Rising Flames Update - Beta 0.9.1 Patch Notes

0.9.1 Patch Notes

Rising Flames, Patch 0.9.1, is coming 2023-05-25T16:00:00Z!

Rising Flames 0.9.1 Overview by Game Director, Judd Cobler

Welcome everyone to the Patch Notes for Beta Patch 0.9.1 Rising Flames! Over the last week we’ve been going over some of the major features to expect in this patch. With a completely recreated Chapter 1, Last Epoch now starts off the experience adventuring in Eterra on the right foot. With new zones, creatures, and improved tools we draw ever closer to our 1.0 release.

Continue below to see the full patch notes for 0.9.1 Rising Flames, and we look forward to seeing you all in just a couple of days!


Table of Contents

Individual Skill Changes
6. Enemies
7. Animation
8. Visuals
9. Uniques
 Top of Uniques
 Weaver Uniques
 New Uniques
 Set Item Changes
 Other Changes
10. Items
 Item Changes
11. UI
12. Sound
13. Optimization


Chapter 1 Rework

We have completely Re-created Chapter 1, fleshing out the story and environment. Inhabited by new enemies and allies, Chapter 1 continues our trend of pushing the bar for visual quality and style. For the full dive on the Chapter 1 Rework, check out our Hype Week post here: Chapter 1 Rework | Coming in Rising Flames

  • New zones
  • New new enemy types (also spawn in endgame)
  • New Voice acting
  • New music
  • Existing characters that have not reached Last Refuge Outskirts will now load into the new start of Chapter 1.

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General Campaign

  • Rebalanced zone levels, enemy health, damage, and XP throughout Chapter 2 and 3 to account for the new Chapter 1. You should be about the same level after completing Chapter 3 as you were in Beta 0.9.
  • The Idol system is now unlocked by completing The Void Assault (when you first reach the Council Chambers), instead of Saving Last Refuge (after defeating Pannion).
  • The quest for Mastery selection now occurs after completing Chapter 2 rather than Chapter 3.
  • Updated the visuals, layout and name of the zone at the start of Chapter 2.
  • Updated the lighting and atmosphere of Last Refuge Outskirts.
  • Fixed a bug where if you teleported to Sheltered Wood before completing Gaspar’s earlier quests, you would be unable to complete them.
  • Added a new miniboss to The Rustlands.
  • Adjusted shrine and enemy spawns in The Rustlands, including a fix for shrines sometimes spawning out of bounds.

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Region Selection

  • A personal Preferred Region can now be selected at the login landing page or in the Gameplay Settings menu.
  • Party Leaders can now change the Party Region in the Social menu to define which server region all party members connect to when going to a new zone.

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  • Added ladders for the following Arena records:
    • Softcore
      • Solo (Account Found)
      • 1 Player
      • 2 Players
      • 3 Players
      • 4 Players
    • Hardcore
      • Solo (Account Found)
      • 1 Player
      • 2 Players
      • 3 Players
      • 4 Players

We will be expanding on the ladder features in future patches with other activities.

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Cosmetics Store

  • Added the beta version of the Cosmetic Store for testing and feedback.

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Item Linking

  • Added the ability to link items in chat with Ctrl + Right Click
  • A maximum of three items can be linked per message

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  • Added first iteration of Town functionality
  • Towns are non-combat social spaces which feature common amenities such as stash access, and vendors.
  • Solo players will automatically attempt to join an existing populated town, where they will be able to find other players, and socialize
  • Players within a group before entering the town will currently be assigned their own Town area
  • Each town has a town chat channel to talk to other players in the area

We will be continuing to expand on in-town features in future patches

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Monolith of Fate


  • Added a new monolith objective where you need to slay enemies to lure out an ambush.
  • Ambushes usually contain multiple enemies including a boss.
  • If multiple players are split up in the zone, only one will be ambushed, but there will be a chat message telling players who was ambushed.
  • These are about as common as patrolling enemies objectives.

