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Please Read Before Posting in Technical Support

Everyone wants threads opened in Technical Support to receive a helpful response as soon as possible. When the first post in a thread already has the information needed for an issue to be investigated, that helps those responding to begin offering potential solutions sooner.

This thread clarifies which information is needed for different types of support request so that you know what needs to be included in a forum post to get the fastest possible help.



Troubleshooting performance issues is easier when we know a bit about both your current game settings and the hardware you are using to play the game.

Additionally, having some insight into your build can be helpful. Are you focusing on Warpath, or are you summoning as many Wraiths as possible? A quick one-to-two sentence description of your build can help us to better understand what’s happening in-game.

Please include both of these files;

They can be attached to your forum post using the button.



Before posting, please read the Known Issues sticky thread to see a collection of current issues and any known workarounds for them. This has the advantage of you not needing to wait for someone to see your thread and type a response, and you getting all of the latest information.

If your issue doesn’t appear to be listed in the sticky thread, please create a new thread and include your log file so that we can begin looking for the root cause of the problem.

Here’s how to find the log file for the game;

You can upload it to our forum using the button.



Unfortunately, for security reasons we are not able to investigate log in issues over a public forum. Please contact us directly and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



If you’re reading this, you must have a functioning internet connection. If you give us some more information regarding the device you’re using and what you’re attempting to do, we’ll help you troubleshoot the issue so it can be resolved as quickly as is feasible.

Please include the following information;

  • What are you attempting to do?
    • (e.g. log into the game, link your Steam and Last Epoch accounts, etc.)
    • If applicable, the URL(s) of the pages you’re attempting access would be helpful.
  • Are you using Windows, Linux, or macOS?
    • This information helps us to offer step-by-step instructions that are relevant to you.
  • If the problem is occurring within a browser, which one are you using?
    • Additionally, have you tried using a different one? Ideal browsers for this are those you don’t typically use - they won’t have any corrupted data in their cache, troublesome cookies, or browser addons that may interfere with our site.


Installation / Updating

If you are unable to install or update Last Epoch and are using the standalone game client, please refer to the sticky threads in #technical-support:launcher-technical-support and post in that forum section if you require further assistance.

If you are unable to install or update Last Epoch through Steam and are getting an error message, we suggest searching for that error message on both and If you still need help, please create a new thread and be sure to include the error message you’re being shown (if applicable).