New Wraith Models | Coming In Depths of Eterra Update

New Wraith Models

Welcome Travelers, to day Five of the Essential, 9 Day, No Brakes, Hype-Train, Phenomenon… *TM! The Depths of Eterra update brings with it a number of new Wraiths to fight and follow you across time. These updated Wraiths will help breath new “unlife” into the world of Eterra as part of our ongoing efforts to bring models to current standards. Check out some examples below of these new terrifying creatures of necromancy both travelling with you, or facing you in your journey as the Elders shudder at the power you’ve brought into the world.

Summoned Wraiths are a common creation of skilled necromancers, as they are a simple coalescence of soul energy with minimal willpower or physicality.

They are often used for simple tasks or for swarming enemies by sheer numbers. These wraiths spread terror and panic wherever they go.

Wraiths can also appear spontaneously in places with a high amount of soul and/or necrotic activity, these Wraiths are ferocious and uncontrolled. They are not to be taken lightly.

This concludes day Five of the Unbroken, 9 day, No Brakes, Hype-Train, Patch Extravaganza *TM. We would love to hear your Necromantic build ideas that the Elders have shunned, down below! Make sure to check back in tomorrow for our post on the New Armor Set Models being added in 0.8.5 Depths of Eterra!

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Wow I love these!

Each one is Unique!

looking amazing cant wait to be a wraith main this patch!

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like the Ghastly one the most.

Those sand and lightning swirls at the bottom of the wraiths look sooo good.

I feel like a brighter green for the putrid/poison wraiths like the first pic looks a lot more poisonous than the second and third pics.


best art/models you guys have done so far. looks great

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