Patch Preview: Beta 0.7.10

patch preview hero alt 2



  • Patch 0.7.10 includes Loot Filters!
    • Our initial post about Loot Filters can be found here and provides an overview of the functionality we are working on implementing.
    • We plan to publish an additional post focusing on the different types of rules.
      Edit: Here’s the post: Loot Filter Rules!
  • Patch 0.7.10 includes sweeping changes to defenses in Last Epoch, with Glancing Blows being repurposed, Protections being replaced by Resistances, and other changes.
  • We’ve made significant changes to Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, as well as visually updating parts of Chapter 6.
    • We have posted some before & after screenshots here.


critical success (2)

  • We are making changes to skill respecs to have them feel less punishing.
    • We have provided an overview of these changes here.
  • We’re making changes to crafting. These include the introduction of ‘Critical Successes’ as a positive equivalent to Fractures, and the removal of Destructive Fractures.
    • See this post for a brief introduction to Critical Successes.


Game Balance

  • In the campaign dying during a boss fight will reset the fight.
  • After dying to a boss during the campaign you now respawn at the boss instead of at the start of the zone.



  • This patch adds Firebrand, a new Spellblade skill.
  • This patch adds Infernal Shade, a new Acolyte skill which replaces Cremate.
  • This patch adds Shield Bash, a new Sentinel skill.
  • This patch removes Defile, Ice Ward, Manifest Weapon, and Molten Blade.



  • All of the Acolyte’s animations are being replaced.

User Interface


  • In Patch 0.7.10 it will be possible to view the specialization trees of skills belonging to mastery classes that have not yet been unlocked. The Skills window will also show the damage types of skills, with currently inactive types included but greyed out.
    • We have posted a sneak peek of these changes here.



  • Patch 0.7.10 includes a new set of armor models for the Acolyte class.
    • We have posted concept art and a preview of the armor set here.


After This Patch

Patch 0.7.9 implemented Monolith of Fate updates from Phase 4 of our Early Access Forecast, and Patch 0.7.10 includes Loot Filters from Phase 4. Our next update, Patch 0.8, will stick with the ‘4’ theme, albeit in a different way - it features four items from Phase 3!

(Multiplayer is still being tested internally and won’t be included in our next update.)


Hell yeah!! good stuff right here

BIG, love to hear this.


Patch Hype!


Great changes!

that the most interesting part.
Protections being replaced by Resistances? hmm what that mean.
Wording wise they mean same thing.


just wanted the TOOLTIP DPS.

Most looking forward to is update to acolyte animations and Infernal Shade. It’s about time for acolyte animations to get some love! Hype.

Loot filters, crafting changes and an acolyte animation update! Super HYPE!
Can’t wait to see what 0.8 brings. Fingers crossed for the Rogue!

I’m ready!

Wow, I gotta get me some a that patch lovin’. I hope it’s been tested properly…

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Does it mean the totem proc will be removed as well?


According to the forecast, what remains for Phase 3 that’s not Multiplayer:

  • Rogue
  • Gates of Memorium
  • Dual Wielding
  • Lost Memories
  • Legendaries

It’s strange though that Dual-Wielding is an entry of the forecast but not Ranged weapons. :thinking:

Anyway, I believe Rogue and Dual Wielding are for next patch. Rogue can’t be added without Dual Wielding. Dual Wielding could be added without Rogue but it would be mean.
Among the three others, I would say Lost Memories and Legendaries, as they could be introduced partially. There are already a lot of things to be added so the Gates could be a too big additionnal chunk.


This is AMAZING. I am excited to see the direction this goes.

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I think the 4 items from Phase 3 for patch 8.0 are going to be:

  1. Rogue
  2. Marksman Mastery
  3. Bladedancer Mastery
  4. Dual Wielding

since each of these has a separate bullet point in the forecast.


Rogue has marksman so it requires Ranged weapons, however I suppose rogue really doesn’t need a dual wielding itself and is global for all classes

Nice one!! Keep up the good work!!

This patch adds Firebrand, a new Spellblade skill.

Can’t wait to see more details on this. The name makes it sounds like it will fit in my ignite spellblade nicely.

Our next update, Patch 0.8, will stick with the ‘4’ theme, albeit in a different way - it features four items from Phase 3!

0.8 HYPE! I can’t wait for future updates. Keep up the good work.

Hell YES!..

one problem… now I dont feel like playing till the patch drops…