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Community Designed Unique: Item Name and Flavour Text

Hello Travelers, and welcome to the sixth Community Designed Unique event poll!

To quickly recap last week’s poll, we decided on what the art would be for the Unique item. While we had three great options representing The Lost Refuge, and its cultural combination due to humanity from across Eterra taking refuge together - there was a very strong community preference.

This spear has strong influences from Lagon, Rahyeh, and Heorot’s people, with the makeshift nature of combining powerful relics from their homelands into a necessary weapon to try to hold at bay the ceaseless void.

Now, we must finally decide what the name and flavour text will be for the item. The name helps to pull the entire item together, often embodying both the theme and effect of the item, completing everything into one whole. The flavour text often provides either background information for the item - lore, or provides a quote from someone who was particularly close to the item or directly wielded it.

We got some fantastic suggestions for these two aspects. Thank you to all our community members who submitted their ideas for these options! I personally find creating names and lore far more difficult than creating unique effects. We’ve reviewed the community suggestions and again picked those that were the highest voted, and our most favorite. So let us all decide: What will this item be called, and what particular history or associations does it hold?

Name and Flavour Text
  • Elder’s Lunacy
    Let go your fiery nature. Enter the darkness. Empty and become void.
  • Reach of the Lost Covenant
    By a Thousand Hands I have been made. By a Thousand Hands, you shall be Unmade.
  • Harbinger of Corruption
    Followers of many gods came together to form the Lost Refuge. Nomads of Heorot, seafarers of Lagon, paladins of Rahyeh, and a small group of disciples who professed adoration to a forgotten god of time.
  • Lament of the Lost Refuge
    “I can hear them skitter, scratching at the walls. Their cries echo through these caverns like the wails of those lost outside. Just rats for now, but ‘they’ are lost no longer, they come back to us now, but different - corrupted.”
  • Victorious Downfall
    This weapon was used in the final battle of the Lost Refuge. The battle was lost that day, but the deeds done that night can still be felt when holding this weapon
  • The Last Stand
    In our desperation to defeat the void, we became what we fought so hard against

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This is the final poll for the event. Once this poll concludes, we will have officially created a new Unique Item: designed and decided on by the community, immortalized within the world of Eterra! We’re very excited by the outcome of this invent, and look forward to showcasing this new Community Designed Unique in the final post in two weeks.

Thank you to everyone in our amazing community for making this such a fun and exciting event, and for coming together to make such a cool new item for Last Epoch. Once again, our dev stream will be going live in just a couple of hours at We look forward to all sorts of more fun events in the future, and we’ll see you in the next, and final post of this event where we will reveal the full and completed item!

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May 6th - Community Designed Unique: Item Art
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May 27th - Community Designed Unique: Reveal!




Rat City Rat City

I love Lament of the Lost Refuge, the only thing I’m not a fan of is the double, “but” at the end:
“Just rats for now, but ‘they’ are lost no longer, they come back to us now, but different - corrupted.”

Could work better as:
“Just rats for now, however ‘they’ are lost no longer; they return to us now, but different - corrupted.”

Just a suggestion.


Or instead of the second “but” have a semi-colon? Does grammar work like that?

…they return to us now; different - corrupted.

Or perhaps full stops?

…they return to us now. Different. Corrupted.


Full stops sounds way better, imho.
Well done. (And that was not even numbers!)


I’d already placed a semi-colon in there and it’s used to break up two would be sentences rather than just a couple of words. I see what you’re going for though, we could go with an ellipsis at the end instead of the dash and double full stops. Gets the same effect but makes it sound more… ominous? (seewhatIdidthere?)

Might actually also suggest a slight change at the beginning to make it flow better, since it also has a double “now”, perhaps:
“Just rats for for the moment, no longer lost; they return to us now, but different… corrupted.”


I still think the full stop emphasizes “different” much better than “but”.

“Just rats for the moment, no longer lost; they return to us now. Different… Corrupted.”
If you really want the … .
But I feel like the most atmospheric is still by some margin
“Just rats for the moment, no longer lost; they return to us now. Different. Corrupted.”

Edit: copying / pasting a double “for” twice without noticing. Shame on me.

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