Arena Champions

Arena Champions

Welcome Travelers to day seven of the Unbroken, 9 day, Sequential Hype Week, Patch Extravaganza*TM! In this news post we’re going to be covering the new Arena of Champions!

Champion’s Gate

In a remote stronghold in Heoborea, an abandoned castle once known as Jormun’s Fortress has seen renewed interest. Only its new inhabitants have taken to a new name, Champion’s Gate. A portal has opened within Champions gate, through which only one thing is known, what lies beyond this portal is endless swarms of combatants in every shape, form, and number. The unique nature of this portal has drawn an odd assortment of humans and Wengari to live here, so they may have access to thrilling combat whenever they please.

Those who travel to Champion's Gate will find the recently set up Training Grounds. Here Travelers will find a set of five different specialized setups with training dummies for testing their abilities.

However, some few have chosen to stay within the realm beyond, as they have found a way to only face those who would be a challenge worthy of their battle lust. These few champions have fallen to their obsession with the ceaseless battles, letting the worst part of themselves take root and grow. In 0.8.5 enter this portal and face the once Champions of Eterra, now, Champions of the Arena.

Arena of Champions

Arena of Champions will offer an alternative approach to the current Endless Arena, while not replacing it. When accessing the Arena portal you will be presented with the opportunity to either compete in the existing Endless Arena, or the new Arena of Champions. With the Arena of Champions, you will have the option of four different tiers of difficulty, with escalating tiers providing increased difficulty, and greater rewards.

Upon entering the Arena of Champions, you will face off against a number of waves. While progressing through the waves, you will be presented with a choice of additional modifiers to further increase the difficulty and rewards. However, be careful with your choices: In the Arena, all spoils only go to the victor. The final five waves will take place within one of the Arena Champion’s dedicated arenas, with the final wave containing the Champion of the Arena themselves. There are currently three Arena Champions, each a former Traveler from another timeline in which they failed to find purpose through the Epoch and strayed far from their path.

Vaion the Arsenal

To sum up Vaion the Arsenal in one word: Pride. A skilled blacksmith, and collector of any and all weapons, Vaion never found purpose outside of his natural talents. Instead, he spends his time in the Arena honing his proficiencies to a point beyond mere skill. Fancying himself a true master of arms, he readies his entire armament for a challenger worthy of facing the full extent of his knowledge of blades, maces, shields, and more.

The Crimson Blade

The familiar taste of copper in the air, the sensation of slowed time, and the look of shock and surprise on man, and beast’s faces alike. The Crimson Blade never lost their lust for taking lives, but instead thrives on the thrill of assassinations and the rush that comes with it. Honing herself to a razor’s edge as if a living weapon, The Crimson Blade waits in the shadows for those who may be able to share with her a new experience in the thrill of the kill.

Alfrig Wolfmaw

Idolizing storms and avalanches, Alfrig Wolfmaw follows a path of might makes right. Embracing this mentality, Alfrig no longer sees animals as companions, but simply disposable power to be commanded. He has sought out the Arena as a method of strengthening his mind and body to become a force of destruction. In the Arena of Champions, Alfrig Wolfmaw seeks out those with power to continue proving his path is correct through the broken bodies of those who face him.


The Arena of Champions will be available in multiple tiers for adjustable difficulty, with higher tiers providing increased rewards. These Champions have been reigning within Champion’s Gate for decades, collecting the spoils from their victories over countless other adventurers across Eterra. Some of this loot they use to fight, some is kept in reserve. Other trinkets, like rare keys to hidden passages across Eterra, are kept close by as trophies to track their ongoing reign over Champion’s Gate.

This brings to a conclusion today’s news for the Ceaseless, 9 day, Sequential Hype Week, Patch Extravaganza! Make sure to keep your eyes on our socials, as we will be continuing the pre-patch hype with tomorrow’s post on the the second dungeon, The Lightless Arbor!

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Exciting times!


Hay, here come the customizable dummies! LETS GO!

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Love to see even more bosses :heart_eyes:

So no exclusive rewards for this one huh. Will still be fun to try out.

Imagine if Crimson Blade ran poison flurry on us :joy:


Interested to see how it feels to play vs our own!
Hope the scaling for the last tier is out of this world, and no CA and build crushing mods on this one!

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Or Alfrig, snapshotting the shit out of us with EQ



  • Will these training dummies have any additional tags current dummies do not, such as “rare” “boss” “enemy” So that things like spriggan vines will attack?

  • Will a new key be needed to enter or just a normal arena key we are already collecting?

  • Some dummies are registered as “evil” rather than aligned as “barrel”, so yes minions will attack them.

  • You will use the same arena key for Arena of Champions (keys of memory have no effect on Arena Champions)


I don’t mind fighting an alternate Shtrak. I’d like not to fight a LizardIRL. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Killing it guys!

  • Are these keys to new hidden areas or are they for the new dungeons?
  • Do we ransack the champions loot in reserve or do we only get what it drops when we kill the champion? ( is it safe to assume a unique will be tied to each one? if so will there be a different unique for each tier for each boss, for a total of 12 uniques?

Bman going full detective i like it!

Will the arena champions have any kind of randomization of skill sets? Such randomization would be good at keeping the content fresh and avoid boredom by memorizing the same skill set fight every time. Would also be an interesting way to poke at different resistances for challengers

I hope this is the case to keep it fresh

I would assume no, so far EHG has shown that tiers are a great way to gauge content and its rewards tied to difficulty. Random skills would completly go agaisnt that imo. Maybe they do not intend this to be like that though… will be cool to see!

How many waves will be tied to each tier? Is it safe to assume the rewards will be similar to the julra pool. Mix of uniques and exalted items and other keys?

  • The reference to keys is to dungeon keys (currently Lightless Arbor, Soulfire Bastion, and Temporal Sanctum)
  • Arena Champions loot is modified by the options you select while progressing through the Arena waves. For example, at the end of wave 30 you might be offered two mods, one which makes the Arena Champion drop exalted gloves, the other makes the Arena Champion drop a unique bow (These may not be the exact mods you find, just examples). There is not a secondary reward mechanic for Arena Champions as there is with dungeons (eg. Soul Gambler and Vaults of Uncertain Fate).

This needs to happen. Ideally on stream with Mike.