Beta 0.8.2 Patch Notes

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Patch 0.8.2 is coming 2021-05-24T18:00:00Z ! While you wait, check out all the changes:


Patch 0.8.2 Overview by Game Director, Judd Cobler.


Table of Contents
 1. Monolith of Fate
 2. Arena
 3. Skills
 4. Skill Balance
 5. Passives
 6. Items
 7. Uniques
 8. Mechanics
 9. User Interface
10. Campaign
11. Enemies
12. Visuals
13. Animation
14. Sound
15. Controller Support
16. Optimization
17. Bug Fixes


monolith of fate

Note: This patch totally overhauls how you progress through Timelines in the Monolith of Fate, and adds loads of new content and rewards to discover. Check out our latest Developer Blog for more information about our design goals for the new system.

The Echo Web

  • Opening a timeline in the Monolith of Fate now presents you with an interconnected web of islands. You start in the middle of the web, and uncover the branching paths by completing echoes. This gives you many more choices for what echo to conquer next.
  • Completing echoes grants you Timeline Stability. Reaching certain amounts of Timeline Stability unlocks the next Quest Echo for a timeline, which you can attempt at any time.
  • Each echo now also gives you a guaranteed reward after completing it, as long as you do so without dying. These rewards include experience, idols, uniques, and more.

New Echo Types

  • Added Arena echoes, which require you to defeat a dozen or so enemies in quick succession to complete.
  • Forge objectives have been reworked into Time Gate objectives, featuring totally new visuals and different combinations of enemies.
  • Added Patrol objectives, where you have to kill multiple powerful Rare monsters that are moving throughout the echo.
  • Added Beacon echoes. Charging the Beacon reveals a large radius of future Echoes in the Timeline, allowing you to pick your route more carefully.
  • Added Vessel of Chaos echoes. Destroying the Vessel of Chaos re-rolls the guaranteed rewards for all uncompleted echoes in the timeline.
  • Added Vessel of Memory echoes. Destroying the Vessel of Memory reverts all echoes (besides other Vessels) to their uncompleted state, allowing you to collect their rewards a second time.
  • Added 3 new echo layouts (not including Arenas).

The Shade of Orobyss

  • Throughout the Monolith of Fate you will encounter the many forms of the Shade of Orobyss.
  • Defeating the Shade of Orobyss adds Corruption to the timeline and reset the echo web, while allowing you to keep your Timeline Stability and modifiers to enemies and rewards.
  • Corruption increases item rarity, experience gained, monster health, monster damage, and how much Timeline Stability echoes give. Corruption also increases area level in standard timelines, and increases the rarity of guaranteed echo rewards in empowered timelines.
  • Standard timelines start at 0 Corruption and have a maximum of 50, while empowered timelines start at 100 Corruption and have no maximum.


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  • Added 4 new Arena layouts:
    • A bridge arena in the mountains.
    • A gladiatorial arena infested with the Void.
    • A nighttime floral arena set in the Ancient Era.
    • An ominous underground arena filled with mysterious bells.
  • Flattened out the terrain for the Woodland Arena.
  • Updated visuals for Lagon’s Arena.
  • Updated visuals for Heorot’s Arena.
  • Voidfused Bears and Void Centipedes no longer spawn in the arena.
  • Removed the Desert and Tundra arenas. They will still appear in the Monolith of Fate.

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Summon Storm Crows

  • Added Summon Storm Crows, which is unlocked at character level 16 for Primalists. Casting this skill summons enough Storm Crows to reach your Companion limit. Storm Crows use lightning spells from a distance.
    • After using the skill you have access to Crow Storm, a targeted lightning spell that deals more damage per Storm Crow you have active.
  • Added Summon Volatile Zombie, which is unlocked at character level 16 for Acolytes. Volatile Zombies trudge towards the nearest enemy and explode when they reach their target or die, dealing physical and fire damage. You can have up to 6 Volatile Zombies at once.
  • Removed Detonate Corpse.
  • Removed Healing Wind.

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skill balance

Elemental Nova

  • Added a new node to the Fire Nova section that grants crit chance and armour shred chance.
  • Luminaire adds a 40 mana per second cost (from 35) and reduces area of effect by 40% (from 35%).
  • Fixed a bug where Star Prism only reduced channel cost by 8% rather than 10%.
  • Protective Strikes now grants 20 ward (from 10).
  • Magical Barrier increases ward gained by 20% (from 10%), but can have 4 points allocated (from 7).
  • Spreading Frost has been reworked:
    • Renamed to Freezing Cascade.
    • Now has 100% chance for chaining ice novas on hit (from 20%). This effect has a 5 second cooldown, but does not affect the cooldown of Elemental Nova itself.
    • Chaining novas deal around 120% more damage.
    • Chaining novas have around 230% more freeze chance.
    • Chaining novas can no longer hit the same target.
  • If Elemental Nova is triggered by getting hit (such as by the Elementalist’s Adorned Arcane Idol) and it casts at target location (by Arcane Projection or Ashen Crown), it will be cast at the attacker’s location when possible.


  • Characters with Flurry specialised will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • Fixed a bug where Adrenaline Rush’s “more damage” modifier did not affect damage over time and was not reflected in tooltip DPS while active.
  • Inexhaustible grants 25% increased Adrenaline Rush duration (from 50%) and can have 4 points allocated (from 2).
  • Strained Reflexes no longer reduces the chance to gain Adrenaline Rush on hit, but can have 2 points allocated (from 3) and requires 3 points in Inexhaustible (from 1).
  • Replaced the node that grants poison chance per stack of Adrenaline Rush with one that grants more hit damage against rare and boss enemies per stack of Adrenaline Rush.
  • Bloodplay grants 4% bleed chance (from 3%).
  • Stolen Endurance can have 2 points allocated (from 4).
  • Kineticism can have 4 points allocated (from 3).
  • Deep Strikes can have 4 points allocated (from 3).
  • Crescendo requires 1 point Precision (from 2).
  • Precision requires 2 points in Deep Strikes (from 1).
  • Hamstring requires 2 points in Crescendo (from 1).
  • Clarified that Flurry’s Bloodplay node grants a chance to bleed on hit, rather than grants Flurry a chance to bleed on hit.

