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Eleventh Hour Games will be at PAX South!

Some of the Last Epoch team will be invading San Antonio TX on Jan 17-20. Details on pop ups, giveaways & team meets coming soon. We hope to see you there!

Full conference information:

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Can’t be there:( but all the best in getting the word out!

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Wish I could go as well. It starts on my birthday (sad face). I look forward to reading about it though. You guys will shine!

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I wont be at any PAX’s. New Zealand is far too far away from Washington and Uni starts back up first week of Feb.

Enjoy, and if anyone not on the team is going, snag me some giveaways! :stuck_out_tongue:

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To bad i cant go there PAX is kinda on another continent :sweat_smile:

Make some nice Pictures of your stall and with the community for me, but if you ever come to gamescom in cologne i will be there xD


Im so stoked!

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If it’s not in the Southern Hemisphere… It doesn’t count as Pax South :stuck_out_tongue: