New Acolyte Armor Coming in Our Next Patch

In Patch 0.7.9 we released new 3d armor models for the Primalist, Mage, and Sentinel. In our next update it’ll be the Acolyte’s turn, and today we’re taking a look at some concept art, material references, a turnaround sheet, and the 3d models themselves.

Early Concept Art w/ Material Reference

As with the new 3d armor models implemented for other classes in our previous content patch, the new Acolyte armor models will be used for the highest level base types, and so it is designed to reflect the gear progression that characters wearing it have achieved.


Turnaround Sheet

We’re currently discussing whether to have the Acolyte at the character selection screen wear this armor when our next patch is released. Let us know if you’d like us to make this change!

(While we want the appearance of characters at the character selection screen to reflect their equipped gear, this is more of a long-term goal and won’t be ready in time for our next patch.)



She put on weight. The dead do eat!


Looks cool, hopefully we will also see some Helmet + Hood, i generally like that combination and it would fit perfectly i think.

Yes let it wear this armour like Sentinel!!!

Lockdown - late night pizza, icecream for breakfast and 4 hour lunchbreaks.


I dont play Acolyte, but this gives a female primalist vibe to me :sweat_smile:

Kinda has a Flemeth from Dragon Age vibe, I like it!

I’d say make the change to the updated gear. It was nice to see the Sentinel decked out in polished shiny plate when last patch dropped. Same should be said of the Acolyte, although less polish and shiny, and more dreary and frightening.

While I like the undead soldier/commander kinda feel, I don’t think the 3D model has captured it as much as the concept art. Needs a bit of a rework, but keep the armor sets coming <3

Armour adds, like 20 pounds (seriously, lycra isn’t the best armour)…

@Sarno, you guys do do lots of great work, but maybe you could do some for the Primalist? He’s not had anything, like, ever! The Sentinel & Mage have had new animations, the Acolyte keeps on getting new shinies (aaaaaaaaaal the shinies!), but nothing for your tree-hugging, soap-dodging hippie…

And I say this as someone who only really wants to play the Sentinel apparently…

The 3D model doesn’t fit the concept art. The concept however is amazing. The ingame model needs work.


Yeah, I thought the same when I saw the post. The art is amazing, but the 3D model lacks of the aggresive aspect of the art. Gloves doesn´t cover the arms entirely, the “skirt” could be a little longer, and shoulders/helmet/body armour are too “plain”.


It is a bit odd that the 3d art is different to the second concept art. Though I think it’s not that the skirt is “shorter”, but it looks as though the skirt is even in length in the model but in the art it looks longer in the front compared to the back (you can see some leg above the boots in the “rear aspect” art compared to the “front aspect”).

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It’s really good for protecting against long-term relationships!

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Probably depends who’s wearing it. If it’s a MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra), yeah…

Is quite different to

I’ll let you guess which I tend towards…
Edit: And yes, that mental image will stay with you.

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I love the concept. My only comment is I wish the arms had coverings up to the shoulders in the 3d model. The gear looks heavy, especially the large shoulders, it’s kinda weird for there to be no connection between the gloves and shoulders. The rest of it to me looks great! Keep up the great work guys.

Is it too much to hope that the final look of the armour will be more like the Turnaround Sheet than the 3D models?

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I agree that the 3D model looks a bit off. Shoulders and head look very bulky compared to the rest of the body. The arms are also really long. She looks like she could scratch her knee without needing to bend over.

I also agree that the arms need covering to better blend the upper body armor. Might help a bit if the skirt looks more durable. Maybe some chains and leather straps? Right now it just looks like old rags. The concept art looks like there is some chainmail poking through on the skirt.

I really like that cloak/body wrap top picture on the left. Very cool.