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Fury Leap

  • Characters with Fury Leap specialized will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • Added a new node to the start of the tree that increases cooldown recovery speed and damage.
  • Ambush Predator and Crushing Impact now connect to this node rather than directly connecting to the start of the tree.
  • Crushing Impact grants 30% increased stun chance (from 35%), but now also grants 30% increased stun duration. It can have 5 points allocated (from 6).
  • Warrior’s Entrance grants 20% increased damage (from 15%), but can have 5 points allocated (from 7).
  • Savage Impact can have 5 points allocated (from 6).
  • Brutal Impact can have 5 points allocated (from 6).
  • Aspect of the Mantis requires 4 points in Savage Impact (from 5).
  • Rise requires 2 points in Ambush Predator (from 3).

Holy Aura

  • Holy Aura now grants 15% elemental resistance (from 30%).
  • Shelter From The Storm now grants 3% endurance per point instead of 5% poison resistance per point.
  • Added a new 1 point node, Purification, which cleanses ailments when Holy Aura is activated, and grants 20% poison resistance.

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Sigils of Hope

  • Fixed a bug where casting Sigils of Hope with the Divine Flare node would create a new sigil after triggering Divine Flare.
  • Fixed a bug where Sigils of Hope’s Wave of Light did not cause Divine Flare to chain.
  • Reduced Wave of Light’s mana consumed on each chain to 4 per point (from 6 per point).
  • Divine Flare’s base damage has been increased to 60 (from 25).
  • Divine Flare’s added damage effectiveness has been increased to 300% (from 125%).
  • Divine Flare’s Consecrating Flare node now gives more damage instead of more hit damage.
  • Divine Flare’s Energized Flare now gives added fire damage to Divine Flare for each second the sigil was active instead of base fire damage for Divine Flare.
  • Divine Flare now gains 4% increased damage per point of Attunement (previously had no scaling).
  • Improved Divine Flare’s tooltip DPS.

Acolyte Skills

  • The Abomination created by Assemble Abomination deals 23% more damage and its health decays 15% more slowly.
  • Improved Drain Life’s tooltip DPS. It now handles conversion properly and does not act as if it’s affected by changes to cast speed.
  • Updated Harvest’s Learned Weakness node to specify that you must hit a cursed enemy to trigger the effect. This is not a change to the functionality.
  • Harvest’s Double Edged Scythe (self bleed node) now also adds 50% bleed effectiveness to bleed stacks inflicted by Harvest.
  • Rip Blood’s Carrion Hunger node no longer prevents Blood Splatters.
  • Rip Blood’s Eviscerate node now only causes its Blood Splatter if you are not out of mana.
  • Clarified Sacrifice’s Macabre Waltz node to state that Skeleton Mages only sacrifice melee Wraiths.
  • Skeleton Mages have been renamed to Skeletal Mages to avoid confusion with effects that specifically affect minions from the Summon Skeletons skill.

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Mage Skills

  • Fixed a bug where the Catalyst node on the Disintegrate tree caused the procced explosion to deal 100% more damage per point. As a compensation buff, the damage of the explosion has been increased by 100%.
  • Fixed a bug where the Volatile Flames node on the Fireball tree caused the procced explosion to deal 100% more damage per point. As a compensation buff, the damage of the explosion has been increased by 100%.
  • Improved Lightning Blast’s tooltip DPS when using the Insidious Conduction node.
  • The tooltips for Teleport and Surge now state that using one puts the other on cooldown.

Primalist Skills

  • Earthquake’s Cataclysm node now converts all sources of armour shred to ignite for Earthquake, rather than just sources within Earthquake’s tree.
  • Summon Wolf’s Safety in Numbers node now has additional functionality: When you cast Summon Wolf, you will summon wolves up to your companion limit.
  • Werebear Form’s Ursine Wisdom now grants +200% global mana efficiency (from +300%).
  • Werebear Form’s Woodland Bear no longer adds 15 to Roar’s mana cost. It instead pays Entangling Roots’s mana cost when Roar casts Entangling Roots.
  • Added ability tooltips to nodes on the Summon Sabertooth tree.
  • Clarified that Blizzard is cast by Storm Totems, and scales with the totem’s stats.

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Rogue Skills

  • Synchronized Strike’s Dark Allies node has been clarified with alt text stating its effect is not cumulative with other sources of additional maximum Shadows.
  • Decoy’s Frostfire Powder now converts ignite chance from all sources to chill. Previously it was supposed to convert ignite chance from its tree, but it was not working.
  • Clarified that Ballista’s Contaminating Shot affects ailment chance, effect, and duration.
  • Clarified that combining Shurikens’s Blade Shield with pierce does not allow each Shuriken to hit an individual enemy more than once.

Sentinel Skills

  • Forge Strike’s Put To The Sword node now converts critical strike multiplier to bleed effect (previously bleed chance).
  • Forge Strike’s Singular Craft node now also gives 100% bleed chance.
  • Lunge and Shield Rush now state that using one puts the other on cooldown.
  • Shield Bash’s Perfect Bulwark node has been clarified to state it lasts for a limited number of hits within 4 seconds after using Shield Bash. This is not a change to its functionality.
  • Smite’s Descent node now states that using it or Lunge/Shield Rush puts the others on cooldown.
  • Warpath’s first hit now occurs right away, rather than being slightly delayed.
  • Clarified Warpath’s Reckless Combatant node to specify that it gives more melee damage while spinning with a two handed weapon, rather than more Warpath melee damage with a two handed weapon. This is not a functionality change.
  • Improved Warpath’s tooltip DPS.