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Sanctuary of Eterra

  • This new echo type appears next to the origin whenever corruption is above minimum. It allows you to reduce corruption, while resetting the timeline like a Shade of Orobyss echo.
  • This echo has a unique layout and a short boss fight, after which you can interact with a statue of Eterra to reduce your corruption.
  • You can choose a small reduction (up to 10), a moderate reduction, or to reduce your corruption to the minimum (0 for non-empowered, 100 for empowered).
  • Completing this echo does not affect your active monolith modifiers, aside from those that come from corruption.
  • Meanwhile Shade of Orobyss echoes now always increase corruption, and no longer spawn at distances where they previously would have reduced it instead.
  • This change makes it quicker and easier to reduce corruption when you need to, makes the purpose of Shade echoes clear (they always increase corruption), and removes the “noob trap” potential of Shade echoes that reduce corruption while farming for Shade of Orobyss unique items.

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where monolith modifiers could be duplicated. If a timeline had an impossibly high number of mods, those duplicated mods will be removed the next time you enter an echo in that timeline.
  • Fixed a bug where abandoning a Vessel of Chaos or Memory echo could result in those vessel enemies appearing in future echoes.
  • Fixed Shrouded Plateau echoes being very dark.
  • Fixed being unable to pickup potions dropped by Soul Generators in the Altar of Flesh.
  • Fixed some visual bugs in the Altar of Flesh.

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  • Increased how common the echo completion reward types that are unique to a certain timeline are by 11-33%. The amount depends on the reward type and corruption.
  • Increased bonus corruption from Gaze of Orobyss by about 10%.

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  • Fixed a bug that caused players to sometimes be unable to enter the Boss Room of Dungeons.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting an Offline Character Found character would cause the next Offline character you play to not save.
  • Fixed a bug where abandoning an Arena run and starting a new one could cause objects (shrines, NPCs, etc) from the previous run to stick around, appearing in strange places.
  • There is now an AFK timer in Online mode. You will be warned about being AFK at 5 minutes (10 minutes in Town zones), and kicked at 10 minutes (15 minutes in Town zones).
  • Fixed a bug where town portals in Thetima could spawn inside a building.
  • Servers in Online mode now close immediately once all players have left, rather than remaining up for 1 minute.
  • Fixed a bug where sources of self-damage such as from Aura of Decay, Harvest’s Double Edged Scythe, and Diothaen’s Bloody Nib received penetration from zone level similar to enemy attacks. This means this self-damage will no longer deal more damage to you when you’re in a higher level zone. This change does not affect your damage dealt to enemies.
  • Fixed Fire Resistance Shred not working (did not reduce fire resistance). Other shred ailments were working correctly.

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  • You can now promote a party member to Party Leader by right clicking on their party portrait.
  • The account names that appear over each player are now disabled by default, with an option to turn them back on.

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Attack/Cast Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where attacking while moving could cause your character to attempt to attack earlier than possible, resulting in playing the attack animation but with no damaging ability created.
  • Fixed a bug where some skills such as Synchronized Strike could fail to cast and then lock the player in place if used while moving and using another ability.
  • Significantly reduced occurrences of bugs related to using Warpath in online play, such as the ability casting continuously from a single press, the player failing to animate while casting Warpath, and Warpath failing to end when the ability key is released.

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  • Fixed a bug where projectiles could sometimes be destroyed or return earlier than intended when killing an enemy. This was most commonly seen on Hammer Throw.

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  • Updated the icons for most Acolyte summons to match the updated ability icon for summoning them.
  • Updated the skill icon for Lunge.
  • Updated the skill tree node icons for the following skills:
    • Dancing Strikes
    • Decoy
    • Flurry
    • Judgement
    • Lethal Mirage
    • Lunge
    • Multishot
    • Shadow Cascade
    • Shift
    • Shurikens
    • Smoke Bomb

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Individual Skill Changes

Assemble Abomination

  • The Engorgement node now has a 40 minion limit.

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Bone Curse

  • Illusion of Pain has adjusted functionality:
    • No longer states that its damage and crit bonuses only apply if Bone Curse is directly applied by the Bone Curse spell (this wasn’t working, the bonuses applied when it was applied by any method).
    • Now also reduces the duration of Cursed Limbs and Cursed Ground by 75%.

