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Community Designed Unique: Item Theme

Hello Travelers,

Welcome to the third round of voting for the Community Designed Unique! And things have certainly gotten interesting since the latest poll. From last week’s poll, we’ll be creating a Two-Handed Mage Spear! This will be the first of its kind in Last Epoch, so has quite the opportunity to really create something new and distinct. I’m personally very excited to see how this item continues to evolve from this point.

For today’s poll, we’ll be collecting your votes for the item’s theme. This theme will help direct the art style of the item, naming, flavor text, and even the unique effect. We’ve collected suggestions from the forums, and picked out options that the community has been highly receptive to. This is a very important, almost historical poll, as it’s the first poll where all of the options are not based on core game mechanics. Instead they are completely based on community suggestions that will be directly implemented into Last Epoch. These options below are your forerunners, and from this point everything is the community’s direction.

We’ve collected some very interesting suggestions, some which are quite open in what direction they can continue, some a little more narrow, but just as interesting. So lets see this poll, and what our options are!

Themed Around…
  • Apophis
  • The Osprix
  • Lagon
  • An Amalgamation of different monster parts from across Eterra
  • The Void
  • The Lost Refuge (aka. Rat City)
  • Tri-Elemental (Cold, Fire, and Lightning)

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Now, I want to immediately address one option which may be seen absent here, and did have a fair amount of popularity. That of being “Zom-bees” themed. One would be hard pressed to find a greater proponent of bees than myself. However when we reviewed the options, we felt that this couldn’t fit the Mage class thematically as the Mage is directly opposed to Necromancy as an Elder of the College. Mage also currently has very little support for minions, and has no other options for bees aside from Keeper’s Gloves, so would be extremely limiting on what kind of effects the item could have while still being focused for the Mage. So unfortunately we did have to skip this suggestion (sad zom-bee noises). Perhaps this suggestion will find its way into Last Epoch in another way.

However, we still have some very exciting suggestions I would have never personally thought of and we’re really curious what direction this poll takes! Next week’s poll will be for the Unique Effect. So, as we start to see the results of the item theme come in, make sure to keep those unique mechanic ideas rolling in!

As always on Fridays, you can also catch us on the Dev stream 2022-04-22T20:00:00Z to discuss the poll, the game in general, or just hang out at

April 8th - Community Designed Unique Kick Off
April 15th - Community Designed Unique: Item Type
April 22nd - Community Designed Unique: Item Theme
April 29th - Community Designed Unique: Unique Effect
May 6th - Community Designed Unique: Item Art
May 13th - Community Designed Unique: Item Name and Flavour Text
May 27th - Community Designed Unique: Reveal!


rip ZomBees :frowning:

The idea has been properly stored for future consideration :wink:

Long live the Bees.


How are you gonna give us rat city and make me choose rat city when tri elemental is right there.

Id really like to see a tri elemental theme, but if you are gonna bait me with rat city… I better get some dang rats.

Also amalgam of different monster parts sounds really cool as well.


I hope we can still work in a battlemage theme into the unique.


For some reason, I feel like these community votes are a bad idea. At this point, it just seems like everyone is troll voting. Didn’t get what you wanted on a previous poll? Tank the remaining polls.

Seems like Last Refuge is winning by a lot for now. I personally don’t quite remember the story behind this theme. Isn’t this very close to the Void thematically?

Yeah! I’d love to see an item that can be used by Sorcerers and Spellblades alike.

Like in The Wheel Of Time, where there are Angreals that are items like statues but also Weapons and that grand the user great magical power.

Sorry, but you have to make a choice here. Either you want the bees to live long or you are with the Zom-Bees. There’s not enough space on Eterra for both :honeybee::skull:


Sounds like we might have another Immortal Emperor in the making here…

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Voted for The Void.

We need more items that can be combined with Uniques like Dark Shroud of Cinders or Sacrificial Embrace.

I also hope that this weapon will be closer to a “Battlestaff”, where it is a melee weapon, but has enough spell power to be useful for a sorcerer.
Also I hope that it would have enough Flat Void Spell Damage.
Right now there are way to few items that give flat spell void damage, so making use out of things like those above mentioned uniques can be tricky.



Also surprised spear won out. Last I checked it was almost tied for staff and axe. Nice that the staff didn’t win as tbh it sounded boring.


I don’t know, perhaps I skipped some of the important dialogue elements, but I don’t really understand the Rat City theme. How’s that can even be a theme?
What’s so special about it?
Tri-element I perfectly understand. Void is pretty obvious too. Multi-monster thingy can be anything, so whatever. But what’s this Rat City stuff is about?

I don’t get it… could you guys guys elaborate?

The Lost Refuge was one of the first retreats of humanity as The Void encroached upon Eterra. During the campaign you encounter this area long after it has fallen to the void, however it has a backstory of one being an underground city under siege by the void, and banding together for a final stand. You can read a journal during the quest that outlines some of the final days of the Lost Refuge. At the quest turn-in, you have the option to lie, and state that it was the last refugees wishes for their refuge to be called “Rat City”. So its inclusion is not referring to its current state as a void overrun area, but its history as one of the last bastions of humanity.


Thank you!

Okay, yes, I remember the part about the journal page. That’s not what I was asking about.
I understand that it’s an (optional) lore element. But I don’t get how it can be a “theme”.

Void theme is obvious. Tri-element is clear too. But how the Last Refuge or a “Rat City” (or whatever you call it) is a theme?

What is its defining element?

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The power to stand against the Void and thrive? Perhaps the spear includes bonus damage to Void creatures, or maybe +x% Max Void Res? Perhaps it generates an aura of flying rats, granting damage reduction against Void.


This could manifest in many ways, it depends on what aspect we’re referring to. Some ideas of how this could manifest for design:

  • low-tech/makeshift weaponry (referring to the last stand effort)
  • infringement of corruption/the void (referring to how they were losing the fight)
  • abnormally defensive (eg. large guards) (referring to them holding out)
  • combination of different Eterran cultures (referring to how humanity from across Eterra took refuge here)
  • unstable (referring to the desperation of their situation)

Would love some Zombee’s for the Acolyte (Necromancer)
also hoped for a new item for it.

I like it!

Very much agree with this. Could be cool if one or more mage spells got changed into void variants by the item.


have no idea for a lost refuge item idea since void is also already on the poll.