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  • Nodes that enable dual wielding now give 15% increased damage taken while dual wielding (from 12%).
  • Shaman’s Ancestral Speed node has been updated to clarify that you have a chance to gain Haste when you directly summon a totem.
  • The Void Knight’s Temporal Corruption now converts ignite chance from all sources to slow chance for Smite.
  • Clarified that the Spellbade’s Blade Weaving passive does not affect triggered equippable spells.
  • The Lich’s Crippling Insight and Apocrypha nodes have swapped positions.
  • The Lich’s Apocrypha node now grants 2% increased mana regen instead of 3% increased spell damage, and can have 10 points allocated (from 8).
  • The Lich’s Three Plagues node can have 8 points allocated (from 10).
  • The Sorcerer’s Brainstorm grants 6% increased spell damage (from 7%), but now also grants 2% increased mana regen.
  • The Sorcerer’s Spell Slinger grants 3% increased mana regen instead of 3% increased cast speed.
  • The Shaman’s Silent Protector node now also grants 3% increased mana regen while you have an active totem.
  • The Bladedancer’s Hooked Blades now works with all hits, not just melee hits.
  • Added a new Bladedancer node that grants mana regen and chance to inflict frailty on hit.
  • The Marksman’s Ethereal Arrows now grants 2% increased mana and mana regen (from 5 mana).
  • The Forge Guard’s Crushing Blows now also grants 3% increased mana regen.

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New Weapon 2D Art


Item Base Types

  • This patch continues our efforts to update the art and stats for all weapons.
  • All one-handed sword base types have been replaced. This includes new names, new 2D art, new 3D art, and new stats.
  • All two-handed sword base types have been replaced. This includes new names, new 2D art, new 3D art, and new stats.
  • All two-handed mace base types have been replaced. This includes new names, new 2D art, new 3D art, and new stats.

Item Drop Chances

  • Fewer items drop, but the ones that drop are better on average.
  • Items are less likely to drop with 1 or 0 affixes and the average tier of affixes on dropped items has been increased.
  • These changes are most noticeable at high levels.

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  • Good items drop with less instability than before, but crafting affixes to T4 and T5 is more difficult. This will help finding good drops be a more key part of acquiring good end game items.
  • The instability of an item when it drops is now equal to the highest affix tier + the sum of all tiers - 5, instead of the previous 2 x (sum of all tiers - 5)
  • T6 and T7 affixes are treated as T5 for calculating starting instability.
  • Success chance when raising an affix from T3 to T4 is a flat 2% lower.
  • Success chance when raising an affix from T4 to T5 is a flat 5% lower.


  • The Idol inventory is now a different shape. It has 4 more slots overall, but can no longer fit more than 2 idols which are 4 slots long or wide.
  • Affix values on Adorned (2x2) Idols are now 5% lower.
  • Added “Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed for Surge” as a new prefix for Ornate Glass Idols.
  • Crit chance for totems now grants 2% to 4% (from 1% to 3%).
  • Cast speed for totems grants 11% to 30% (from 9% to 24%).
  • Chance to cast an Avalanche Boulder at a nearby enemy on spell cast grants 4% to 11% (from 4% to 10%).
  • Chance to cast an Avalanche Boulder at a nearby enemy on melee attack grants 5% to 12% (from 3% to 8%).
  • Added lightning damage with Shurikens grants 2 to 5 lightning damage (from 2 to 4).
  • Bees per 10 seconds grants 2 to 4 bees (from 2 to 3).
  • Chance to summon a bee with Acid Flask grants 6% to 17% (from 5% to 15%).
  • Chance to cast Marrow Shards when you use transplant grants 7% to 17% (from 6% to 15%).
  • Chance to cast Divine Bolt when you use a 0 cost skill grants 4% to 13% (from 3% to 10%).
  • Chance to cast Manifest Weapon on melee hit
    • Renamed to “Chance to use manifest strike on melee hit”.
    • Grants 8% to 20% chance (from 7% to 16%).
    • Added alt text to clarify behaviour.

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  • Ruby Rings now requires level 62 (from 10). They no longer grants health or stun avoidance, but now grant 28% to 45% fire resistance and 28% to 45% increased fire damage.
  • Sapphire Rings now require level 40 (from 16). They now grant 10 to 20 mana (from 5 to 15) and also grant 6% to 12% increased mana regen.
  • Turquoise Rings now also grant 5% to 35% minion critical multi.
  • Copper Rings now require level 14 (from 1). They now grant 25% to 50% increased crit chance (from 7% to 25% increased stun chance).
  • Added a new Ivory Ring base type. It requires level 66 and grants 33% to 46% necrotic resistance and 13% to 26% ward retention.
  • Added a new Coral Ring base type. It requires level 48 and grants 3 to 6 vitality and 3 to 6 heal regen.

Class Specific Affixes

  • Added a “level of Storm Crows” affix for Primalist body armour.
  • Added a “level of Volatile Zombie” affix for Acolyte helmets.
  • Added a Storm Crow Adaptive Spell Damage affix for Primalist helmets.
  • Added a Volatile Zombie movement speed and damage affix for Acolyte Body Armour.
  • Added a Volatile Zombie explosion area and damage affix for Acolyte Ornate Idols.

Other Changes

  • Runes of Removal now have an equal chance to pick each affix on an item to remove, regardless of tiers.
  • Fixed a bug where if you clicked on an item outside your pickup range and walked towards it, you would only pick it up once it was within half your pickup range, rather than picking it up as soon as it was in your pickup range.
  • Increased item pickup range by 33%.
  • Slightly reduced the value of added melee physical/fire/cold/lightning/void damage affixes at tiers 1 to 5 (max T5 is 7% lower).
  • Most Item types where drops are biased towards higher level subtypes now have a stronger bias at higher levels (e.g. sceptres that drop in endgame will be of a higher level subtype more often than before).
  • 2x2 Idols (Adorned Idols) affix values are now 5% lower.
  • Renamed the mage’s starting armour from Scholar Coat to Traveling Coat to prevent “Scholar’s Scholar Coat” being a common early game item name.
  • Increased the value of stun avoidance affixes by around 25% at high tiers.
  • Increased melee damage and increased physical damage can roll on shields.
  • Increased melee damage affix values now match those of affixes such as increased fire damage (from being about 33% lower).
  • Adjusted attack rate description thresholds for weapon tooltips:
    • 1.18 and above is “very fast” (from 1.2).
    • 1.06 and above is “fast” (from 1.1).
    • 0.94 and above is “average” (from 1).
    • 0.93 and blow is “slow” (from 0.99).

