Catalysts Overhaul

Catalysts Overhaul

Welcome Travelers to day four of the Continuing, 9 day, Extended Hype Week, Patch Spectacle*TM!

The Depths of Eterra update introduces new and improved catalysts for concentrating your energies on what matters - culling more enemies of Eterra! All catalysts are getting new 2D and 3D art, as well as new animations, and powerful implicit affixes to curate a wider variety of builds and create more competition within the weapon configurations. Check out some examples below!

Ritual Stone

Sapphire Tome

Opulent Focus

Fleshbound Tome

Crystal Skull


This concludes day four of the Ceaseless, 9 day, Extended Hype Week, Patch Spectacle*TM. Make sure to check back in tomorrow for two (Two, in one day!) posts on updated 3d models for existing uniques, and New Wraith models being introduced in the Depths of Eterra update.

March 9th- Depths of Eterra update Announcement
March 10th - New Uniques
March 11th - Dungeon - Soulfire Bastion
March 12th - Catalyst Rework
March 13th - New Unique Models
March 13th - New Wraith Models
March 14th - New Armor Set Models
March 15th - Arena Champions
March 16th - Dungeon - The Lightless Arbor
March 17th - Patch Notes & Video Overview
March 18th - Depths of Eterra Launch Day!


Looks awesome!

Fleshbound tome… my precious!

Calling it now - astrolabe will be crazy strong

love the art of the new catalyst the stat diversity is nice although little boring imo! But Art is killing it with these updates.

Those catalysts look awesome but why both the tomes has a different 3d model from what is shown in .gif ? In game they look like a bland open books…so they look the same

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I remember catalysts, the things magic users used to hold in their left hand before they all moved to a Bastion… :wink:

These new ones are looking really nice, and strong, hopefully it will revive this lost category of items.
Good job.


It’s hard to see with the image quality and the visuals are very subtle, possibly too much so but it is possible to see the fingers in game. Here is a super closeup at stupid high resolution.


Where is the higher-level version of the Sapphire Tome?

Crit Catalysts have the lower level 2-4 Spell Crit implicits, and then then higher level 2-6 Spell Crit implicits. It feels like there is a new Catalyst that is missing from this announcement.

There is in fact more than one new catalyst not shown in this preview! The purpose of this post is to show some examples of the new direction for catalyst implicits (with some exciting examples), art styles, and the new rigging in game (so floaty). But there’s much more to discover once the patch drops :honeybee:


You sneaky devil.

I hope existing unread scrolls either stay the same or convert into crystal skulls, else it would brick a lot of existing char items relying on the crit.

Something like this happened to the Bronze glaive spear which had global base crit but with the spear rework turned into coiled bident which has no crit and is poison focused.

Nothing will automatically convert into a crystal skull and nothing stays the same as they are all new and there are more now than before.

Have no fear though as the builds will not be bricked by this.

Crystal Skull flat spell crit… noice…

Liking the eye candy improvements too…

Yes the fingers can be seen it 's ok I would just prefer other ways to distinguish both of the tomes. Like different shape, maybe pictures on the pages, ornaments, book-mark ribbons hanging down etc. Ok that could be just my nitpicking :smiley:

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Some actually DECENT ward gen that isn’t build specific? I LOVE IT