The name of, and art for, Last Epoch's first set!

In addition to magic items and uniques, Last Epoch will feature item sets!

For balance reasons there are some things we simply cannot introduce into the standard pool of item affixes. Uniques are designed to be items which ‘break the rules’ - but without being overpowered. Sets are a natural extension to this; they feature awesome powers not suitable for regular items, but these are at their strongest when you devote multiple item slots to them. This neatly expands the decision making involved in Last Epoch’s item hunt.

We’re still working on the balance of this item set, but we hope you’ll enjoy the art and flavour text we’ve created for it!

Isadora's Betrayal

Isadora's Tomb Binding
Isadora's Gravechill
Isadora's Revenge


I love this! Item sets are one of the cornerstone features of a good game in my opinion. It gives the players something to chase after and ultimately build their playstyle around.

This initial viewing looks fantastic, I love how dark the theme is! I can’t wait to see what these things do and when we get our hands on them. I hope to see a bunch more of these to come!

Thanks for the share guys!!


I really like the concept art. A dark, gritty, mythic fantasy is the kind of setting that draws me!

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This looks awesome, i like the theme and the bits of Lore you get with each piece, i am also super curious about the “powers” of the sets.
Also, please don’t make it so that the sets are the only thing worth in endgame, there are some other games from the same genre who handle it that way.
Keep up the good work

Any comment on the domination of set items in d3? Once a hard to find qol, turned into 15,000% more damage for skill x,x, and x. Corner stoned every build and destroyed any semblance of creating a build.

WOW!!! So happy to see this kind of gear!

I can’t wait to see how look a char with this gear equipped!!! Thanks @Sarno

Please more details for my big hype!! is for apolyte?? Looks like a good set for necro xD

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Part of our strategy to combat sets becoming too dominant and limiting build variety is that a set will at most have 4 pieces, with the large majority being 2-3 pieces. I can’t comment exactly on how else we will work on this as it’s still early days, but we’re aware of the potential problem.