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Aurora’s Time Glass

New Uniques

  • Aurora’s Time Glass unique amulet.
  • Aergon’s Refuge unique staff.
  • Flight of the First unique bow.
  • Raven’s Rise unique gloves.
  • Moenia Mentis unique shield.
  • Serpent’s Milk unique amulet.
  • Five new uniques from the Shade of Orobyss.

New Sets

  • Added the two-piece Ruby Fang set.
  • Added the two-piece Sinathia set.


  • Implicit changes: -20 melee physical damage, +0.05 attack rate.
  • Now grants +30 to 62 melee cold damage (from +30 to 38).
  • Now grants +30 to 62 melee lightning damage (from +30 to 38).
  • Wave deals 344% more damage and scales with attunement.

Bhuldar's Wrath

  • Implicit changes: +22 melee physical damage, -0.04 attack rate, +16 to 32 strength, no longer adds 45% to 65% increased melee physical damage.


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Death Rattle

  • Grants 50% to 100% minion crit multiplier (from 100% to 200%).
  • Now also gives 5 to 10 intelligence
  • Now also gives +1 to Sacrifice.


  • Updated 3d art.
  • Implicit changes: +13 melee physical damage, -0.03 attack rate, no longer has 7 to 22 melee void damage.
  • Now grants +40 melee void damage (from +35)
  • Now grants 40% void penetration (from 35%)

Hammer of Lorent

  • Implicit changes: +6 melee physical damage, no longer has 15% to 25% increased melee stun chance.


The Last Laugh

  • Implicit changes: -13 melee physical damage, +0.01 attack rate, 10% to 25% armour shred chance, no longer has 17% to 67% melee crit multi.
  • Now grants +50 to 66 melee physical damage (from +30 to 50).
  • Now Also grants 15% to 25% increased melee attack speed.

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Sunforged Hammer

  • Implicit chance (-22 melee physical damage, 82% to 160% increased stun chance (from 10% to 90% increased melee stun chance))
  • Now grants +20 to 40 melee physical damage (from 10 to 14).
  • Now grants +20 to 40 melee fire damage (from 10 to 14).
  • Now grants +20% to 40% Critical strike multiplier with physical or fire melee attacks (from 20% to 30%).

Storm Breaker

  • Implicit changes: -11 melee physical damage, no longer adds 10 to 35 lightning damage nor 10% to 65% shock chance.
  • Now grants +60 to 90 melee lightning damage (from 30 to 60).
  • Now grants +60 to 90 mana (from 30 to 60).
  • Now grants +36% shock chance (from 30% of physical damage taken as lightning).
  • Now grants +36% lightning resistance (from +30%).
  • Now grants 36% chance to cast Lightning Strike when you use a skill that costs at least 10 mana (from 30%).

Torch of the Pontifex

  • Implicit changes: 20% to 60% melee stun chance (from 30% to 55%).
  • Cremate deals 50% more damage.
  • Summoned Burning Skeletons deal 14% more damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Cremate and summoned Burning Skeletons did not scale with intelligence or character level.

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  • Implicit changes: -7 melee physical damage, +0.05 attack rate.
  • Magma shards deal 25% more damage and gain +1 adaptive spell damage per character level.

Other Changes

  • Decimate from the Gaspar Set deals 40% more damage.
  • Undisputed grants 5% increased physical damage on hit up to 255% (from 10% up to 250%).
  • The Invoker’s Static Touch now requires level 19 (from 16).
  • The Invoker’s Scorching Grasp requires level 35 (from 10).

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Sanctuary Tree Arena

Minion Movement

  • Updated the AI for player minions. Wolves had most of these changes in 0.8.1, but we have also made additional improvements.
  • Minions now follow you at your movement speed, rather than starting and stopping.
  • Minions stick closer to the player in general.
  • Minions now prioritize targets close to the player.
  • Minions move more quickly to get into attack range of enemies.
  • Minion catch-up speed when falling behind the player now scales with player speed.
  • Minions ignore collisions with other actors when they’re having trouble moving into attack range of an enemy.
  • Minions ignore collisions with other actors when returning to the player from a long distance.
  • Fixed a bug that caused minions to run in place in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug which caused minions to be slower to switch from following to entering combat than intended


  • Reduced base mana regen to 8 (from 10).
  • Added mana regen effects to multiple nodes in passive trees, as described in the Passives section.
  • Greatly Increased values of increased mana regen affix (max T5 has gone from 17% to 35%).
  • The increased mana regen affix is now twice as common.
  • The increased mana regen affix can no longer roll on gloves, but can now roll on belts and amulets.
  • Added mana can no longer roll on boots, but can now roll on gloves.
  • Removed the mana efficiency affix.
  • Urzil’s Pride grants 1% increased mana regen per 3% lightning resistance (from 1% per 5% lightning resistance).
  • Culnivar’s Claim grants 16% to 24% increased mana regen (from 10% to 20%).

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  • Medium to high amounts of armour now result in more mitigation (though the 85% limit is unchanged).
  • Armour is now 70% effective against non-physical damage (from 50%).

Other Changes

  • Fixed a bug where the Increased Shadow Daggers Effect stat reduced the number of shadow daggers required for its damage to proc. As a compensation buff, the damage of shadow daggers has been increased by 100%.
  • Abilities now start off cooldown when loading a character.
  • Gold Shrines now drop 400% more gold.


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user interface

New World Map and Quest Panel


  • Every part of the UI has been updated with new visuals, including headers, frames, buttons, functional elements, and decorations.
  • Many windows and panels have also been substantially redesigned, and have new functionality.

