Patch Preview: Alpha 0.6

(Updated 01/15/2019)


We’re gearing up to make the first release of 2019 a big one!

As this patch will be the inaugural 0.6 release, we’re going into more detail than normal. On account of our extensive changes, not all of them are reflected below. Feel free to browse our more detailed patch notes when they become available next month!


  • Screen Shake is now available.
    • This can be toggled in the settings menu.
  • Implemented ragdoll physics.
  • The mini map now has Fog of War.
  • We are merging the Knight and Sentinel classes, and introducing the new Forge Guard mastery. You can read more about these changes in our Developer Blog.
  • Base classes now have passives similar to mastery classes.
  • The Knight now has a new model and new animations.
  • The Mage now has a new model and new animations.
  • The Primalist now has a new model and new animations.
Level Design
  • The End of Time town hub has been added. (Concept art) (Screenshots)
  • Chapter Two has been expanded.
  • Added a portion of Chapter Three.
  • Multiple new side areas are now available.
  • Implemented quest rewards.
  • Multiple new quests are available in Chapter One.
  • Chapter Two now has multiple quests available.
  • Implemented the first quest to feature time travel.
  • Call of the Hunt has been removed. Patch 0.5.3 added the ability to command minions to attack enemies with the A key, leaving Call of the Hunt in the unenviable position of never having been particularly popular only to see its main use be made baseline.
  • Added new skill Summon Primal Sabertooth.
  • Added skill specialization trees for;
  • Weapons now have a base attack rate.
    • Swords no longer have the Increased Attack Speed implicit property. They were given this as a stopgap until they could be given a fast attack rate.
Visual Effects
Multiple VFX have been improved or replaced. Click here to view the list.

(This list may not be exhaustive.)

  • Added a flyout skill selector for quicker & more convenient skill switching.
  • Overhauled the minimap.
  • Damage numbers have a better animation and improved performance.
  • Many UI elements have been updated.

After This Patch

A lot of what we had planned to work on immediately after this patch ended up becoming part of it. We’ll be communicating where we go from here in the near future.


Awsome preview, can’ wait !!! :slight_smile:


Impressed with the rapid progress of this potentially fantastic rpg that will tremble the very existence of this world and stand side by side with PoE :slight_smile: Keep up the good work


Seem to be a very nice (small) xD update !! thx

Are You planning to release in first, second or later week of January?

Yea! Any ETA on this? :smiley:

Can’t wait to try out this patch!

At this point there are a few too many things in progress to give a more specific window. The sooner the better of course!

Awesome, looking forward to it!

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While these threads aren’t intended to be thorough, I have updated it with the following;

  • Quest rewards have been implemented.
  • The Knight class will have a new model ready in time!
  • The Acolyte’s new assets will, unfortunately, not be ready for Patch 0.6.
  • The Invoker’s Anguish item set will be available in this patch.
  • We have a new visual effect for Healing Wind.
  • We have a new visual effect for Summon Frenzy Totem.

Awesome!! Please pass on our excitement and gratitude to the team!!

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I am hoping this game doesn’t just stand side by side with POE, but makes that game obsolete as POE did to Diablo. I presently play POE religiously with friends, but I have a sour taste in my mouth with the game due to how the developers purposefully neglect certain aspects of the game that need major QoL updates, while they rake in the money from their horribly over priced and poorly optimized MTX.

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Not to be all needy and stuff, but do you guys have a rough ETA yet?:slight_smile:
Completely unrelated side question: How do I get my Ancient Champion Banner to appear in the forum? Since I got that supporter pack. Figured this would be just as good a place to ask as any since everyone interested in this thread must’ve gotten the ancient champion pack!

Unfortunately we’re not able to be more specific than “some time this month.”

It partially depends on how the QA process goes, and if the patch isn’t released prior to some of us attending PAX then that could result in further delays.


Damn Sarno Less than one minute response time bows down Thats freaking impressive community support! lol.

Edit: And he automatically added my banner for me. You guys rock.

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Also awarded you the Ancient Champion badge as I see the automated assignment appears to have failed. Sorry about that! Our web developer has investigated and resolved a couple of causes of this, but we may not quite have it working 100% of the time just yet.


Sarno is by far the best community manager I’ve seen in many years trolling multiple forums.

Im sure once LE goes big he’ll probably get a bunch of good looking secretaries to do all the replies on the forums for him, but for now we’ve very lucky!


Yes. Sarno sets the bar very high :slight_smile:

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Updated the Patch Preview again. Click here for the changes, or scroll up to read it all.
  • The mini map will have fog of war in Patch 0.6.
  • The End of Time town hub will be included in the patch.
  • There will be a Dev Blog posted prior to this patch going live.

Excited as always!!!

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