Loot Filters in Last Epoch

Our next content patch will include loot filters!

The loot filter is still in the design phase. Today we’re posting UI mockups as well as some of the features you can expect. Closer to the release of the patch we’ll be posting another thread focused on the loot filter with additional information and finalized UI elements.

Examples of loot filter rules.

Starting in Patch 0.7.10, it will be possible to create loot filters with as many or as few rules as you would like. The creation of each rule consists of choosing whether it will show or hide matching items, which items are affected (e.g. Exalted Items, items only usable by one class), and any additional criteria such as minimum level requirements or affix tiers.

Where rules contradict each other, the order in which they are listed will determine whether an item is shown or hidden. For example, it will be possible to show items of the exalted rarity and hide items that go in the helm slot - depending on the order these rules are listed in, exalted helmets may be shown or hidden as they meet the criteria of both rules.

When designing loot filters we wanted to ensure the system was sufficiently flexible to both be approachable to newer players and cater to more experienced players that wish to control with precision exactly which items are shown to them and which are not. As we recognize new players may also wish to benefit from the expertise of veterans, it will also be possible to export and import loot filters. Consider incorporating one into your next build guide!

Loot filters will have names and descriptions for convenience.

Planned Functionality

  • Create individual rules which can show or hide items.
  • Allow rules to override each other depending on their order.
  • Drag-and-drop rules to adjust the order in which they are listed.
  • The ability to toggle individual rules on and off.
    • This is mostly for testing purposes where a filter does not function as intended and you wish to establish which rule is responsible. Rules are on by default.
  • The ability to delete individual rules from a loot filter.
  • Loot filters will have names to make changing from one to another more convenient.
  • Loot filters will have optional brief descriptions to clarify their functionality.
  • It will be possible to duplicate loot filters to quickly create variations - for example, creating equivalent loot filters for different classes.
  • It will be possible to import loot filters created by others, and export your own.
  • Rules displayed in the list will have some colour coding for convenience. For example, the words Magic Items will be blue, and the words Exalted Items will be purple. This makes it quicker to scroll through the rules of particularly complex loot filters.
  • Rules which hide items have a different background colour than rules which show items.

This looks epic!!


Looking forward to using this.

You’re gonna have a lot of happy bunnies hopping through Eterra!

FINALLY!!! Omg this looks so good I am so hyped for this!!. I so can’t wait to make use of this :scream: :scream:




It’s really awesome to see this be a baked in feature directly for the game. Looks like it should be nice and easy to use with great complexity for those that want to super drill down. Looking forward to it!

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Can we filter by specific affix?


Thank you!!! This will make a huge change to the game!!!

So siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick


looks great so far! really looking forward to trying it out.

i hope we will see things like affix filtering and the ability to change the colors of labels of things on the ground that match certain criteria, but just having the groundwork laid is great!

yet another example of how responsive this team is to player feedback. thanks for all you guys do! <3


Yep, pretty much exactly what i wanted. Similar to the simple structure we can see in Grim Dawn, but also having the ability to customize and share. Good job!

Yup. :slight_smile:



This is going to be a real game changer (pun intended) amazing work!

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This is welcome news to my weary eyes! I feel like you guys really struck a balance between the simplicity of GD’s loot filter and the depth of PoE’s. Looking forward to trying it out!


Great news, any idea on this patch ETA?

Amazing! The technology is here! :heart:

One of the things I really love about LE (compared to Diablo/POE/Grimdawn) is that even magic and normal drops later in the game are relevant and worth exploring because they may have really good base stats and therefor would make excellent crafting items. I’d hate loot filters to follow the POE model of just being a way to hide clutter. With a filter I’d like to see normal staves or wands with very high adaptive spell damage or attunement for my current character. eg. show any item with Adaptive spell damage >40. Is the idea to allow for a level of smart decision making?