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world Map and Quests

  • Replaced the maps for all 4 Eras with brand new, incredibly detailed versions. The map also fills the entire screen.
  • The functionality of the Quest Journal has been incorporated into the World Map. You can now view the details of all current and past quests without leaving the map.

Loot Filter

  • Affix conditions which specify multiple affixes can now be configured to only apply to items which have multiple of the specified affixes.
    • For example, you can now highlight items which have both + Melee Physical Damage and Increased Physical Damage
  • Added an Advanced section for affix conditions, which allows you to specify what tier an individual affix must be, or the total number of affix tiers on an item.


  • Added a Blessings tab, used for viewing all of your active blessings and tracking what blessings are available from each timeline. It also shows you how powerful your Blessings are in comparison to the maximum roll.
  • The Cosmetics window has been integrated into the Inventory as a separate Appearance tab. The cosmetic store is still unavailable and no additional cosmetics have been added. More of this system will be made available in the upcoming patches.
  • The backgrounds for equipment slots now vary based on what class you’re playing.
  • Added a display for how much gold, affix shards, runes and glyphs you have.
  • The Idol Inventory has been reshaped. See Items > Idols for more info.



  • Stash tabs can now be re-ordered within their category by clicking and dragging.
  • Categories can now be re-ordered by clicking and dragging.


Void Knight Passive Panel


  • Passives now progress from left to right and are in a horizontal window. This provides more real-estate for showing additional information and further expansion of the passive system in the future.
  • Mastery bonuses and skills are now always shown when viewing a mastery, rather than being a tooltip.
  • Each node has been increased in size to better recognize each passive.
  • It is now easier to tell what passive are available before and after choosing a Mastery.


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  • Totally redesigned the panel, making it more streamlined.
  • You can now upgrade affixes that are already on an item without having to manually select that type of affix shard.
  • The affix list in the crafting window has been brought into its own separate sub-window, along with runes and glyphs.



  • Ward is now additionally displayed as a meter above the health bar.
  • The ward bar now more intuitively reflects changes in ward.
  • If you gain ward the fill now always goes up (or stays the same if it was already full).
  • If you lose ward the fill now always goes down.
  • The separator ticks are now dynamic (e.g. allowing for 250% of max health to be shown with a full bar using by ticks at 40% and 80%).
  • The “max ward” shown on the bar resets back towards 100% of max health over time if the bar is not full. It resets faster when the current fill is low and is specifically setup to have minimal impact when you’re at high fill and take a large hit, allowing the hit to have a big visual impact on the fill.


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Health Bars

  • Health bar visuals have been improved and now take up less vertical space on the screen by displaying names inside of the health bars themselves.
  • Minion icons at the top of the screen have been visually updated.


Game Guide

  • Added a section for Ailments, which describes ailment mechanics and scaling, as well as describing several common types of ailment.
  • Added a page for Increased Item Rarity.
  • Updated various pages to account for changes made in 0.8.2.


Action Bar

Other UI Changes

  • Added an option to lock the mouse cursor to the game window under Gameplay Settings (disabled by default).
  • Fixed input not being disabled if the game is in the background.
  • Switched the order of the Leave Game and Exit to Desktop buttons (to match the order in Beta 0.8).
  • Added a commands list for Chat, accessed through the settings button at the top of the window.
  • Boardman’s Plank now shows a UI buff icon when you have the lightning damage buff.
  • Added a new loading screen tooltip: “Base critical strike chance is always 5%, except for damage over time, which cannot crit.”
  • Added a ui buff icon for having active buffs from using a potion recently.


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level improvements

Imperial Welryn


  • Updated visuals and adjusted the layout of the Ulatri Cliffs (Divine and Ruined Eras).
  • Overhauled the visuals for all zones in Chapter 4.
  • Adjusted lightning settings for better performance throughout the game and to reduce flickering on certain objects.
  • The visuals for Echo of a World now vary based on the Era of the timeline you are playing.
  • Added new void decorations in the Ruined Era.
  • Added more critters in the background of various levels.
  • There might be an additional secret area to find somewhere in the Campaign.


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Chapter 3

  • Replaced the boss encounter at the end of Chapter 3. Includes totally new art, animations and abilities.


Chapter 5 and 6

  • These changes aim to make the game’s difficulty ramp up more gradually into Chapter 7 and 8.
  • Imperial Necromancers have 50% more health.
  • Dune Wraiths deal 20% more damage and have 20% more health and movement speed.
  • Imperial Halberdiers deal 7% more necrotic damage and have 40% more health.
  • Giant Scorpion’s Tail attack deals 35% more damage.
  • Immortal Overseers deal 56% more necrotic damage and 24% more health.
  • Blood Chimeras deal 19% more spell damage.
  • Desecrated Flesh deal 30% more damage and have 12% more health.
  • Profane Flesh deal 20% more damage and have 12% more health.
  • Fallen Haruspex deal 5% more damage and have 21% more health.
  • Fallen Osprix deal 10% more melee damage, have 20% more health and have an 11% shorter lunge cooldown.
  • Imperial Watcherers deal 18% more damage and have 36% more minion health.


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The Shade of Orobyss

Monolith Quest Bosses

  • God Hunter Argentus deals 14% more damage and has 8% more health.
  • The Ballistae in the Argentum Spire deal 15% more damage.
  • Void Shade of Rahyeh deals 3% more damage and has 3% more health.
  • Frost Lich Formosus has 13% more health and his Spirit Beam deals 25% more damage.
  • Undead Wengari Matriarch deals 22% more damage and has 24% more health.
  • Lagon deals 15% more damage and has 11% more health (in the Monolith only).
  • Harton’s Husk deals 15% more damage and has 15% more health.
  • Idols of Ruin deal 15% more damage and have 15% more health
  • Emperor of Corpses deals 18% more damage and has 16% more health.
  • The blood hearts around the edge of the Emperor’s Corpses arena explode up to 30% sooner (the exact timing depends on the dragon’s health).
  • Husk of Elder Gaspar deals 5% more damage and has 10% more health.
  • Totemic Flame Burst deals 14% more damage (multiplicative with the generic damage increase).
  • Heorot deals 8% more damage and has 11% more health.
  • Volcanic Shamans deal 13% more damage and have 9% more health.


