New Primalist and Mage Armor Model Sets

New Primalist and Mage Armor Model Sets

Patch 0.7.9 focuses heavily on endgame content - and obviously you should look good when you’re in it! Along with the Sentinel, both the Primalist and Mage will be getting additional armor models in Patch 0.7.9. These models will be used for the highest level bases.

Which one’s your favorite?



Full Set



Primalist 1


Body Armor

Primalist 2



Primalist 3



Primalist 4



Full Set



Mage 1


Body Armor

Mage 2



Mage 3



Mage 4


Those. Are. Amazing!

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Omfg these are sic

Absolutely love these!! Great work.

Lookin good! <3

I like em both. I’ll edge a little more towards the mage set though. I can totally see my spellblade slicing through scores of mobs with that armor, being all cocky and stylish.

The Mage one screams Dr Fate to me and I love it

These are awesome! :clap:t4:

primalist ftw!

Those are great. The helmet on the mage and the primalist body armor are especially sweet! Very, very nice!

that’s some pretty armor right there

Both look nice, especially the helmets. I feel like whoever drew those Primalist shoulders was a former WoW player

Oooooh. For me, the Mage wins this one. I love the detail, like the green gem on both the boots and the helm.

Not sure about the boots for the Primalist set. Seems like the other three pieces are made of leather/horn, but the boots are metal/bone. The bone spikes look more Acolyte to me than Primalist. Everything else, I love :slight_smile:

That Primalist set makes me horny.

The primalist set wins it for me. Not a fan of this style of mage armour :open_mouth:

Hey thank you for new style :slightly_smiling_face:
The primalist is cool, Btw i’m not very convinced by the mage helm, it fit better for a warrior/knight… A lighter and simpler one would fit the mage better, other part are cool though

Very nice indeed! I like the Primalist, everything just ‘fits’ visually. The Mage does remind me a bit of Boba Fett / Star Wars but that’s because of the helmet :slight_smile: It might be also due to the Mage body being a rather slender and small figure, that the shoulder armor and the helmet look a bit ‘oversized’ (see also my visual notes I posted in the latest Sentinel animations thread, if you’re interested).

love the armor sets. primalist helm not a huge fan of think the bone on the hood looks weird myself but understand the design choice. but that super dope storm trooper helm design on mage with all the extra attachments is godlike. well done on both sets as a whole <3 Keep up the hard work!

It’s a matter of taste buuut I realy dislike both… now I’m sad :(.

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