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Sands of Majasa Update - Patch 0.8.3 Reveal!

Darkness within the jewel of the desert…

Coming September 3, 2021


this gon be goooooood
Reveal trailer quality is top notch!


Nice, Friday Patch day! Gonna be a good weekend! :slight_smile:


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Whelp time to shelve my characters and wait for a week and a half. Looking forward to more reveals so I can decide which poor soul valiant hero of mine will brave chapter 9 first.

Really looking forward to chapter 9!

Oh nice :sunglasses:

Thanks guys for the trailer and date

Been resisting making new sentinel builds for this patch. Also comes with more controller support. POG.


Any word if we will be getting more Passive Points in the next Chapter Quests.

Now that looked cool! Reminds me of the Diablo quality teasers. Been very much looking forward to the update, and this makes it look so good.

Pretty sure Mike said they were happy at our current passive point total during one of the dev streams. They’re just adding more quests for us to get any we miss along the way I believe.

finally! I’m just glad to have a date. Looks like it should be an amazing patch and i look forward to seeing more items.

Teaser is reaaally good! Gratz to the artists.


I’m ready to feel the sand in my boots.

Ooooo the Rogue is from Majasa. It would be totally thematic to give us her 3rd class with this patch.

Niiiice news for my morning coffee! :slight_smile:
When can we expect patch notes?
One day before?

I don’t like sand, it’s rough and course and gets everywhere…