Other Changes

  • Fixed a bug where monster mods that were supposed to have higher values for rare enemies had this higher value applied to all enemies. The base value of the following mods have been adjusted to compensate:
    • Increased Damage (non-rare enemies now deal 2% to 3% less damage).
    • Regenerates Health (non-rare enemies now regen 5% less, rare enemies now regen 14% more).
    • Physical/Fire/etc. Resistance Shred (non-rare enemies now only apply 1 stack on hit, from 3).
  • The Haruspex Orian that you can find in the Arena and Monolith has been updated to use the same abilities that he uses in the Ulatri Cliffs.


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  • Ice Barrage, Fireball, and Cinder Strike (bow version) now have lights.
  • Adjusted all versions of Fire Aura.
  • Updated the base visuals for Hungering Souls.
  • Updated the single soul variant of Hungering Souls.
  • Updated the fire conversion for Hungering Souls.
  • Infernal Shade fire visuals are less noisy and slightly more orange.
  • Infernal Shade blood version slightly updated shade to look more opaque.
  • The shield visual for Shield Throw now rotates.
  • Adjusted the visuals for Tornado.
  • Ice Bat breath attack is slightly less visually noisy.
  • Improved the sword trail effect for Imperial Enforcers.
  • Adjusted Lightning Wisp enemies to be less visually noisy.
  • Improved the visuals for Fireballs used by Skeleton Pyromancers.
  • Void Amalgamation’s Lightning Beam has less distortion around him.

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  • Improved the character animation for Harvest.
  • Improved animation timing for melee attacks used by Primal Wolves.

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  • Added an option to mute game audio while the game is in the background.
  • Added 16 new music tracks, in the following places:
    • The End of Ruin
    • Majasan Desert
    • Wraith Dunes
    • Imperial Maj’elka
    • Sapphire Quarter
    • Oracle’s Abode
    • Maj’elkan Catacombs
    • Titan’s Canyon (2 tracks)
    • Maj’elkan Waystation
    • Desert Waystation
    • Lower Sewers
    • Barren Aqueduct
    • Necropolis of the Deep
    • The Shade of Orobyss
  • Improved music variety in standard Monolith echo layouts. A given track is used in no more than two echo layouts.
  • Added new sound effects for Swipe.
  • Updated various sounds for many enemy types:
    • Mud Harvester
    • Smoldering Lithrac
    • Venom Weaver
    • Imperial Guard
    • Siege Captain Caliga
    • Prophet of Ruin
    • Flame Remnant
    • Marsh Beetle Queen
    • Storm Remnant
    • Imperial Assassin
    • Imperial Hoplite
    • Imperial Scout
    • Soul Warden
    • Giant Scorpion
    • Bone Cairn Skeleton
    • Immortal Overseer
    • Imperial Necromancer
    • Imperial Shadow
    • Sapphiral
    • Hulking Overgrowth
    • Orchirian the Rampant
    • Skittering Undergrowth
    • Aqua Grole
    • Yulia
    • Loctis
    • Imperial Arbalist
    • Necropolis Scavenger
    • Vine Walker
    • Rotting Hunter

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controller support

Controller Loot Selection

  • This patch does a lot to make moment to moment gameplay feel better on gamepad. We plan to continue making improvements, including gamepad-specific UI controls.
  • The tooltip for the nearest item on the ground is now shown automatically while you are stationary.
  • Pressing up and down on the D-pad while stationary will change which item on the ground you have selected.
  • Pressing the A button (Xbox layout) will now pick up the nearest item that is in range of the player.
  • Chests and NPCs can also be selected without moving the cursor, and have priority over items on the ground.
  • You can now switch between auto-targeting and targeting at the cursor by moving the left or right joystick, respectively. Auto-targeting is used while moving.
  • The Menu button (Start on Xbox layout) now closes dialog windows.
  • Fixed a bug where the size of the cursor while using a controller varied with display resolution, becoming hard to see at resolutions above 1080p.

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  • Greatly improved the performance of organizing item labels on the ground, particularly with high numbers of items. The process takes 85% less time when there are around 140 items close together.
  • Improved shadow performance for zones throughout the game.
  • Refactored how data for enemies, minions and the player are stored. This doesn’t have a direct performance benefit but will help us moving forward.

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bug fixes

Squashing Bugs

Acolyte Skills

  • Fixed a bug where Death Seal’s Deadlock node could sometimes cap your health above 33% if you restored health while casting Death Seal.
  • Fixed a bug where Death Seal’s Grim Scale node did not drain health.
  • Fixed a bug where Drain Life’s Grim Harvest allowed you to drain yourself for mana.
  • Fixed a bug where Dread Shade’s All For One node caused the targeted minion to be unaffected by aura effects granted by Dread Shade.
  • Fixed a bug where Dread Shade’s Egoism node did not guarantee critical strikes for the minion if their critical strike chance was partially reduced by effects such as Blind from Blinding Fury.
  • Fixed a bug where Harvest’s Mirror Soul node was granting ward based on current health percentage instead of max health percentage.
  • Fixed a bug where Harvest’s Symbol of Loss did not scale with points allocated.
  • Fixed a bug where Soulfire did not cause Hungering Souls to ignite instead of possess.
  • Fixed a bug where Hungering Souls’s tooltip DPS did not account for conversion from Soulfire.
  • Fixed a bug where Marrow Shards’ Treachery node did not restore health on minion kill.
  • Fixed a bug where the Merciless node on the Bone Curse tree prevented Bone Curse from applying to enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where Rip Blood’s Carrion Hunger node did not allow you to cast Rip Blood when out of mana.
  • Fixed a bug with Skeletal Mage Cryomancers where multiple projectiles could hit the same enemy.
  • Fixed a bug where Blood Splatters from Soul Feast’s Blood From Souls node occurred on the player rather than on the killed enemy.
  • Fixed a bug where Spirit Plague’s Exsanguination node did not provide its increased bleed effectiveness.
  • Fixed a bug where Spirit Plague’s tooltip DPS scaled with cast speed.
  • Fixed a bug where Transplant’s Last Laugh node did not provide its damage buff to existing minions.
  • Fixed a bug where casting Transplant with the Transfusion node and 2 or more minions would cause a minion to be sacrificed regardless of where you targeted Transplant.

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Mage Skills

  • Fixed a bug where Disintegrate’s Twinbeam node caused other nodes such as Galvanized Defense and Lucomancer to apply their effects twice.
  • Fixed a bug where Elemental Nova cast by an Elementalist’s Adorned Arcane Idol could cast channelled Elemental Nova while you were channelling a different spell. This effect now always casts a non-channelled Elemental Nova.
  • Fixed a bug where channelling Fireball did not update the character sheet with “stats while channeling” effects in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where the increased stun chance provided by Glacier’s Frost Grip node did not scale with points allocated.
  • Fixed a bug where combining Glacier’s Lesser Glacier and Fading Echoes nodes would result in a delay before the first Glacier appeared.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Glacier did not face towards the target location if you had taken the Static Collapse node.
  • Fixed a bug where Glacier’s nodes which affect an individual explosion were not accounted for in the tooltip DPS.
  • Fixed a bug where Lightning Blast’s channel cost when using Insidious Conduction was not affected by changes to mana cost, such as from the Chain Lightning node.
  • Fixed a bug where Lightning Blast’s Mortal Capacitor node provided increased Spark Charge effect globally rather than exclusively for Spark Charges applied by Lightning Blast.
  • Fixed a bug where Meteor’s World Ender node would sometimes trigger or fail to trigger incorrectly when near 400 mana.
  • Fixed a bug where Static Orb’s Spark Charges node gave double the listed chance to apply spark charges.

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Primalist Skills

  • Fixed a bug where combining Earthquake’s Seismic Tide and Ground Slam nodes caused the subsequent casts of Earthquake to occur in random directions. They now occur in the same direction as the first cast.
  • Fixed a bug where Earthquake’s Seismic Tide node didn’t modify the initial hit damage of each Earthquake. (It was doing 100% damage on all three casts instead of 70%, 95%, 130%).
  • Fixed a bug where Entangling Roots’s Roots of Lapp node could sometimes create more than 3 patches.
  • Fixed the Fury Leap node that makes your companions leap with you failing to make companions leap in various scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where the taunt effect of the Primal Bear’s Roar ability did not end after 4 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where Spriggan Form’s Healing Totems would no longer cast their healing ability if you took the Spiked Totem node.
  • Fixed a bug where Spriggan Form’s Summoned Vines did not gain the listed 4% chance to poison on hit per point of attunement.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple Storm Totems could be summoned if you did not specialize Storm Totem.
  • Fixed a bug with the Summon Scorpion Tree where modifiers to melee aoe and melee freeze rate only applied to the Scorpion’s tail attack and not to regular melee attacks. This resulted in melee attacks missing when the Scorpion was particularly large.
  • Fixed a bug where Summon Spriggan’s Aura of Life node did not work unless you also took Aura of Retribution.
  • Fixed a bug where Summon Thorn Totem’s Ice Thorn Totems node was not causing the Rotten Core node to release an ice vortex instead of a poison burst.
  • Fixed a bug where Wolves would stun the player on death.
  • Fixed a bug where Summon Wolf’s Battle Cry node did not increase the duration of Howl’s base effect or its Frenzy.
  • Fixed a bug where Summon Wolf’s Frozen Fangs did not provide its damage bonus.
  • Fixed a bug where Summon Wolf’s Snarl node did not provide its melee damage increase.
  • Fixed a bug where combining Warcry’s Totemic Heart and Bringer of Winter nodes would cause the totem to not provide its buffs to the player or their minions.

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Rogue Skills

  • Fixed a bug where Ballistae always received the full effect of player stats that affected them, rather than a reduced effect as stated by the tree nodes.
  • Fixed a bug where Cinder Strike’s Oil Coating buff did not update the character sheet to show the stats gained in some cases. This was only a visual bug.
  • Fixed a bug where the 2nd-4th hits of Dancing Strikes and Synchronized Strike were incorrectly scaling by Intelligence.
  • Fixed a bug where Decoy’s Frostfire Powder did not update Decoy’s scaling tags.
  • Fixed a bug where Flurry’s Adrenaline buff could stack without limits.
  • Fixed a bug where Flurry’s Adrenaline buff would grant multiple stacks worth of buffs if you gained 1 stack after allowing all stacks to expire.
  • Fixed a bug where Multishot’s Heavy Arrows node did not correctly apply its 3 arrow maximum if you had additional arrows from certain sources.
  • Fixed a bug where Multishot’s Piercing Shots node did not pierce correctly. It now causes all Multishot arrows to pierce everything when it triggers instead of an individual chance to pierce on each hit.
  • Fixed a bug where Multishot’s Won’t Back Down node did not reduce your arrows fired while below 0 mana in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where Puncture’s Penumbral Ambush would not create mirages if you’d also taken Stay of Execution.
  • Fixed a bug where Puncture’s Press The Attack gave Frenzy for 1 second longer than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Shift’s Arrival Gift did not spend mana when casting Acid Flask.
  • Fixed a bug where using Shift’s Sleight of Hand node to create Blade Shield Shurikens would not remove any previously existing Shurikens
  • Fixed a bug where Synchronized Strike’s Growing Darkness node did not properly increase the size of the skill’s visual effect.

