with you a number of updates coming to one of Last Epoch’s endgame systems, the Monolith of Fate, in Patch 0.7.9.

Endgame content in Last Epoch currently scales with character level. This scaling has allowed Last Epoch to offer level-appropriate content for characters of all levels, even when the game was early in development and only a small portion of the planned zones, enemies, and bosses were available. While scaling content can be enjoyable, it has always been our aim to offer more concrete goals to work towards. In Patch 0.7.9 the Monolith of Fate will no longer scale with character level, and your progression from one section to the next will make your characters’ increases in power all the more tangible and rewarding.

The Monolith of Fate will be accessible to characters who have made their way to the End of Time. When you first arrive at the End of Time, you will probably be very under leveled to start the Monolith of Fate so you may need to continue the campaign to hone your skills before venturing in. Visiting the Monolith grants access to alternate Timelines of worlds that never were and times that could have been.

You will be able to enter Timelines through a selection of one of two Echoes which will contain unique risk and reward modifiers. These modifiers will initially last for a single Echo, but will gradually begin to stack as you journey through additional Echoes. After completing enough Echoes there is a chance to be offered an Quest Echo. Completing Quest Echoes will lead to the climax of the Timeline which, if you are successful, will allow you to access new Timelines. Decisions you make throughout the Timeline may affect the subsequent Timelines that are available, but you may revisit conquered Timelines to open up all possible paths.

Conquering a Timeline grants you the choice of three randomly rolled Blessings which provide permanent buffs inside and outside the Monolith. The Blessings are specific to the Timelines that you defeat. You may face the same Timelines more than once to roll for better and more fitting Blessings and may always choose to retain your current Blessing.

And, if you’re lucky, you may just find a powerful unique item exclusive to the Timeline you conquered.


The Monolith is challenging and you will need to tread carefully and ensure that you’re selecting Echoes with modifiers you believe you are capable of handling. You can always reset your run or portal out between Echoes and come back to it later without losing your progress. You may also re-roll your Echo options once, before needing to complete your next Echo, if you’re willing to part with gold and risk the new modifiers being slightly more difficult.

As you progress deep into the Monolith, there will be opportunities to empower earlier Timelines. An empowered Timeline will have an improved pool of Blessings available, although the enemies within will also grow stronger.

We look forward to seeing you travel through the Monolith and progress towards the most challenging content Last Epoch has to offer. Please let us know what you think of the Monolith of Fate updates on the forums - the team will be watching closely! Good luck, Travelers. We hope you enjoy it.


First! Just before I went to sleep! :smiley:

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Oh my gosh, i am not ready, i havn’t read yet. xD

EDIT: This looks so awesome. Very excited for the new uniques!

Also very nice to have non-scaling content finally. Progress will be so much more noticeable and will “feel” very good.

Any ETA for the patch? at least a time frame? This week/weekend? Next Week?

Holy moly that is awsome.

I want to have it now :smiley:

This look very promising


Interested to see just how much variety it will bring!

This looks so nice! Good job EHG. Can’t wait to get my hands on the update. Also Necromancer changes, woo! :heart_eyes:

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Please can we leave the “first” thing to die a slow and painful death. :yum:


Increased Increased :kissing_heart:

Looks good, can’t wait to try it :slight_smile:

This sounds great.

Im ready to dedicate my life on your game Judd!


Good catch, fix’d.

Signing my divorce papers now


Published at midnight - do you want us in Europe to be all sleepy tomorrow?

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It looks great. I will definitively try it as soon as available

Impressive, nice work! :+1:

We aim to post the #patch-preview for a patch about a week ahead of the patch itself.

Depending on how the final stages of QA goes, it can be a bit sooner or a bit later.


This sounds awesome!

Are these blessings somehow connected to an item? Or is the charakter blessed directly? How many different blessings can we have at once? Can you please give some examples? :grinning:

Any ETA on the patch preview? :laughing:

Dope. I can’t wait to try it. It seems a little bit complicated at first, but it might get clearer when i’ll be trying it. Great work !

Thank you very much for the info.

Looking forward to next week, hopefully your QA goes well. But if not, i think nobody will be upset anyway, you guys really delivered with all of the latest patches/content.

They already did the preview :stuck_out_tongue: