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The Last Epoch Community Tester Program

The recent announcement by our Game Director, Judd Cobler, mentioned an initiative we’re undertaking to include community members in our testing of content as it is iterated upon during a patch cycle. This is being called the Community Tester program.

Since we first began releasing free playable demos in 2017 - of what was then a game worked on by a small team during the evenings and weekends - we’ve strived to balance developing an ARPG that matches our vision with incoporating community feedback. The goal of this program is for us to receive some initial feedback during the development process, so that we can begin acting on feedback sooner, and release more polished content patches going forward.

Members of the Community Tester program will have access to restricted sections of the forum and a dedicated Discord server to discuss upcoming content with us. You’ll know one of these people when you see them as they’ll have a distinctive ‘Community Tester’ forum title.

While this is likely to change in future, at the present time we aren’t accepting nominations. The first wave of invites was sent yesterday. All invitations to join the Community Tester program are sent from an e-mail address. If you ever receive an e-mail claiming to be from Eleventh Hour Games and wish to verify its authenticity, please send 1) the subject line of the e-mail, 2) the e-mail address of the sender, and, 3) the date on which you received the e-mail to us directly. We’ll let you know whether we did in fact send the e-mail.


yay! :slight_smile:


It begins!


Awesome!! I love the effort and the commitment to making of this team to make a great game and focused on the players. Excited to get to be a part of the future with you guys


Looking forward to seeing how the game continues to progress and evolve!

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You’re a Lagon Supporter! Are you the bad guy?!

Ooh, exciting! No invite this time, but :crossed_fingers: for next round.

I thought that was Rahyeh :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re both a bunch of c… grumpy pants.

Let me tell you about our lord and saviour, Orobyss…


This is very true

He/she/it likes chasing their own tail & noshing on it a bit? Likes circular arguments?

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Orobyss is free and he will devour worlds :smiling_imp:

Once he’s finished with his own tail. Honestly, even my Labrador gets bored of that…

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Depends on if his hunger is ever satiated :stuck_out_tongue:

That may take some time…

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Oh nice! I’ve been hoping to hear about Orobyss!
So! I’m listening (:

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I am the true end game! :smiling_imp:


its possible streaming with TEST client?

I think the answer to that is a f*** no.

Edit: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.