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Bone Golem

  • Fixed a bug where damage over time abilities which are able to damage minions, such as Aura of Decay and Drain Life, could trigger Bone Golem’s Infected Remains.

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Elemental Nova

  • The channeled version of Elemental Nova now has a maximum range. It can still reach the corner of the screen on 16:9 resolutions.

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  • Fixed a bug where channelled Fireball did not visually convert to partial or full lightning.
  • Fixed a bug where Fireball’s tooltip DPS did not account for lightning conversion from Plasma Ball or Liath’s Machinations.

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Forged Weapons

  • Updated the models, textures and visual effects for Forged Weapons.
  • Forged Weapons have about 10% more attack speed.

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Hammer Throw

  • Fixed a bug where Void Knight echoes using Hammer Throw would often cause the hammer to instantly return to the player.

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  • Fixed a bug where Meteor could use its default visual when converted to lightning.

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Reaper Form

  • Updated the model and textures for Reaper Form, including conversions.
  • Updated the visual effects for Reap.
  • Transforming into Reaper Form now also uses Reap and counts as a movement ability.

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Summon Bear

  • Added a new model and new animations for summoned Bears.

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Summon Skeleton

  • Made the textures for some Acolyte skeleton summons brighter.

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Summon Wolf

  • Updated the model and animations for summoned Wolves.
  • Added a new Lightning variant for wolves.
  • The Ice Bite ability granted by the Frozen Fangs node is now a 6 second cooldown, and 20% of the remaining cooldown is recovered every time that wolf hits with an ability other than Ice Bite, including their basic attack. (previously a 10% chance to trigger, replacing a basic attack).

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  • Fixed a bug where longer than normal stuns on the player, such as from Majasa’s gaze or The Mountain Beneath’s fist slams, would cause desync in online play by letting the player attempt to move or take action before the stun had actually ended.
  • Fixed a bug where the large AoE attack used by Possessed Golems did not have an indicator in Online mode.
  • Fixed Searing Flesh’s large rock slam attack being called “Void Flare” instead of “Infernal Slam”.
  • Fixed the indicators for Searing Flesh’s Crushing Blow and Infernal Slam appearing at incorrect locations in Online mode.
  • Fixed a bug where Shell Hounds with the Familiar monster mod would not animate after reviving.
  • Improved Ascendant Embermage visual effects - including a more visible indicator.
  • Increased the time before the Ascendant Embermage’s meteor hits the ground. This should make it slightly easier to avoid.
  • Imperial Guards, and Flame Guard Sulla now have an aura around their shields to visually represent that they have the affix “Blocks hits from distant enemies”.
  • Improved the skill visual effects for Ebers.
  • Improved the visual effect and reduced the size of Chilling Wave, used by Drowned Husks.
  • Added 13 new Enemies
  • All bear enemies have new models and animations:
    • Jahith Bear
    • Highland Bear
    • Lowland Bear
    • Cave Bear
  • All wolf enemies have new models and animations:
    • Wengari Hound
    • Frozen Wolf
    • Black Wolf
    • Ahuizotl

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  • Updated all character animations for Sentinels, including character selection, idle, run, and attack animations.

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  • Overhauled the decorations in Chapter 8 to improve visuals.
  • Updated model and animations of the Shades in Infernal Shade and Dread Shade.
  • Fixed a bug where ground effects projected on top of the weapons held by Flame Wraiths.
  • Fixed the bubbles in Acid Flask’s visuals getting too large when the AoE of Acid Flask is increased.
  • Fixed the 3d model for the Rogue’s Cloth Hood and Leather Mask being mismatched.
  • Added shadows to certain types of vegetation objects that did not have shadows before. This depends on your shadow quality setting.
  • Fixed a bug which caused on hit / when hit visual effects to sometimes be incorrectly shown when entering a new zone.

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Weaver Uniques

  • Weaver Uniques are a new type of unique that upgrade to legendaries in a different way. Instead of dropping with 0 to 4 legendary potential they always drop with 5-28 Weaver’s Will. While enemies are killed nearby, the Weaver slowly rebuilds items with Weaver’s Will, adding affixes and then upgrading them (up to T7).
  • Each affix tier added consumes 1 Weaver’s Will, and there is a notification at the top of the screen and in chat when an item is upgraded this way.
  • These Weaver Uniques can all drop during the campaign, so they can gain power with you as you progress though it. However, items that drop at higher levels with have more Weaver’s Will on average.
  • Weaver’s Will only works off of enemies that grant experience, but the speed at which it upgrades them doesn’t scale with experience.
  • • This patch (0.9.1) contains 9 Weaver Uniques (4 that are available to all classes and 5 class specific relics), but more will be added in future if the concept is well received.
  • More information about the Weaver will be discovered in future patches.

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New Uniques

  • Added 9 Weaver uniques (4 that are available to all classes and 5 class specific relics).
  • Added 6 general uniques.

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Set Item Changes

Ferebor Set

  • 2 set bonus gives +2 to Totem Skills (from +1).
  • Ferebor’s Chisel gives 15% to 35% totem crit multi (from 10% to 15%).

Forgotten Knight Set

  • 2 set bonus gives 75% void penetration with Time Rot (from 70%).
  • 3 set bonus gives 3% more void damage per stack of Time Rot (from 2%, though this effect was not actually working before this update).

Gaspar’s Set

  • 2 set bonus gives 50% cooldown reduction for Decimate (from 35%).
  • 3 set bonus now also gives 15% more void damage to bosses and rare enemies (in addition to its existing modifier).

Sunforged Set

  • 2 set bonus gives +3 to Smelter’s Wrath and Forge Strike (from +1).
  • Sunforged Hammer grants 10 to 15 Melee Fire Damage with Forge Strike per Summoned Weapon (from 10 to 12).
  • Sunforged Hammer grants 18 to 25 Melee Fire Damage with Smelter’s Wrath per Summoned Weapon (from 15 to 20).

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Other Changes

  • Added 3D Models for all Unique Weapons that did not already have one.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the display value of unique affixes to round incorrectly.
    • For example: wielding two Aurelis swords which stated they had +2 could previously result in only gaining +3 as the true values were a fraction between 1 and 2.
  • The level requirement for Legendary items is now the same as the base unique’s level requirement. Previously the level requirement could increase based on the affixes added.
  • Battlemage’s Endeavor
    • Gives 36% to 48% chance to cast Lightning Blast when you use a melee attack and hit (from 24% to 36%).
    • Gives 12% to 18% increased melee attack speed (from 6% to 12%).
  • Fighting Chance
    • Grants 5% to 10% increased movement speed (from 5%).
    • Grants 65% to 85% increased melee damage (from 45% to 75%).
  • Fixed a bug where Hand of Judgement’s increased Area per Attunement for Judgement while Unarmed applied to Judgement’s Consecrated Ground even while armed (with a weapon equipped).
  • Halved the taunt strength of the Illusory Trees created by Arboreal Circuit.
  • Jasper’s Searing Pride now gives +Melee Damage instead of +Melee Physical damage and its Searing Blades buff lasts 16 seconds (from 8).
  • Fixed a bug where Julra’s Obsession did not work correctly, with symptoms including it repeatedly reapplying attributes to you whenever you summoned a minion if it had any attribute affixes.
  • Lament of the Lost Refuge
    • Gives 18% to 30% of Volcanic Orb’s cooldown recovered when you use a melee attack and hit (from 16% to 24%).
    • Corrupted Heraldry grants +5 spell void damage (from 4) and 5% increased movement speed and mana regen (from 4%).
  • Fixed a bug where Sinathia’s Resurrection did not correctly give your skeletons a chance to resurrect after 3 seconds.
  • Fixed Skeleton Harvesters from Bone Harvester using an incorrect attack animation.

