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An Update on Our Road to 1.0

Hello Travelers,

There’s some important news concerning Last Epoch’s launch I’d like to share with you. Before I get into the latest phase of our journey, I’d like to briefly cover how we got here.

For those that don’t know, we first started work on Last Epoch in mid-2017; the first pieces of concept art, the first lines of code were created in May of that year. We began releasing playable demos of the game toward the end of that year, and in April 2018 we brought the game to Kickstarter where Last Epoch would go on to have a successful campaign.

Eleventh Hour Games is an indie studio - while many of us have experience working on other games, Last Epoch is the first game we have worked on together. Our initial ambitions for 1.0 were therefore humble - we hoped to release an initially niche title that would be met with sufficient interest from the ARPG community that we would have enough funding to continue to develop and polish the game so that it would begin to attract more mainstream attention.

As Last Epoch has continued through development, as more and more of you have generously decided to join and support us on this journey, and as we continue to expand the team here at Eleventh Hour Games, we have been continually revising the quality and the level of polish we desire to have for our official release. As this has led to us investing more time into aspects of the game than previously anticipated, Last Epoch will not be leaving Early Access in 2020. While I know you are eager to know when we’ll release 1.0, for now we are only prepared to say that this will happen when the game is ready. We will be continuing to act on your feedback regularly in content patches between now and our official 1.0 launch.

Thanks to your support, when Last Epoch leaves Early Access it will have more content, better fleshed-out systems, and greater post-launch support than we could ever have imagined when we first began working on the game in evenings and on weekends back in 2017.

Starting next week we will be reaching out to members of the community we wish to involve in internal testing. This group will initially be helping us to test content coming in our next patch, and in future will be included in multiplayer testing as a stepping stone between Friends & Family testing and us releasing multiplayer-enabled builds to the community at large. We know that many of you are eager to learn more about it, and we’ll have a dedicated post on multiplayer development before the end of the year.

As we continue to raise our standards for the game, increase the content available, and recruit additional staff, I also wish to inform you of another change to our plans for the game’s launch. Last Epoch will maintain its current price at release. Looking at our plans for both launch and post-release support, we are confident that a one-time fee of $35 represents great value. I want to be clear that this change will not impact those of you who previously obtained copies of the game for less than this, such as at Kickstarter. Your early support was invaluable, and we are deeply grateful to you.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and your patience - and as always, we’ll see you in Eterra.

Judd Cobler
Game Director



This is the right call! :slight_smile:


I love how it’s developing, take your time and get it right :slight_smile:


Fair! Yea no rush!


No worries, I’ll be here waiting.


This one sounds very interesting.


That sounds very promising! Looking forward to that :smiling_imp:

EDIT: Also take all the time you need to deliver a even greater ARPG than you initially imagined. If you keep delivering content updates in the pace you guys did within the last months nobody will be sad that you don’t “released” yet.


I just need falconer to start playing every day
game is good i can waiting more


I would be interested in testing content before it is live. Especially content related to minions. Thanks for the update, you guys are awesome! <3

Completely understandable. You guys are already producing amazing content, keep up the good work.


I would like to thank your team for keeping us informed throughout the entire process you have done for development. From the playable demo to the kickstarter, you’ve shown your supporters that you are genuine in finishing what you started. I knew that your decision to opt for an easy-to-work-with toolkit like Unity would allow you guys to focus on what really matters - a smooth launch. I wish EHG good luck and success with this launch. I am proud to have kickstarted this game! I look forward to revisiting Last Epoch soon.

All the best,



Good, 'cause unless you’ve been hiding most of phase 3 & 4 behind the sofa, you’ve clearly got an aweful lot of work ahead of you.

I think there will definitely be people who are disappointed with that, but I think it’s a good decision 'cause LE is worth more than $15.


This all looks good,

We didn’t expect the 2020 release, and we wanted things to be done well and not rushed.

And we’ve already been saying the game is well worth it’s current price point when people ask about sales.

It’s nice to have an official statement on this so we can inform people that are interested.

Thank you.


This all sounds wonderful, however it includes no mention on when we will get loot filter.

I hate to be the mean one here, but I think it is the one thing holding the game back most right now.


Sounds like a good call. It’s a great game so far. Can’t wait to see the final product.

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I am curious and am kinda hesitant to ask here but how will the 35 price tag reflect mtx? I get growing the game and you guys are completely awesome and I love your game. I have used the 15 for reasons to justify the mtx that will be coming. Me personally idc I will buy tons of mtx bc you guys have me sold for the most prt on your vision and the direction of the game. I love this game and the community. I am going have to find a way to justify the price jump to people and having mtx in the game. Which would help if the updates and all that are still going to be free? Just asking bc I need to be equipped with this knowledge if I am going to explain it to people to.make an informed purchase. If that makes sense. I am excited to see what you guys have in the works and respect every single one of you. Thank you for this post and informing us. Cheers :heart:


I can’t care less about loot filter haha. I’d prefer multiplayer or more classes first, but in general, I trust EHG’s priorities.

Thanks for all your hard work EHG!

It was obvious that the game would not be out this year so I am not surprised :stuck_out_tongue:
Happy to see all the dedication you put in this game. It gets better and better every patch and I can’t wait to see how awesome it will be when 1.0 will be live ! I sometimes think about the pre alpha demo I played before joining the kickstarter campaign, such a long way ! Keep the greatwork, you deserve to have a super successful game ! :heart:


Do take all the time you need to make this game as polished as it can be for 1.0. It already is playing in the same league as some of the bigger ones. Excited to see it go even beyond that :slight_smile:


I’ll wait as long as it takes. I watched you guys from the beginning and I will hunt for Rip Blood infinite feedback loops until the end. :purple_heart: