Updating the Druid Class's Transform Abilities

We’re working on the Druid class! While much of this work is being done by our development team, the artists are pitching in with all-new models being created for both Werebear Form and Spriggan Form. These will be accompanied by new animations and visual effects, bringing these up to more modern standards such as those enjoyed by the Rogue class.

A Model Sheet for Werebear Form, featuring material references.

Werebear Form is being made to look like a larger, sturdier, and more realistic shapeshifted form (to the extent that shapeshifting can be made to look “realistic”). It will also be a significantly more detailed, higher quality model. Spriggan Form is being made to still look like a spriggan, but one that is being approximated by the spell cast by a human - it has a more human-looking face, and greenery resembling hair and a beard. Hostile spriggans are also getting visually updated, and their new model will look notably different from the one being used by Primalists.


A Model Sheet for Spriggan Form, featuring material references.

Acolyte fans… you haven’t been forgotten. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes! Looking forward to this very much.

Hyped to see this one

very pog!

Holy WOW that Werebear looks amazing. The Spriggan is a bit of a departure and I kind of liked its oddly wispy and ethereal nature, but this new one is also very good. I’ll be stoked to see them both in action.

Wow these look so good!

Spriggan Form always looked bad and now it looks badass.


it looks sick! i want to play them right now! Good work!

Yes! These look awesome, looking forward to this very much.

Great work as always.

Wow. These look amazing.

Really nice!
Looking forward to these for sure…

They look awesome. Really glad to hear there’s development work being done. Hoping for more versatility for shape shifting abilities. Can’t wait to try them out.

Very, very cool update. I like both of them a lot. I do think the Spriggan form could be a little ‘longer/taller-ish’ like trees reaching out. Just a little less ‘squat’ to differentiate from the Werebear form.

The Werebear look so BADASS!! Its like HULK on steroids and I love it!! Pure BFG material.

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Looks stunning. Both forms I really love, but I have to wonder. Druid theme as shapeshifting is so cool, yet implementation is so static. It just predetermines your style of play. Are there any plans to have forms skill kits more versatile?

That bear is THICK :rofl:

@Sarno is any consideration being given to removing the mana mechanic from Druid shapeshifting? It would be awesome to play in shifted form as much as desired without having to concoct ways of sustaining your mana pool.

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Yeah, nice! Haven’t played much Druid because it was less visually appealing to me than every other class. The look and feel is so important! I enjoy the Primalist a lot more now since the animations and skill visuals got improved. Looking forward to play a shapeshifter.

Maybe you could also teach the Primalist how to hold weapons the right way (not in the middle of the axe shaft, but at the end!!) :grin:

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Very nice, both of them! :slight_smile:
Not ready to show us a Werewolf?

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both the werebear and the spriggan have the mana restraint its kind of their thing… you know? haha

The point of last epoch is to make mana more impactful and restrictive, so combat is not so spammy and an afterthought, like PoEs combat.

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