New 3D Models for Unique Items

New 3D Art

Welcome Travelers to day five of the Enduring, 9 day, Extended Hype Week, Patch Spectacle*TM!

Some say form follows function, Depths of Eterra update states that sometimes form follows fashion. Introducing updated 3D models for 25 existing Uniques, patch 0.8.5 introduces a new appreciation for some of the amazing art in Last Epoch, and allows your enemies to see some of this new art up close and personal like never before. Check out some examples below!

Aberrant Call


Death’s Embrace

Flayer’s Pride

Hell Reach


The Judicator

Leviathan Carver

Reach of the Grave

Reign of Winter

Tempest Maw

Vilatria’s Downfall

You might be expecting us to say here “This concludes day five of the Enduring, 9 day, Extended Hype Week, Patch Phenomenon*TM”. However not this time! Instead keep your eyes out for our post later today on the new Wraith models being introduced in Patch 0.8.5 Depths of Eterra!

March 9th- Depths of Eterra update Announcement
March 10th - New Uniques
March 11th - Dungeon - Soulfire Bastion
March 12th - Catalyst Rework
March 13th - New Unique Models
March 13th - New Wraith Models
March 14th - New Armor Set Models
March 15th - Arena Champions
March 16th - Dungeon - The Lightless Arbor
March 17th - Patch Notes & Video Overview
March 18th - Depths of Eterra Launch Day!


That looks amazing.

Thank you so much for already including 3D Art for Death’s Embrace! :hearts:


Some of them Look really good ingame.

They look amazing. Are all new uniques getting 3D models, and are those included in that 25 number?

We’re planning to eventually have 3d models for all Unique Weapons and Offhands. The provided examples are included in the 25 getting new models this update.


They’re looking really good. Reach of the Grave, babe, at last I can see you :smiley: But Leviathan Carver is a bit too thick and Tempest Maw is a bit too thin imo.

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Very Very Clean!

These look great guys!

However you need to really make characters in the character select screen be able to rotate for these to truly take effect. Otherwise some of the amazing artwork is a bit lost, especially since you plan on adding cosmetic mtx.

Are there any plans for this?

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We don’t have it decided upon yet but at least once a week I overhear someone on staff say that they tried to rotate their character on the select screen again. I mean, I do it myself every time the game starts up.


So just do it Mike! We won’t tell anybody :zipper_mouth_face:

Then you just sneak it in and pretend that you have no clue where it comes from.

I swear, nobody will have the incentive to remove it :grin:

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Yeah that was a weird thing to be missing when new character select screen was added.

Also, new character models are really nice, but on said CS screen sometimes their animations feel a bit rubbery (example - sentinels armor bends like spandex just a little bit while he moves when it should be metal, solid and unbending)

Sorry if I got a little bit out of topic, I dont post much but I lurk here every day and had to give my two cents on something that bothered me a bit.

Item 3D models are awesome, truly, keep up the good work. Cheers

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What I mean is to ask are new uniques comming this patch all gonna have 3D models coresponding to their 2D models and if yes are those accounted in 25 uniques who are getting 3D models.

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My apologies for the misunderstanding. No, the new Uniques introduced in 0.8.5 will not have 3d models yet, and so are not included in the 25 Unique count. The reason for this is Uniques are generally finalized near the end of a patch cycle as they require a good amount of back and forth for ideas and balance, and 3d art takes a fair amount of time to complete.

A lot of ideas for Uniques don’t get implemented, and as 3d art takes time, they would need to start fairly early in the patch cycle. It would be a waste to have 3d artists work on models for ideas we decide not to implement later in the cycle for various reasons.

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I understand your point, thank u for your answer, I am really looking forward to the patch