1.0 Server Status Thread

Most Recent Status Update

Update 02-28-2024 12:52pm

EU West Update:

Hello everyone, the team recently pushed a backend deployment to address the issue where players selecting EU West on the login screen, were actually being placed on US Central servers once logged in.

Thank you for your reports for this issue, and your patience while we resolved it.

If you are still seeing this occur, please reload and see if it continues. If it does, please submit an in game bug report as these are incredibly helpful!

Known Workarounds

Update - 04:09pm

Online mode is currently unavailable.

  • This can be accessed through the Steam UI by following these instructions:

    • Right clicking on the game in your library
    • Select Properties
    • Under general there will be a section titled Launch Options
    • Under the dropdown menu you can select to launch Last Epoch in Full Offline Mode or have it ask you every time you launch the game
  • You will likely get prompted to choose this preference when you first launch the game after downloading the 1.0 version

  • In order to play the game online after launching in Full Offline Mode, you will need to fully exit and re-launch the game in non-Full Offline mode

  • Using Escape in Offline Mode now pauses the game

  • Feature differences in Full Offline mode:

    • Bug Report and Support Ticket buttons are removed
    • Chat item linking is disabled, though chat window can still be viewed
    • Region Selection dropdown shows as unavailable
    • Online character tab is hidden
    • Cannot return to the Landing Zone page after selecting Play Offline
    • A full restart of application is required to change between Full Offline and Online modes
  • If you log in and character select is blank please restart your client


Update - 11:22 am

Initial burst of load is hitting the matchmaker quite hard - working on scaling it faster. This may result in failed or slow scene transitions, especially in town zones. Will keep everyone in the loop with what we’re seeing in the war room!

“scene transition” also applies to loading into the game as it loads a scene. Clearing out buffers and trying to stabilize!

Update -11:37 am

Working on stabilizing matchmaking. The requests volume is… humbling.

We’re also deploying the launch arguments that will allow full offline mode when you boot the game on Steam. Restarting Steam will allow you to boot in that mode now if you’d like.

Update - 11:45 am

150k CCU and the initial burst of volume has our matchmaking services experiencing some issues that we’re quickly working to rectify. We’re in the war room with our backend team and service providers turning all the dials and knobs as quickly as we can.

We’ve just deployed Steam launch arguments that will allow people to boot the game in full offline mode when clicking Play from the Steam library. That will require a Steam client restart to access.

We’ll be keeping a stream of communication so you guys know the status.

Update - 12:07 pm

found the web API service is failing so we’re restarting it. Currently matchmaking is still down which will affect login and scene to scene transition.

Update - 12:25 pm

follow up backend deploys are going well but we’re still investigating the container apps for this service failing. Progress being made. Matchmaking (connecting to servers when changing scenes or logging in) is currently still down

Update - 12:42 pm

seeing some stability coming back. Will keep everyone posted

Update - 01:05pm

we’re kicking off a client build to address people sometimes seeing character selection blank. This is able to be worked around by exiting and re-launching the game if you experience it before patch deploy. Aiming to push that out later today

Update - 01:27pm

Still working to resolve online issues. Playing necromancers trying to rez these container apps. We have leads from all of our service providers in the war room with us helping us diagnose the issue.

Update - 02:05

Keeping everyone in the loop - we’re still working on this - but how we’re attempting resolution is technical. We’re attempting to redeploy the container app environment entirely while portions of our team are digging deeper into logs.

Update - 02:36

Still working on it.

Update - 04:10 PM

Stability is improving but we’re nervous to say we’re in the clear yet. We’re still monitoring and looking for ways to ensure stability maintains

Update - 04:25 PM

Monitoring stability - still some LE-61s coming through fluctuating in frequency

Update from Judd - 06:00pm

Hey everyone, wanting to give another update here. We are seeing server-connections improve from where they were earlier but they’re still spotty. We’re hard at work on improving the online experience and eliminating the errors that are still cropping up (Like LE-61). I just want to say that I sincerely apologize for anyone who was really looking forward to playing online today without issues. We sincerely thought we were over-prepared and today would go differently, but it’s always something that you don’t expect.

We will continue to improve stability tonight and throughout the week to ensure that you guys are able to play without the frustration. For those wanting to avoid the online issues for now the full-offline mode is available when launching the game.

