Throwing Weapons and Shuriken's - Feedback

Throwing Weapons and Shurikens.

Trying out Shuriken’s on Rogue was the worst experience I’ve had in this game. The new legendary Bo’s Anarchy dropped for me and I decided to try out a shuriken build using it early as the required level is 12. That’s when I noticed so many problems and inconsistencies with the skill Shuriken…

  • There are no specific throwing weapon items in the game that add flat adaptive throwing damage.
  • The Chakram node for Shuriken’s does not work with the Ricochet node or Bo’s Anarchy.
  • The Throwing Star node has no effect on the Chakram node.
  • The Throwing Star node has no effect on the Blade Shield node.
  • The Blade Shield node does not work with pierce.
  • The Blade Shield node does not work with shadows.
  • The Blade Shield node does not stack.
  • Bo’s Anarchy does not work with Dancing Strikes as it requires you to dual wield so you cannot use the windmill node to throw Shuriken’s.
  • Bo’s Anarchy uses block to throw shuriken’s however there are 0 nodes to increase or change block for Rogue.
  • The Deadly Aim node does not work with Blade Shield and has no effect on Chakram’s.
  • Shadows using Chakram occasionally throw the Chakram and the Chakram does not move from where the shadow is standing.

So many different nodes in this skill do not work with each other or even unique items specifically for the skill. Almost nothing works with anything with Shurikens. Why would I play this mess of a skill when I can play anything else in Last Epoch?

This is beyond frustrating and you’re punished for even trying to use Shuriken’s different nodes together.

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I guess you get a decent amount of Armor from it if you take Bladed Armour?

That’s all I got, sorry.

I am currently replicating a Bleed-based Detonating Arrow build that uses Shuriken, and the skill looks a bit pointless to me. I am thinking of swapping it out.

You can get an extra 9% from the block chance affix on rings and gloves at t5 or up to 12% at t7. Its a pity one of the Corsair set items is s shield as the set bonus converts glancing blow to block which would make it practical to hit 100%.

That’ll be a bug.

It does, if you don’t take the pierce node then the first mob they hit will consume your Shurikens lraving you withput any armour buff. I know what you mean, and blade shield used to hit the same target each time it passed but that was broken beyond belief for ailment stacking on a boss.

But yes, its sad that it’s mainly used for the armour buff and that’s it.

Blade Shield also used to stack. So you could have like 10-15 Shurikens hitting the boss over and over again. It was fun watching Lagon melt away before he had time to port you down for the intermission phase. Good times.

As of 0.9 there are 6 gear slots where you can get generic(adaptive) throwing damage, these are the belt, amulet, 2 rings, gloves and relic. There is also an important mod throwing attack speed on gloves and rings. Throwing is supposed to be different from melee where the main damage comes from accessories and not the weapon(hence these slots are more important in a throwing build). To take the case of Rogue and Shurikens specifically it can also have flat lightning damage from a helmet affix and chest affix and there is a similar mod for flat phys damage to throwing attacks while dual wielding.

Reason for this I guess is because Chakram always pierces and returns to you, it is included in the description for ricochet.

Chakram limits you to one projectile at a time this would just randomize the direction, Blade shield already has them orbiting you…

Previously it used to work with shadows who cast regular projectile shurikens, this was pretty powerful as you can get regular shuriken casts(from shadows) and blade shield at the same time and was nerfed I guess.

So that you can’t stack damage and armor to the moon.

I have been using Chakram Bladedancer a lot this patch and don’t think I saw this bug. Perhaps some terrain blocking caused it ?

I’ve used shurikens quite a bit and I think its a pretty good skill, great for DoTs, great for hit damage with chakram, synergy with many skills like puncture, shift(this one maybe a little too good), cinder strike with the throwing buffs, etc. and a solid support skill for the armor buffs.

Also Chakram Bladedancer is one of my favorite and most satisfying builds.

I don’t think it used to stack when it was released.


And from 0.8c:

It didn’t stack apart from a bug with Shift proccing it.

It wasn’t nerfed, it was fixed, this was never intended to happen.

Ah right that’s true. It was the ridiculous armor buff that the bug gave. The days of dual Smoke Weavers. Regardless Blade Shield was still stupidly broken for ailment application.

At least it came with the downside of needing to be in melee range.

True I guess its been around so long, felt like it was a regular thing, just changed this patch.
Blade shield still nice for some additional shock/ shred ailments tho.

Mind Sharing that build? im a huge fan of shuriken and was wondering what a new build would look like

I had the bo staff drop for me last night as well. I was super-stoked and immediately specced back into shurikens (was using chakram with turrets when I first started rogue, pretty fun, but slow). I immediately regretted my decision as shurikens are ever so weak. I went from shredding the entire screen with shadow cascade to running and kiting my ass off and getting swarmed then overwhelmed by enemies. It felt so weak. I put the bo back and swapped back to cascade and proceeded to shred the entire map again. Not sure what to say except it felt pretty damn weak and underwhelming.

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Shuriken is a bad dps skill early on tbh, it needs some gear and few nodes to start feeling decent and can be deadly in later stages or gearing

Because the power of shurikens damage comes from having shadows casting that skill . Also synergy with Umbral blades is very good. Try this build - Bladedancer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.0) - Last Epoch Build Planner
you don’t cast Umbral manually here it only procs from shadows expiring (Umbral Remnants node)

Bo’s is what id call a “Trick” item.

its designed to be a puzzle to solve. For example you can put it on a warpathing paladin who can hit block cap, then proc smites with lots of shurikens on block.

I ran it with moderate success on a void hammer throw build, -3 mana cost seems small, but the lower your mana cost the better it is. Going from 9 cost hammers to 6 is a whopping 33% reduction in mana needs. it even has a decent little more damage to rares modifier for throwing!

it just so happens to have lots of shuriken modifiers on it that make it seem like the go to shuriken item, but it happens to make use of nodes that are not very popular or strong right now like chaining shurikens.

I don’t have one, I’ve not got the staff.

I also suffered for a long time until I found 2 normal options: try through lightning (bottom, middle of the tree) or the ability to throw in a straight line (upper right side of the tree). There is indeed a penalty for the number of shells , but there is a talent that partially corrects this.

What i notice is that there are not many passive nodes to benefit from since most of them state, daggers, bows swords but not staves since it didnt had to before this weapon whas released :frowning:
Using this staff because of it feels bad for me since it is a really cool unique with some good cool stats IMO. A few textlines with two handed weapon in a few passives might have helped this stave