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My first two Legendary-required Builds: Reflect

I did make a Beastmaster Bleed Reflect, but didn’t 100% like it. Again, this was before the Shield was revealed:

Base: Beastmaster, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner
Addons: Beastmaster, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Alright hear me out, thorns Mana taken before life+ focus. Scale attunement with new shield.

hmm, I like it! I’ll have to work on a build… :slight_smile: muh ha ha ha!

Here it is: Sorcerer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner
edit: forgot to alter passives, fixed now

I used a proxy shield with roughly same stats as new Unique since its not in the planner yet.
I decided to spec into Focus to deal continuous AoE lightning damage as well.

What is the new wand? I can’t seem to find it.


Where is the new skill shown, or is it still hidden until tomorrow?

Which one?

Plus the reworks of Werebear, Spriggan form & Entangling Roots.

If you are talking about Thorn Shield, that is in the Ice Thorns tree.

I still don’t think there is enough flat damage reflect. At the high end you can get up to 400 (including legendaries). If you get up to 100 Attunement, you get 600% increased damage reflected. That is still only 2800 damage reflected. Pretty weak compared to a lot of builds hits.

Thorn Shield is one of the Spriggan form skills per the Spriggan forum update which gives armour & reflect damage.

Well that is confusing. I hope they change the name of the Ice Thorns node that changes the skill.

Maybe it won’t be confusing tomorrow…

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I just reread through it. They are removing Ice Thorns completely.

Thanks for the clarification.

Ahh, then the wand does nothing for a Sorc build. :slight_smile:

They are not removing it until they have a replacement spell they said in one of the last patch updates or has something changed?

Just wondering (not bashing your build):
What is the reason that you have chosen Mage over Druid with reflect?
It seems to me like Druid is the more natural reflect option, especially in the new patch.
Because of the thorns nodes in the druid etc combined with the new unique.

Well, first, this was before the full patch notes, new shield, etc.

Second, in Last Epoch, “% reflect” only reflects the final damage dealt to you, so if you reduce damage to yourself, you reflect way less damage. So my idea was to TAKE as much damage as I can without dying. I decided Ward (with super-high ward gain) was one path to simply get hit/take damage but stay alive.

But now that we have the patch notes, and more sources of flat reflect (which doesn’t care how much damage you mitigate), I will work on some new builds. :slight_smile:


They were going to remove it in 0.8.4 but got feedback about that and are now not removing it until they can replace it with another spell. @Dobster

Ah yeah that makes a lot of sense :slight_smile:

You may want to try a Spriggan form character that spams Thorn Shield (for flat reflect and an pbscene amount of armour). I’ll share the build I tried when everything’s released.

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