Our Gift To You & Thank You



Thank you so much for your incredible patience as we work hard to address the ongoing issues. Your support means the world to us! As mentioned in our previous updates, we’ve established an active update thread on both our forums and Discord:

Join us on Discord: Last Epoch - Official Community
Visit our Forums: 1.0 Server Status Thread

To express our heartfelt gratitude for your patience, we’re delighted to present you with a unique token of appreciation – a complimentary in-game gift for your characters: The Autumnal Wrap back-slot item. We can’t thank you enough for the love and support you have shown thus far. Anyone who owns a copy of Last Epoch while we are still solving our scaling connectivity issues will automatically be awarded the Autumnal Wrap.

Thank you once again to those who continue to support us, sending us your positive messages, and continuing to spread that positivity while we continue the work on getting more servers up and running.


hey, I bought the game from steam before launch. Will I receive the pre-order rewards also?



Thank you so much, Steve! You guys are the best. I finally was able to log in 5 minutes ago and got to the first town. It does seem a little laggy – i.e., when I click on the ground to move, there is often a slight delay. I’m glad I am not playing hardcore!

Nice! LOGIN!

Oh sweet. Thank you for the item! Much appreciated.

This will look nice on a squirrel build, fits the forest theme!

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Depending on which edition you purchased, you should have the Golden Guppy. :slight_smile:


I can confirm i bought the game a year ago and i do have the golden guppy

Could be better, could be worse I guess. I think it could have been a springnal wrap since the real world is starting spring soon lol. But ok thanks for something.

Thank you for your hard work. On the other side I’m glad I didn’t try to play on the launch day.

Thank you for your hard work and as a new player I’m excited to play when the servers smooth out :slight_smile:

Any idea why I bought the game years ago and yet never received an Adventures Backpack?

cool cape

thanks :slight_smile:

So , how do you get this ?


how do we get this exactly? I know it says “automatically” but nothing shows in my mtx menu, I’m assuming it will eventually right? (I do have golden guppy and traveler’s backpack)


dope! how and when can we claim it?

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Really cool cape. Thanks!

How about offering refunds to the steam players that bought your game in early access and went over the time limit to get a steam refund. At this point that is the only gift I want. I am so tired of horrible launches being the norm and have lost all desire to play this game.