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New Unique Items coming in Eternal Legends Update

I know that all numbers are subject to change but…

Snowdrifts movespeed bonus is too low for something that depends on a stat, if someone is stacking dex for the movespeed buff they should get 30 or 40 at max.

Why is “puncture cannot be dodged” an effect? It implies that enemies are actually dodgeing our attacks and that our one shot moves may just not work on some lesser mob. I don’t think I need to explain why that may feel bad.

Hazelroots spell phys damage is very low in its scaling for a item with only 12 adaptive, even with 120 attunement that is only 40 extra spell damage, so better off using a crafted rare. If it were 1 per 2 it would tie with a low end crafted rare.

Userpers mandate is too inconsistant, if it were 100% chance to gain 10(or even to gain 5) it would be more useful.

Dodge is a modifier that can be selected in monoliths.

You get a free cast of Thorn Shield, it’s not necessarily supposed to be a DPS weapon & if you had 100 attunement that’d give you 33 physical spell damage, plus the 10-17 implicit gives you 43-50 spell damage which is a bit less than an Argent Sceptre.

We don’t know what the rolls are, maybe it does go up that high (though I doubt it).

And an enemy suffix “of Shadows”

It is probably tied to the cooldown, in which case it would not be free, as a defensive option that would be a bad idea anyways as defence stacks vitality.

Thorn Shield doesn’t have a cooldown.

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does the trigger use the mana cost? if it does not a fast attacking tank build may just be able to use it.

It doesn’t have a Rage (mana) cost.

If you’re thinking of Ice Thorn’s Thorn Shield, that skill is being removed in 0.8.4 (Primalist’s Ice Thorn skill that is)

Makes me wanna theory craft around uniques like the last patch.

Thanks for the hard work!

P.S Shldnt we be seeing some Legendaries previeew by now :slight_smile:

Damn these new uniques & creator items are getting creative… Liking the possibilities they bring… Personally like the +? based on stats for making items scale with the char and the +? skill boosts - well those are obvious…

Cool Uniques!

Why Turani’s Bident (which focuses on throwing+spell) on a melee crit multi base ?

Imo it would be much better on a global crit chance/crit multi base, or even the Deicide base that was teased.

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Аж два копья для моего чара через копье молний с тригером смайта подогнали)

Does that thing trigger even we are not in Spriggan form or even if we don’t have the spriggan form ?

It’ll trigger on every physical spell you cast, likely even for non-Primalists in the same way that everyone can get Earthquake procs from Bhuldar’s Wrath (though I wouldn’t advise that for non-Primalists as the damage is abysmal).