Prismatic Gaze | 0.8.4 Supporter Unique

Thank you Mike for the reveal on the Nov 26 stream! It was super fun working through this with the team.

My main goal was to create something that gives reasons to consider and keep multiple active skills on the skill bar. At least two of those reasons that I’m excited for: explosions and fancy eyewear. And to help it compete in the helm slot (where you can craft +levels on non-uniques), it got a couple hefty other stats.

The haiku is a nod to a variety of dichotomies and beings in the lore. I’m definitely looking forward to the story getting fleshed out even more, and how “cycles” will fit in to expand it further. And hopefully I can regularly find my own unique while I play through it.


So many new exciting Supporter Uniques.

I already have some Ideas for your unique and will definitely let you know, if I can work something out, that works well for me!

I have the feeling that I will be busy the whole 084 Patch Cycle building around uniques… again.

I was already super busy with all the 083 uniques.

Who is the author of the haiku? The item is very impressive both visually and the way it works. Just the image is not clickable and I had to download it to my computer first to be able to read clearly :smiley:

Hummm, 40 mana.

Does some math

Ok it can work with Flame Reave that has Rhythm of Fire if you take the +20 mana cost in the tree and wear a Sunwreath.

Depending on how fast the shards “release” and hit targets, you might want to not use the 40 mana skill as your “main dmg skill”.

Because when you press that 40 mana skill and the shards take some little time to actually to the shred it’s kinda wasted.

So I think there might be uses cases where you want to use a 40+ mana skill as a support/shred skill, but your main dmg skill will be something that you spamm.

Other scenarios where I could see this, would be skills that do their damage a littel bit delayed after being cast, so the shards have time to inflict the shred, like Meteor or Avalanche.


I’d assume the resist shredding benefit will be for bosses, & maybe champions. Anything else should die in 1-2 hits, especially from an expensive skill.

Yes I know, and for that use case I was considering it.

But shred only last’s 4 seconds, so it’s highly unlikely to make use of the shred on the 40 mana skill itself if it’s not delay, depending on how fast the shards reach ther target.

Unless you will use the 40 mana skill several times in a row, but even then you would only benefit from 5 shards releasing once.

What would be interesting if a 40 mana skill does create a shard as well. (Should be the case I think)

It seems to me that this item will be much more effective on Sorka than SpellBlade.

hmm, I wonder if it will be possible to implement FireBrand with this object.
He has an increasing mana cost on an increasing basis, that is, with his help, we can first stack the prisms, then use them.

That would be me, in fact. :grin:

Another piece of the multi-skill trigger was to find a means of making it available to many builds and classes, and we landed on mana cost. We also went with the elemental theme to focus the power, though that did mean narrowing the build options.

Aside from helping with bosses, I’ve thought about pumping up a movement skill to be the 40 mana trigger. Work through a few packs to gather shards, then either explosively dive a bigger one, or jump somewhere nearby to let the shards spread out ahead of me. I’ve been assuming the shard movement would be pretty fast; hopefully that’s the case.

Well, that is interesting.

You don’t need to answer that if you don’t wanna give away too much, for what you intended the Item for in the first place. (Since I think that might skew people experimenting with it).

But which movement skills can be 40+ mana cost? Ô,ó

That wasn’t a specific goal or intent, just one of my initial thoughts after seeing the final version. I can’t say I’m fully aware of which skills can be made that expensive. I could see this combo with other items that increase skill costs, or provide a high cost skill of their own.

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This is not meant to sound mean.

But I am really stunned, by this :smiley:
When even the creator did not put a lot of thought into more specific applications of his Creator Unique.

Did you gave EHG just very baseline thoughts, what the item should do with no specifics?

I had asked if 40+ cost was common and they said it is the typical high-cost mark. So, in conversation about multi-skill-trigger options that didn’t lock it to a specific class or skill, we landed on a low-cost/high-cost rotation concept. That just happens to be the number.

I was indeed somewhat vague and open overall, as I didn’t want to be presumptuous, and constantly kept in mind that the game is still in beta. I suspect all the numbers will be targets for adjustment like anything else, and we’ve got a lot of content to come, which I suspect will include further interactions with many uniques.

More than anything, I just wanted to support the game, so I pressed the biggest button they had for it. I would have been perfectly content with just the tshirt. :laughing:


It’s a good tshirt, decent quality cotton.

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