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Choose the Skill Tree You'd Like to Help Design!

One of the defining features of Last Epoch is its skill system.

As part of our work to raise the standard of the game across the board, we have been reworking existing specialization trees in cases where we felt they were not as interesting, as fleshed-out, or offering as many options as some of our newer specialization trees. One of the most recent examples of this is Patch 0.7.7’s redesign of Lightning Blast’s tree.

We have identified five skills with specialization trees we would like to replace. Today we’re posting a poll so you can choose which of these you would like to help us design! The winner of the poll will be opened up to community suggestions like we’ve done in the past, including the likes of Aura of Decay, Shatter Strike, and Summon Scorpion.

  • Lunge
  • Rebuke
  • Summon Bear
  • Summon Storm Totem
  • Tornado

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We’ll post an update one week prior to the poll being closed.


I voted for Lunge, since i basically like the skill but it doesnt offer any “gameplay-changing” nodes.
I hope for something were it becomes a ground targeted ability, sincei feel somethimes it feels a little clunky when you need enmies to do movement(and since Sentinel doesnt have that many other movement options.

And i hoep for some Void-focused nodes for a VK build.


Voted for tornado, it needs stronger pull, more damage, More options. Definitely would love to use it in a rework for the shaman! Storm totem + tornado is a very visually pleasing combo but they just dont do much in there current state.


Long as tornado keeps the atk and movement buff and sticks to me


I would like tornado to be more viable. The only thing I would like from lunge is to be able to use it more.

Same here. Love lunge and would love for it to have something a little extra.


My vote went to rebuke. However, I would also like to vote for lunge.

Currently I have been using rebuke and lunge only for armor/str/resistance boosting during big fights.

I hope that rebuke is going to be reworked, I dont like that its a channeling skill.

Lunge is currently the most gameplay changing skill for sentinel…the 100% stackable prot buff is so good that this skill is mandatory on any sentinel build if you want to go high arena and not be a walking one shot that has to kite everything and avoid getting hit. its so annoying and the whole prots need to be reworked.

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Rebuke can be used to avoid heavy attacks that are unavoidbale. On high arena and monolith rares get speed modifiers which accelerates their animations and their strong attacks become undodgable with just movement speed, thats why you need rebuke. Also rebuke is extremely strong skill not as a buffer but as damage mitigation for such builds as abyssal echo or sentinel minion build.

Ok i misformulated my statement, i meant that None of the nodes changes how lunge works(i mean mechanically).

But to the rest of your coment i agree, having strong skills that are valuable i nendgame is one Thing, but having to take them into your build because there are no viable alternatives is bad design. So i guess we Need a mixture of lunge rework and give other spells some good alternatives.

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I voted for Lunge, for no particular reason


I voted for Lunge because a member of our community, has a in depth 400 page essay ready to be peer reviewed, and implemented.

do any of you have such a document ready to present for changes?


We voted for tornadoes. I like the skill concept, but I think the current tree is a little bit wasteful. :joy_cat:


Voted for Tornado because I love the idea of Tornado, but whenever I’m leveling a primalist and I just unlock the skill and specialize into it, it just feels underwhelming at that point compared to my other skills.

I’m excited to go back to Tornado. It was our 7th skill tree that we added to the game and while it’s had some revamping over the years, it’s never really had a full on rework I don’t think.


I chose Tornado, i like the skill in combination with Maelstrom but it needs way too many points to make it really efficient (Just please keep the top left corner ! Only abit adjusted or something similar.) And it’s expensive to run both tornado and maelstrom on auto-cast, hard to keep up with mana, even if specced into full mana efficiency.

As for Lunge, well… i don’t wanna have that changed… really, it’s one of the few skills where i feel like 20 points are enough xD (Or rather 18.) I like it’s cooldown for a movement ability, most others have a way higher cooldown (if not all.)

Although i would also have picked Bear, cause he feels… well… way too underwhelming compared to all the other Companions.

Tornado :+1:

I voted Summon Storm Totem since there’s a lot of potential for divergence. It could become an AoE buff zone, part of a minionmancer’s kit, become a skillshot nuke, etc. etc. some imagination would charge it up immensely

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I am highly aware of this.

I would say Lunge needs it badly. It is a skill that has 5 must take nodes and all the rest are worthless in comparison. No matter what build I am doing on sentinel, or master I pick I spec Lunge always exactly the same. That is a huge problem with a game that wants players to look at skill trees and be surrounded by nodes that are all good in their own way and choices should be hard. Nothing in Lunge is unique or offer any real change in game play. It doesn’t offer support for different synergy between other abilities or damage types like Void or Fire or minions. It doesn’t offer any options for an offensive style that rivals the strong defensive nodes. There needs to be nodes in the tree that are competitive with Tactician, Forge on, Lung Might, Rallying Charge and Unstoppable because out of 24 nodes in lunge, there is really no real need to take anything else on the tree.