Upcoming item set: The Invoker's Anguish

Isadora’s Betrayal is not the only item set coming in Patch 0.6!

The Invoker’s Anguish set focuses on the elements. While we’re still working on the balance of sets, we thought we’d share the flavour text & 2D art we’ve created for it.

Let us know if you have any ideas for item sets! Please keep in mind that item sets will be kept small (typically 2-3 pieces, maybe four at most). This is one factor we’re leveraging to keep sets from becoming overpowered. Similar to uniques, these are designed to add to the game. They are absolutely not intended to render unique or magic items redundant.


Ele1 Ele2 Ele3

Do you prefer the 2D art for this set or Isadora’s Betrayal?


Gotten some feedback that the text may be hard to see on the image.

The Invoker’s Anguish

  • The Invoker’s Static Touch (ring)
    • …electrified with ambition, he cast spells beyond his cognition…
  • The Invoker’s Scorching Grasp (ring)
    • …his master fell, a fiery death knell…
  • The Invoker’s Frozen Heart (amulet)
    • …alone with ice in his heart, he gained mastery of his art…

I personally LOVE the art for this! Fantastic flavor text too! Love that it rhymes

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The rings just pop. Looks like there is magic inside of them.

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I like the art for this set better. Isadora’s Betrayal does have a nice creepy vibe though, which is nice.

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Art for the ammy reminds me of Carnage Heart (POE).

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What does this set do?

We will have to wait to find out I think.
But probably something to do with fire, lightning and ice.
And given the background photo of a sorcerer casting elemental nova, potentially something to do with that!

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Looking forward for more sets, just happy there wont be huge sets filling most of your item slots!

Love seeing item sets they look pretty cool :stuck_out_tongue:

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We anticipate most sets being comprised of three items, with some consisting of either two or four items. We have no intention of creating any sets larger than that.

This set looks really cool! I’m glad you guys are not going overboard with them as Diablo 3 did. Can’t wait to see how the game turns out! I will most likely purchase the beta pack soon. :smile:

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