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An early look at the End of Time

In Patch 0.6 we’ll be adding the End of Time town hub.

Today we’d like to show you how it’s looking so far.


Can’t wait to explore the town!

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Please Next path…:wink:

Amazing work team!!!

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Looks amazing, :smiley:

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Looks beautiful

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That’s really somptuous :heart_eyes:
I love the last picture,makes me want to build a castle to live here xD

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Cant Wait!

You don’t need to!

The End of Time is playable in our current alpha release, which you have access to.

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Downloading the patch, looking forward to this!

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Made it here yesterday with my Sorcerer. Very Cool! Since many if the items are not implemented, I started over with a new class to try things out. So far I am loving every minute of it.