Multiplayer Dev Q&A with Zizaran - Transcribed

Below is a transcription of the Multiplayer Dev Q&A hosted by Zizaran that took place on September 14, 2022. It’s not a complete record of the encounter, but rather focuses on the Q&A aspect.

I’ve transcribed everything to the best of my abilities, but you can click each questions source link to watch them for yourself.

Also, the entirety of this Q&A session is spread across three posts within this thread as it far exceeded the 50,000 character limit, so please continue reading beyond this initial post.


Judd (aka Moxjet200): the founder and CEO of Eleventh Hour Games and game director of Last Epoch. He basically touches a little bit of everything relating to Last Epoch, and has grown the studio from a much smaller team (~5) to the size that it is now (80+).

Dan (aka Stanzwar): originally started as a game designer with EHG, but is currently a producer who has led the production and release of the game for a number of years now. He is also trying to head up leading the design of Last Epoch’s game content, high level systems, and all of that.

Mike (aka Mike W or Mike Weicker): a senior developer at EHG that spends a lot of time working on skills and hooking up UI stuff.

Zizaran: a streamer on Twitch focusing primarily on ARPG content.

Dev Q&A

I thought about fixing Stanzwar’s quote above to say the correct creator of that video, LizardIRL, but it was too funny (especially in the chat) so I decided to keep it as is.

In a later question, Dan confirms that they do have servers in South America. Also, during the Dev Q&A with Steelmage, Dan includes Asia East in addition to the Asia Northeast & Southeast server locations already mentioned above.


Dev Q&A Continued…

[Zizaran goes to the washroom so the dev’s answer the next five questions from chat]


Dev Q&A Continued…

[End of Q&A]


would you believe i managed to watch this stream…unlike previously … lol…

but still very much appreciate the transcriptions to look up “what did judd say in the stream again”


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I have been watching both Dev streams via VoDs yet I appreciate good work. So much great information about the game future.

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