Druid's Third Transform - Teaser!

Join us tomorrow as we reveal the full vision of our Druid Mastery redesign, including his final and most deadly transformation yet. Leave your predictions in the comments and we will see you tomorrow!

Druid Rework Development Week:

1st November - Werebear Form Rework
2nd November - Entangling Roots Rework
3rd November - Spriggan Form Rework
4th November - New Form Teaser
5th November - Druid Overhaul Overview and New Form



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Those four eyes look an awful lot like the new mob teaser we got :slight_smile: hmm

As an arachnophobic, I feel bad when seeing this teaser!



Lycosidae Form !

My Wife, whenever I try to watch things on Youtube.

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Squid form.

Oh yeah, it seems to be a Octopus form. Or like a Mind Flayer from D&D. I don’t know about the spider, most of them have 8 eyes (they can have less but in fantasy 8 eyes and 8 legs are their caracteristics).

But i’m really surprised, i expected a ‘agile form’ like a Cat/Panther. But maybe a Octopus can be elusive and sneaky ? :stuck_out_tongue:

viper or reptile? not spider please.

The devs have said previously that it’s going to be based on one of the Companions.

Scorpions have 6 (to 12) eyes. Just saying.


Bear, Wolf, Raptor, Sabertooth, Crow: 2
Scorpion: > 2.

I mean, if your statement is true, then literally only 1 companion qualifies.

I missed that!
I remember Mike said it was based on something existing in Nature and in the game, still.
Scorpion would make sens, clearly. And would explain the “arachno” vibe the teaser has.

I’m sure someone can paste on a pic of Mike’s face to the pic above, it’s not like the CGI was any better in that film.

The thing has a kind of snout at the front.
→ I’m betting on some kind of werewolf, then Summon Wolf finally have a worthy leader.

It definitely looks to be more scorpion than anything else.

Looks like Wendigo to me!

Yeah, that was my first impression too.

Scorpion form does sound pretty cool.

Watching it again, it does kind of look like a spider though

Not enough eyes.

Uh… there are Spiders out there with 6 eyes ya know, just saying.