We’ll have a post-mortem to explain what happened, and I know the community team is getting ready to announce a thank you item for everyone’s patience, and for helping to keep the positivity high. We are a studio that wants to always respect your time and again I want to apologize for the issues. We’re very happy to see that so many of you are excited to play and will continue to push hard to make your support of the game and studio worth it.

Update - 06:40pm

LE-61s spiking but we’ll be able to bring it down more quickly - backend team is making improvements that will improve stabilization tonight and for the next big online CCU wave

Update - 06:55pm

A hotfix has just been deployed that addresses an issue with character selection where you would not see the heroes if selecting Cycle from the modal and allows notifications on the login screen.

Update - 07:36pm

Monitoring stability. Frequency of server errors are variable at the moment but lower

Update - 08:01pm

Stability still fluctuating a bit and scene transition times longer than normal. Still making improvements.

Update - 08:58 pm

Fairly stable but transition times are still sometimes longer than expected.

Update - 09:25 am

Currently we are investigating issues with transitions failing or taking a long time to process. We have a bit of a lead and believe this may be related to logging. I’ll keep everyone posted

Update - 09:58 am

Matchmaking (connecting to scenes) are starting to improve but still variable. Towns scenes and Monolith are looking good but we’re working to improve Wild scene (combat zones) time transitions (including initial login which may connect you to the first Wild scene unless you’ve already visited a town scene). Good leads for ways to further remove bottlenecks this morning with the team refreshed.

Notice - 10:45 am

Notice: We are continuing to work on the transition time issues, and will be deploying a service to help us better diagnose issues and test fixes. We expect this process to take up to one hour, during which time servers may become unavailable. Thank you for the continued support as we are working to resolve these issues.

Update - 12:15pm

Service deployment has been completed, we are continuing to work on transition times, and connection issues.

During this time, we also deployed a large bandwidth increase to the social services which we expect will help with times for party invites, friend requests, etc.

Update - 12:47pm

We’ve made a couple deployments to the event matchmaking service just now which may improve scene transition times - monitoring

Update - 01:00pm

6 minutes ago Web matchmaking API in a failed state and causing infinite loads - working on it

Update - 01:56

Working on stabilizing the api that was down

Update - 02:48pm

Notice - we are deploying another update that may affect some users, and we will update here once the deployment has been completed. Some users may experience disconnects during this update. We apologize for the headache.

Update - 04:09pm

Online mode is currently unavailable.

Update - 05:32pm

Just found and fixed a major issue but we still have another to solve. #progress

Update - 05:54pm

Online services are recovering and we’re monitoring stability. Thank you all again for your patience.

Update - 06:41pm

Many seem to be connecting and playing without issue but we are investigating reports of players who are unable to login. Thank you all again for your patience.

Update - 07:32 am

Morning everyone! :wave:

We have multiple deployments/updates planned for today that we’ll keep everyone posted on. The team has been hard at work to figure out the bottlenecks we’re having with the high load.

Our goal is still to increase stability and address slowed services that are resulting in increased load times and sometimes disconnects or the inability to log in.

Update - 10:42 am

We are heads down and working on multiple targeted improvements for both online gameplay intermittence and bugs that you all have found and reported with intent on releasing these improvements today. I don’t currently have an ETA to provide as they are still going through QA verification. Thank you all for your patience and excitement. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Update - 12:12 pm

We’re deploying a backend update that will reduce stress on servers. This may cause transition time and login issues momentarily.

Update - 12:16 pm

We’ve just made an update that should assist in login queue throughput for people logging into US Central servers

We’re not prioritizing US Central over others, there was just a bottleneck for that region specifically that was not present elsewhere.

Update - 004:38pm

Servers & Services Notice

With our last patch, we saw a considerable uptick in matchmaking transitions between non-town zones for solo characters, and overall the solo-play experience continues to improve.
We will be deploying a fix shortly (2024-02-23T23:00:00Z) to address group/party-play with the intent on improving scene transitions.

Please know that this update will cause servers to be down for approximately 15 minutes while it is deploying.

Update - 007:49pm

We are aware of the issues with global chat, and are working towards a resolution at this time.

