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Death's Embrace | Creator Unique Reveal | Coming in Patch 0.8.4!

So, I could finally reveal my Ardent Creator Supporter Unique, which is coming in Patch 0.8.4, on stream.

Here is what you fellow acolyte folks can look forward to:

What do you think?


Why is the wording on 3rd affix “x% less bonus damage taken from critical strikes” instead of the standard language “x% less damage taken from critical strikes” ?

Does it only reduce the “200%” (or more) extra damage but not the initial (rolled) damage of the attack or something? Seems… math intensive if so.

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Oh my. Maybe a Harvest build will be worth another try.

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Also need an explaination for that affix @Heavy :wink:

What a surprise! Heavy with an Acolyte axe? I would naver have guessed! :stuck_out_tongue:

Necrotic damage
Minions with Necrotic damage
Ideally, capacity to regain life fast

OK, time for a new Acolyte to rise!


Given the number on the affix, I’d assume that in a very round about way it has the same effect as the normal modifier. If it had a 100% roll then it would completely negate the x2 damage.

Ironically, I think this is a good example of unnecessary complexity that Heavy said he didn’t like in the crafting changes (I think) thread. Quite why they didn’t just use the “reduced damage from crits” modifier I don’t know.

I am assuming you are talking about the “less bonus damage taken from crits” affix?

That affix is the same as the current “Less damage taken from crits”, but it will change in Patch 0.84.

Practically it is the same effect.

My Unique is in the range of a Good T3/BadT4 Affix of that “Less damage taken from crits”, so it’s not superior to a Rare Item with a T5 affix, since you will take more damage from crits, than a 100% CSA or 50% “less damage taken from crit”.

I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:
Sometimes being too obvious can be a bad thing I guess xD

I have no clue what you are talking about?
Changing the wording of an affix has nothing to do with complexity.


Then why does it use different wording? That implies a different effect, which is greater complexity for no added benefit. If they’re changing the wording/effect on the craftable affix, that’s fine, but they’ve not said anything about that.

So you don’t think a different thing (affix/glyph/whatever) that does the same thing isn’t increased complexity?

I should have explained this in text form here, I did it on my reveal on stream.

Yes the affix is changing.

So even the “regular” affix that is currently avaialble on 2H Melee Weapons “Less damage taken from crits” will change into “less bonus damage taken from crits”


I was more imagining it for a low life ward build, myself. Much easier to negate the drawback that way.

Yes, that’s what I figured out after!

Is this how all Ardent Creator supporters do it?

Serious question.

I mean, do they all just build extremely powerful items this way, especially and for their favorite abilities?


Serious Answer:

Obviously I cannot comment on what other people want to do or have done in the past.

But for my item in particular I will give you some key points:

  • Yes it is extremely powerful, but also very rare. Power can be balanced by drop rate, because there are uniques that are meant for different purposes.
  • It is not superior in every way to a rare or exalted item. You are missing out on a defensive suffix and you take more damage from crits, compared to a T5 “less bonus damage taken from crits”
  • There is a very high opportunity cost to use this item effectively, you need to sacrifice a relic slot or a prefix on the chest, both of which are insanely powerful for harvest or multiple mana regen prefix slots.

Obviously balancing will always be a thing and if it turns out, that this is beyond broken I am more than happy to see EHG adjusting the Item accordingly, but I would rather have the downside being adjust (make it even worse), than the offensive power.

Because I think LE does need these type of powerhouse uniques currently. To make loot exciting again.

Also a serious question:
If you want to question my integrity with this I have no issue with that, but would you think EHG will release “overpowered” items intentionally for Ardent Creator Supporters?

That’s rough.


Plus 1 heart for serenity.

Yes, besides the new Exalted system and possibly Legendarys, hopefully many new Uniques and whatnot, that fits halfway.

But I couldn’t help but ask this nice rhetorical question, after all you’re one of the few I’ve read VERY OFTEN which ability is his favorite.

Honestly, to one half I understand your approach completely.
With the other half I would just like to see that someone thinks up items which would benefit many classes and ways of playing [possibly new and/or additional mechanics, etc.]. For more experienced players, I’d like to see that happen much more.

Either way, by the end of this age, it’s going to fit well.

Translated with (free version)

This is yours?


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Is antique, an ancient heirloom from Odin’s nursery. :+1:

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By the way, this is the question. In connection with the change in weapons, will unique weapons based on them be reworked or will there simply be a transfer of suffixes?

Yes, if base weapon types change, Uniques will get adapted to it.

Not much difference from rolled correctly T6 T7 bone scythe

Now if only they revamp Harvest skill itself, to have more increase damage, deal more hit damage nodes, the item will actually be useful.

The consume hp part to deal more damage also sounds like suicide pass 300 corruption, especially if melee “reaper build” takes Hollow Lich passive. But if you sacrifice hollow passive, the net increase will take a hit.

Only thing is you would want a rare chest with mana gain on Harvest mod to offset that mana cost so no Exsanguinous.

Its a pretty cool unique and Harvest AoE should be really fun every 3 hits. Only issue with it I can see is the cost being variable as that means low rolls could be practically useless.