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Community Designed Unique: Item Type

Hello Travelers and welcome to the second poll of the Community Designed Unique Event!

We hope you’re enjoying some of the new Uniques introduced in 0.8.5d (I know I have a few… ‘off meta’ ideas for myself). Last week’s poll had some amazing interaction and we’re very excited that so many members from the community are so interested in this event. Thank you all for being such a great community to be a part of.

From last week’s poll, it looks like Mage is going to be the target class for the new unique, very exciting! And we are shocked, simply shocked that a Two-Handed weapon was selected. We had no way to foresee this outcome. Ok, maybe we’re not that shocked. So keeping in mind that we’re looking at a Mage as the focus for a two handed weapon, please see the poll below for what kind of two-handed weapon this should be. Mages are capable of wielding all but bows, so what will it be: A Spellblade Spear? A Sorcerer Axe? You decide!

Weapon Type
  • Two-Handed Sword
  • Two-Handed Axe
  • Two-Handed Mace
  • Two-Handed Spear
  • Two-Handed Staff

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Please keep the ideas for the item themes coming in the comments below, as that will be the focus for next week’s poll, and start getting those ideas for two handed mage Unique mechanics rolling in. We’re excited to see what kind of ideas you have in mind! And remember to leave a heart on ideas you like the most so we know which ones we should be including in the polls. For this, please try to keep to one idea per post, so we know which idea people are enjoying.

Our Dev stream should be starting soon after this post on . The timestamp here should change to your local time zone for the stream start time: 2022-04-15T20:00:00Z . Make sure to drop by to ask any questions concerning the game, this event and your unique ideas, or just hang out!

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May 27th - Community Designed Unique: Reveal!


Sorcerer axe! Sorcerer axe! Mana Strike casts meteor on Crit!


fun idea! I HAD to pick 2h Axe. I bet that’d open up some kind of brand new build potentially.


Ok hear me out. A 2 handed staff that incorporates all elements in some way. That way it can be used for Sorc and Spellblade!! More Synergies!!! :grin:

Edit:Also unless it is strictly locked. (Which doubtfull) Could benefit other casters that use the elements. Like Paladin, Acolyte and Shaman


2 handed spear so primalist shaman can also benefit think about it

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OK I voted staff so Rimed doesn’t find where I live … but if you madmen wanna do a scythe/warhammer/lancer sorcerer go for it! :laughing:

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The correct choice is Mace, watch the world burn people.


I’d like to see a two-handed weapon with added crit chance. That would open up the gearing in case the chosen damage skill does not have a node that added crit chance (e.g. Static Orb), where you would choose a one-hander + catalyst combo otherwise. This surely doesn’t sound as awesome as zom-bees, but I kind of like uniques that aren’t too specialized, making them an interesting alternative for lots of builds.

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Ok, Mage 2h then…

I voted for Mace, just because it’s not very common :grin:.

But I think my.suggestion would work on any weapon:

  • Turns Desintegrate into a high energy aoe effect that surrounds the caster, last for X seconds and adds a cooldown. Desintegrate also scales with added melee damage.
  • Enemies hit by the Mage while within the aoe get a debuff that reduces damage done by 5% and reduces resistance by 5% of the element it is hit by. Can stack 3 times.
  • Adds 1 damage (global) per point of intelligence
  • Adds 1 damage per 2 characterlevels

2H Bow would be awesome though. Like imagine a bow with low bow damage but some spell like Reign of Winter or Dragonsong, but this one fires arcane projectiles and scales with int or something.

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Hm, two-handed weapons did win last week. Interesting! Let’s see what the dominant option this week is…

Staff, okay, I take it back. That’s not interesting, not at all, just more stereotypes! BOOOOOOOOORING!!!11


There seems to be a significant lack of 2h axes for Primalists, for which a 2h axe is a part of multiple nodes and seems like a pretty synergistic weapon type for them. I would like to see something for either lightning or cold melee, or something that works with upheaval and earthquake. Aka big physical damage. There are enough transformation items out there, I’d like to see something to express the Primalist’s melee side in human form.

Thoughts on stats for lightning/cold
Lightning/cold melee damage
Casts chain lightning on hit, more leaps for subsequent hits
Haste on crit
Converts damage from swipe to lightning/cold

Thoughts on stats for physical

  • To upheaval or earthquake
    Big physical melee damage bonus
    Slows enemies, increases with subsequent hits
    Knock up enemies with upheaval??
    Big stun bonus

You monster :smiling_imp:

Theme 1: Master of the ElementS - a focus on multiple elements coming together to be better than the sum of their part.

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I accidentally pick an axe >.< (UPD. changed to beloved spear)

Anyway, let it be something cast on melee hit/melee crit. Preferably some skill that mage already has, not a new one.

Or maybe some random idea - If your elemental nova has all elements enabled it’s replaced with “infused elemental nova” that can benefit from bonuses to every type.
This probably should also add some levels to the skill.

Just going to repeat my idea from last week, because I like the theme.
And I value theme and integration with lore more than the item itself…

Staff (*) based on Apophis.
She was the first to unleash the power of the void:
Her unique should convert all cold and/or lightning damage (or maybe just ALL damage) to void damage.
She also (kinda) possessed Majasa, so we could go wild and add a secondary power to control one nearby monster and make it attack others with void.
And think of all the cool snake-based designs our wonderful creators could come up with!

That fits the story well, and would give us some builds than can use void without being void knights.
(*) Would also work well with a spear I guess, maybe even better (I don’t know, I picture these big snakes using spears). Too late, I voted for staff.


Ooooooooooo! I love that approach!!! A great design would be like a corrupted Caduceus or Rod of Asclepius.

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Theme 2: Spellweaver- The item would focus on attacks that buff a spells or spells that buff mana

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Regardless of what item type will win.

I would like to see some Void Mage Weapon, simialr to the Blade Of The Forgotten Knight.

Mage already has some quite interesting void uniques like Gaspars Set, Secrifical Embrace and Dark Shroud of Cinders.

Now imagine a 2H Hammer or Axe supporting that theme. Mabye like a hybrid weapon with some flat void damage for melee and spells.

Possibly also converting or changing one of the melee Spellblade skills. (Mana Strike maybe?)

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Spear is super under utilized in most games, i’d love to see one here.