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Sentinel Skills

  • Fixed a bug where Manifest Armor, Forge Strike’s manifested weapons, and Ring of Shields were receiving less than the full benefit of affixes on your gear for some equipment slots.
  • Fixed a bug where Forge Strike’s Rewarding Craft node did not prevent Forged Weapons from moving or attacking.
  • Fixed a bug where Forge Strike’s Put to the Sword node did not disable critical hits for Forge Strike.
  • Fixed a bug where Hammer Throw’s Shattering Force did not provide its chance to shred armour.
  • Fixed a bug where Holy Aura’s Concentration node increased the duration of Holy Aura’s active buff by more than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Holy Aura’s Faith’s Reward and Concentration nodes did not affect Holy Aura’s cooldown.
  • Fixed a bug where Judgement scaled with cast speed instead of attack speed.
  • Fixed a bug where Judgement’s Consecrated Ground scaled with Melee modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug where Judgement’s Sanctification and Ashes to Dust nodes did not cause Consecrated Ground to apply their respective ailments.
  • Fixed a bug where Rebuke’s Infinite Guardian node did not apply its increased cooldown unless you also took Mystic Aegis.
  • Fixed a bug where Shield Bash’s Perfect Bulwark node caused the Spiked Plates and Rygar’s Fury nodes on Shield Throw to stop working.
  • Fixed a bug where Shield Rush did not receive the void tag when taking relevant nodes.
  • Fixed a bug where certain Shield Throw nodes such as Heavy Shield and Forgeborn would not apply their effects in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where Smelter’s Wrath’s Quench, Liquefy, and Forged By Fire nodes did not cause Furnace to apply their respective ailments.
  • Fixed a bug where Smite’s Epicenter node did not increase the radius of Fissure’s VFX. This was only a visual bug.
  • Fixed a bug where Smite’s Righteous Fury and Righteous Flurry could fail to trigger if the enemy was killed by the damage of Smite’s Descend.
  • Fixed a bug where Vengeance’s Iron Blade did not ricochet correctly when taking the Deflection or Forge Chains nodes.
  • Fixed a bug where Volatile Reversal would sometimes return your health or mana to incorrect values.

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  • Fixed a bug where Druid’s Eternal Nature granted adaptive spell damage to minions rather than the player.
  • Fixed a bug where Lich’s Desolation node granted increased damage over time instead of increased minion damage over time.
  • Fixed a bug where Lich’s Hollow Lich passive also affected minion leech and “leech while transformed” when you weren’t transformed.
  • Fixed a bug where ignites applied by Mage’s Arcane Flames passive were not affected by ailment stats.
  • Fixed a bug where the Paladin’s Rahyeh’s Strength node triggered its increased fire damage on any hit, rather than just on melee hits.
  • Fixed a bug where Shadow Daggers were affected by Rogue’s Coated Blades passive.
  • Fixed a bug where Void Knight’s Temporal Corruption node did not convert ignite chance within Smite’s tree to slow chance.

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  • Fixed some enemies spawning in inaccessible areas in Necropolis Caverns.
  • Fixed a bug where too many enemies spawned in certain spots of Forsaken Hamlet.
  • Fixed some shrines being placed incorrectly in The Catacombs.
  • Fixed many other minor issues in various places, such as scenery blocking the camera and movement issues.

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  • Fixed a bug where crafting on an item could result in a critical success that causes the item’s required level to exceed the player’s level.
  • Fixed a bug where the increased unique item drop rate blessing was not working. Unique droprate has been reduced very slightly to compensate (the blessing greatly exceeds this change).
  • Fixed a bug where Boardman’s Plank would not give Tempest Strike a chance to cast Summon Storm Totem on hit.
  • Fixed a bug where items specific to other classes could drop too early compared to when they drop for the compatible class.
  • Fixed a bug where Bhuldar’s Wrath did not convert armour shred to ignite for Earthquake.
  • Fixed a bug where the Acolyte’s Increased Skeleton Mages Damage affix wasn’t doing anything.
  • Fixed a bug where if you had an offhand weapon, but no mainhand, the offhand weapon’s attack rate would not have any effect.
  • Fixed the Primalist Shared Bleed Duration affix working incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Cleaving Huge Nomad Idol gave minion critical strike chance instead of minion melee critical strike chance.
  • Fixed a bug where Calamity’s fire damage taken over 2 seconds could trigger from kills with non-fire skills.
  • Fixed a bug where Close Call’s “increased dodge rating for each hit you have blocked recently” could not stack.
  • Fixed a bug where affix shard shrines could only drop affix shards with no level requirement.

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User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where using the Emphasize option in a loot filter would cause some items to be incorrectly emphasized and desired items to sometimes not be emphasized.
  • Fixed a bug where Emphasize rules in the Loot Filter would not work if you disabled “Item ground label affix indicator” (affix dots) in Gameplay Settings.
  • Fixed a bug where item labels would become displaced when some items are hidden.
  • Fixed a bug where it could sometimes become impossible to save or edit filters.
  • Fixed a bug where toggling ground item tooltips could cause some item labels to remain disabled until you toggled your loot filter.
  • Fixed a bug where recoloring idols would not work if filtering based on idol affixes.
  • Fixed a bug where changes made to loot filters from the character selection screen were not saved.
  • Fixed a bug where chat would automatically scroll to the most recent message while attempting to scroll up to previous messages.
  • Fixed chat messages moving backwards incorrectly when other messages fade out.
  • Fixed chat scrolling being inconsistent depending on where your mouse cursor was.
  • Using a colon “:” in chat no longer cuts off the rest of your chat message.
  • Fixed usernames being capitalized inconsistently in whisper messages.
  • Fixed a bug where the elemental resistance granted by Marksman’s Siege Quiver passive did not reflect on the character sheet in some cases. This was only a visual bug.
  • Fixed a bug where the value for increased minion damage in the character stats window was actually showing the value of increased minion poison damage.

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  • Fixed minions being unable to correctly target and attack Lagon.
  • Fixed the bolt attack used by Siege Golems having a hitbox and explosion that was too small.
  • Fixed bugs where monsters created by the Twinned monster mod could start with hitflash incorrectly enabled and could have an additional stunned vfx that remained active even after they died.
  • Fixed a visual bug with Skullen Shaman enemies.
  • Fixed a visual bug with Flame Gryphons’ entrance attack.

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