Update - 9:32pm

In our most recent server update (no game client update needed) we introduced improvements to transition times for all players, especially solo play. We are now seeing that sometimes players in parties are arriving at different scenes when transitioning zones. We’ll be working to resolve this as soon as possible, in the meantime if you are experiencing this, the temporary work around is to allow one player to go through to the next scene and once they’ve loaded the zone teleport to them via the party frames located at the top left of the screen.

Update - 9:18pm

Hello everyone, our engineers are working to improve online stability. We’ll keep you posted when things have gotten better.

Update - 10:10 am:

We are starting to spin up new infrastructure to handle increased traffic. We expect will result in some services becoming temporarily unavailable over the next 30 minutes

Update - 11:41 am

Stability is beginning to increase for online services. If you have been on the loading screen for more than 10 minutes please exit and restart the game.

Update 2:51 PM

We are deploying a back end fix aimed at solving some of the “Connecting” issues seen at character select and long transition times when loading into towns. This fix is not expected to cause any service disruptions

Update 5:46 PM

We’re pushing a back end change with the hopes of addressing the transition time issues. This change may cause 10-15 minutes of downtime.

We have a potential fix for the LE-61 errors encountered by parties in the works too.

Update 7:22 PM

In 10 minutes we will push some back end changes to further address the transition time issues, and are beginning to see some improvements in performance. This fix should also resolve the party play LE-61 issues.

This should not cause disconnects, however we recommend that if you continue to experience issues - we do recommend restarting the game.

We appreciate your continued patience and support.

If you are encountering “online play unavailable” this may be misleading. The servers are not down but it may take more than one attempt to assign a game server.

Update 1:03 AM

We’re currently in the middle of some back end deployments to address getting stuck at the character select screen. We expect it will only be down for a short period.

Update 02-26-2024 03:00pm

Hello Travelers. We are continuing to work on the issue where players are having difficulty joining popular towns, mostly End of Time for EU W players. We’ve identified that the issue is due to a number of factors that affect popular towns, and we are working on an update that will resolve these issues without interrupting the game experience in other areas of the game.

Update 02-26-2024 04:30pm

We have managed to deploy a number of server config changes, thankfully without affecting players currently successfully connected and playing. These changes appear to be helping with the EU-West Issues and reducing disconnects when loading into towns. Thank you for all your reports to help us narrow this down. We will continue to monitor and provide any further updates as they come.

Update 02-28-2024 12:52pm

EU West Update:

Hello everyone, the team recently pushed a backend deployment to address the issue where players selecting EU West on the login screen, were actually being placed on US Central servers once logged in.

Thank you for your reports for this issue, and your patience while we resolved it.

If you are still seeing this occur, please reload and see if it continues. If it does, please submit an in game bug report as these are incredibly helpful!


Doesn’t fix anything


they’re still working on it…


“Online play unavailable”


Ignore the impatient people’s whining’s. Just focus on the issue. It will get better.

Edit: Most of us are very appreciative of regular updates regardless of the situation with the servers. It shows that you care enough to keep us informed. Thank you.


online gameplay unavailable …


good luck! this game deserves the hype, I can’t wait to play!


“Online play unavailable”, but now it is much quicker :slight_smile:


Any fix for Online play unavailable

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LE-61 Failed to Matchmake.


Gotta love the people that register an account just to complain about a problem they’re currently trying to fix…


Lol did we all just move here from “Ask-the-devs” discord channel?
I’m so hyped! can’t believe I’m gonna play LE 1.0 in the upcoming few days =]
Take your time EHG - time was never the issue (Ba-dum-tss)


I’m happy that interest in game is bigger than you guys expected :smiley:
Crossing thumbs for quick fix by EHG :slight_smile:


152,000 people and counting, no wonder the servers are shitting themselves


I can imagine server specialists just running around flames rn


spam the thread when its working again, imma be back later thanks

Scene transitions were super slow with less than 10k playing in beta so you’re telling me you realised it after all this time at this very moment? Wow i wonder what more than 100k ppl will do with scene transitions when you can’t handle properly 1/10 of that


Great , and i also crash bcz of my graphic driver. Funny coz i did not had this issue before.


This isn’t unexpected. I have faith it’ll be fixed soon.


I want to play finaly