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Community Designed Unique Event!

Hello Travelers,

There have been requests, there have been rumblings, and there have been bees. Today, the much anticipated Community Designed Unique Event begins! Starting today, every week we will be posting a new community poll. Each poll will help further refine a design for a Unique item to be immortalized in Last Epoch. The polls will be opened on Friday evenings two hours before the start of the Dev Stream at 1:00PM CDT, and be closed on the following Friday morning. That means you will have seven days to cast your vote to shape a new item to be introduced to the world of Eterra.

At each step along the way, you can also suggest in comments different aspects of the item, such as name, effect, theme, or even flavor text. Those that get the most likes and still fit within the world of Eterra will be included in the voting options. With this, we will try to include options for ideas that both we and the community enjoy the most: however do be aware, if an idea strays too far from the game, we may have to decline it as an option (sorry, even with a community designed unique, there won’t be any nyan cats in Last Epoch).

So to kick everything off, this week we’d like to get your opinions on the first shaping of the item! Below you will find the first two polls of the event: Cast your votes in the included Polls and lets see this item start to take form.

Note that once you click an option, your vote is permanently cast

Item Class

We want to start by defining a class focus for the item. The item won’t necessarily be restricted to use by this class, but instead be the “intended” use case. Having a class focus allows for more room for unique identity and allow it to have a more powerful unique effect. This will also help to focus suggestions down the road for the themeing, unique interactions, and art direction.

  • Acolyte
  • Mage
  • Primalist
  • Rogue
  • Sentinel

0 voters

Item Group

However, lets not leave things at just some background theory regarding the item! We have here a second poll today to start getting down to the meat and potatoes of the item. Below you’ll find a selection of item groups to pick from. Next week the winner will be split into its seperate options for further refinement. For example, if “Armor” is selected, next week’s poll will have the options for “Helm”, “Body”, “Boots”, or “Gloves”.

  • Armor (Helm, Body, Boots, Gloves)
  • One Handed Weapon
  • Two Handed Weapon (Including Bow)
  • Off-hand Item (Catalyst, Shield, Quiver)
  • Jewelry (Amulet, Belt, Ring)

0 voters

With the Hype Week we received a lot of positive feedback in providing a planned schedule for the event with backlinks for posts. So we’re going to be doing the same thing here. Below you’ll find the schedule for all the posts, with what the topic for each post will be. In addition to today’s votes, please start suggesting different ideas for the unique in comments below, and we’ll start recording ideas we and the community enjoy the most. Remember, if you think an idea could be cool or interesting, heart the comment so we can see which ideas to look at for further polls! The big one right now to try to get options in for would be the item Theming. For example, “Themed around Lagon”, or “Themed around the Imperial Era”, or even “Themed around the most bestest boy in the whole wide Eterra - Maximus”. This will push the direction for the art, unique effect, and even name and flavour text.

We’ve also arranged the posts to go up shortly before our weekly Dev Streams, so make sure to check in on our dev stream at on Fridays at 3:00 PM CDT to discuss different ideas, the game in general, or just hang out!

April 8th - Community Designed Unique Kick Off
April 15th - Community Designed Unique: Item Type
April 22nd - Community Designed Unique: Item Theme
April 29th - Community Designed Unique: Unique Effect
May 6th - Community Designed Unique: Item Art
May 13th - Community Designed Unique: Item Name and Flavour Text
May 27th - Community Designed Unique: Reveal!


Mage definitely needs some love. My boy needs the build diveristy.


What a great idea.

I voted for:

  • Sentinel
  • Two-Handed Weapon

I really would like to see a Two-Handed Mace supporting slower, hard hitting skills like Erasing Strike. So this unique could be possibly a Void or Void/Physical themed item.


This is our moment to get an Arakaali’s Fang type item for Necro! Don’t let me down my fellow LE Enjoyers! :wink:


Here are a couple of ideas I’ve been thinking of.

  • Something that gives increased gold drops for each stash tab you own. This could be a unique idol but that was not a poll option.
  • Boots that give you decreased move speed, but gives you stackable increased move speed for each enemy you kill for a few seconds. The max stacks should give a higher move speed modifier than otherwise available, but you have to work for it!
  • A unique idol that doubles the effect of adjacent idols. This could be shaped like a ‘+’ if the inventory system allows that. That would limit it to supporting 1 wide boy or 1 tall boy.

Mage and Off-hand for me.

I don’t play Mage enough and a new item for him is a good excuse to start a new one.


Eterra Monster Hunter Theme - An item made by fusing together different parts of monsters we’ve slain across Eterra


I’d like something that has a direct impact on Health.

Another thought:

A void-themed item for Mage, that converts Black Hole into a Void damage skill.
Amulet, Relic or Off-Hand Catalyst maybe?


Hello All!

In post review, the options for “Jewelry” is not listing “Relic” as an option. However voting for Jewelry will also result in “Relic” being an option for further voting. We cannot update the polls in the post to specify this without resetting the already cast votes.


Mage Bow please community imagine if we had bow unqiue not just on rogue


I’d like to see an Item that converts all Storm Crows into a big beautiful Phoenix that can cast a meteor shower on the companion ability, or maybe be able to trigger it by itself.

Or another one which converts Summon Vines into Summon Sunflower Vine that concentrate sun beams on the enemy, exploding after some time.


They probably won’t allow bows on another class

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I am pretty sure with a unique, there is a way to overcome this restriction.

EDIT: Maybe call it a “off-hand catalyst” that takes the shape of a bow, dunno

its a community event if we all agree this is the direction they have too. This is our chance to show EHG Bows could be cool elsewhere!

I just don’t understand the use of a bow on another class with no bow skills? I mean if it’s an item shaped like a bow I guess? But yeah…

Maybe the unique property converts a skill into a “Magical Arrow”-type of skill.

Like Lightning Blast, shooting around magical shock arrows

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I’m mean for real primalist should have bow support given he lived in wilds and use bows to hunt. Sentinel forge guard makes living weapons which should include bows. mage and acolyte would be a stretch. But there foundations are there for possibility. If we wanna go lore route! So bow beastmaster could work. Forge weapons becoming bows can work! Just hwo the unqiue applies with it matters

chat made me do it

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Kinda disappointed to see Catalysts so far down the votes, I feel like it’s a very interesting item slot, between offense (for instance, the fact that it’s usually combined with a wand adds a whole layer of complexity to it) and defence (you can get ward per second, resistances, etc.). And for now, I feel like there are so few catalysts compared to other item types. :c