New Armor Sets | Coming in Depths of Eterra Update

New Armor Sets

Welcome Travelers to day six of the Ceaseless, 9 day, Super Hype Week, Patch Spectacle*TM! If you are just joining us this week, be sure to check out all of our Depths of Eterra announcements over the past five days (links below!).

The Depths of Eterra update is continuing to add distinct armor designs for each of the classes, improving the feeling of progression and unique identity. Check out some of the awesome new looks coming into Eterra!

Acolyte Armor Set

The Acolyte’s new set takes a lightweight approach to a gothic, demonic, and ragged theme - it pairs perfectly with some of our new darker-themed catalysts revealed on the weekend. In order to achieve a realistic result of the different layers of clothes in game, we had to use a combination of simulating the fabric in 3D and manual sculpting.

Primalist Armor Set

Rogue Armor Set

Our new mid-tier Rogue armor set takes on the soul of an outlaw. Its open design leaves mobility completely unhindered, while providing heavier protection while in marksman stance at range - protecting the side profile of the shooter.

Also, check out that hat. That is going to be a popular hat.

Sentinel Armor Set

Our endgame ready high-tier Sentinel set showcases a beautiful combination of battle-scarred plate and white wolf fur. We would like to believe the fur adds an element of comfort here for our Sentinel’s journey, but how comfortable can you really be in the Depths of Eterra?

The biggest challenge here was bringing together the technical challenges of fur and hard-surface materials into one unified piece.

This concludes day six of the Continuing, 9 day, Super Hype Week, Patch Spectacle*TM. Make sure to check back in tomorrow for the deeper dive on the Arena Champions being introduced in the Depths of Eterra update.

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Really love how good the sets are looking!

Love all the armour sets but can primalist see more non wolf helmets. I would love to have bear, deer, mountain lions. I love the primalist fantasy and armour but the helmets feel too much of the same


Aside from the Acolyte seeming to rummage through D3 Demon Hunter’s wardrobe (which I don’t really mind), these designs are awesome-looking.

Holy smokes. Bravo art team. Absolutely amazing.
transmog when? j/k looking awesome.

looking good

All this looks awesome!

Sad to see there’s nothing for Mages… again :pensive:

You know you want to see a (stuffed) Llama on top of the Primalist’s head.


Ohhh the wait is going to be soooo worth it, promise.


Damn that Rogue set is fantastic. These are all good but that is a standout for me.

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if I get a stuffed sheep we can do llama too since they are basically cousin animals

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Thanks! My favorite is the sentinel armor set. Other sets are nice too. But I prefer more gray-steel-black style. If only I could re-color the rogue set it would be perfecgt :smiley:

Love them all, but the Acolyte one. It’s looking kind of cute… too cute


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I really like the armor sets but I do think that we need a little more diversity in the designs. But great work overall. Really looking forward for the update.

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Love the Primalist and Sentinel look!

Primalist & Sentinel ones are my favs…

:open_mouth: Really good looking sets there! Loving the design! keep it up!

There is something missing from the acolyte and rogue models, I can barely tell that they are female.