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  • Added a new Added Crit Chance and Bow Attack Speed hybrid affix for Bows.
  • Increased crafting item vacuum range by 25%
  • Changed crafting items (runes, glyphs, and shards) to drop in larger clumps on average, and never drop one at a time in level 12+ zones. This does not change the number of crafting items that drop overall.
  • Renamed Leather Gloves to Hide Gloves and updated their 2D art.
  • Renamed Refuge Gloves to Leather Gloves and updated their 2D art.
  • Renamed Leather Boots to Hide Boots and updated their 2D art.
  • Renamed Refuge Boots to Leather Boots and updated their 2D art.
  • Renamed Iron Gauntlets to Mail Bracers and updated their 2D art.
  • Renamed Engraved Gauntlets to Plated Gauntlets and updated their 2D art.
  • Updated Worn Boots 2D art.
  • Updated Brigandine Boots 2D art.
  • Updated Noble Gloves 2D art.

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  • Improved the quality of the fog of war reveal line.
  • Made small visual tweaks to the minimap, and the values for opacity and zoom (including default settings).
  • The minimap icons for other players are now color-coded to match the color used in the background of their party portrait. In Towns you will only see icons for party members.

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  • Updated environmental sounds for The Surface.
  • Smelter’s Wrath now sounds different depending on how long it was charged.
  • Fixed a bug where Shift’s sound would fail to play sometimes in Online mode.
  • Updated volume and mixing for Gaspar, Forgotten Knight, Alric, Yulia, Grael, and Immortal Emperor voice lines.

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  • Greatly improved the performance of the minimap and overlay map.
  • Greatly improved the performance of various visual effects that apply to the ground.
  • Improved the performance of the ground item visual for quivers.
  • Improved the performance of Hungering Souls by reducing the poly count of the skull model.
  • Improved the performance of the zombies the Emperor of Corpses spawns.

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Keep up the amazing work! Thank you for everything!


Patch notes looks promising! Keep up great work guys!

Anyway, still no fix to this issue?

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Looking forward to the patch!

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No monolith modifiers rework?
K. See ya next patch!

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Great patch. Just one little complaint

  • There is now an AFK timer in Online mode. You will be warned about being AFK at 5 minutes (10 minutes in Town zones), and kicked at 10 minutes (15 minutes in Town zones).

Not a fan of this, and it’s rather short. Would really prefer 2-3 times as much time to AFK, if we can’t just have it unlimited.


Will existing toons be able to do the new questline in Act 1?

Just put a skill on autocast :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha, that’ll show em! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hmm, that indeed seems rather short. If I got to take a piss and chat a minute while downstairs, those 10 minutes have passed already :joy:

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I think they are probably trying to fix significantly more important issues than that.

I’m fine with the timer. Being logged in afk means more server resources they have to pay for. I’d rather they pay the dev’s then make it so I have to spend 30 seconds logging back in if my taco bell dinner doesnt agree with me.


This is amazing , you guys are really showing the love :slight_smile:
I just have one request…I seen there is some performance fixed ,for skills and stuff…
Adjusting performance for low-ultra settings would be amazing…high-ultra uses the SAME amount of vram and doesn’t seem to change anything.
Game uses a ton of vram.
Low-medium it cuts resources in half…big jump.
Other than that , game is amazing and thank you guys for the updates :slight_smile:


I like this patch but the afk timer thing is very annoying to me

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Is a rather beefy update, you sure are picking up speed in development. Also everything looks great!

I hope shift, and thus, rogue, is playable again in online. Still with the weird stuck in place at the start? hope not.
Sad to not see changes to the character sheet. I guess Attack speed from weapons is still bugged in online?
Also, for many skills the DPS tooltip doesn’t make sense, would be nice to see damage per hit instead (some skills have long cooldown and DPS doesn’t make sense).

Yea I agree, this needs to be way longer. That’ll be a real pain with friends if we want to take like a 15 minute break, but all want to stay where we’re currently at.


Amazing patch notes all around!
LE’s development seems unstoppable lately, and I’m all here for it. Can’t wait to get into the game again

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A little more leniency with this. I’m a fan of getting automatically kicked rather than sitting afk for hours, but the proposed timer is too short IMO.