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Theorizing Patch 0.8.2 & Beyond


This thread is a collection of everything that is or might be coming in patch 0.8.2 and beyond. Outside of the confirmed inclusions, everything else should be taken as pure speculation. Though, I’ve accumulated the majority of information found here from the weekly developer streams – and I often quote from those that I’ve transcribed in this thread.

Patch 0.8.3 was essentially confirmed during the April 23rd dev stream so expect it to be the next patch we receive after 0.8.2.

Patch 0.8.2

Estimated release date is likely late-May (give or take a week)

Confirmed Inclusions

  1. Substantial UI Updates
  • Action Bar UI visual improvements with a new Ward display
  • New Map with Quests being integrated


  • New Class Passives Window


  • Loot Label Optimizations
  1. Monolith Updates and the Shade of Orobyss
  1. Summon Volatile Zombie Skill
  • New summoning skill for the Acolyte
  1. Lighting coming to Player/Enemy Skills

  2. New Companion Skill for Primalist


Likely Inclusions

  1. Crafting UI Updates
  • This is a concept design for the new crafting window we’ll likely see:


  1. New Inventory Window with updated Idol slots and Blessings Tab




  1. New Skills & Specializations Window


  1. Sword Weapon Updates
  • Dreamthorn Unique is getting new visuals

  1. Minion AI Updates
  1. New Enemies
  • Omen of Silence Boss Rework

  1. Stash Tab Reordering
  1. Controller Support Improvements
  • Specifically for picking up items (but possibly more)

Possible Inclusions

  1. Skill Effects Optimizations
  • It’s been discussed a lot, but I assume it’s inclusion is based on how well it’s performing in testing
  1. Pet DPS Tooltips
  • “soon” could be interrupted as this patch or possibly next patch

Unlikely Inclusions

  1. Minion Stances (or something like stances)
  • It does appear to be very early in its development, and there are several other dev streams where Mike states it’s something that they’d like to have but it may not be in scope for 1.0

Patch 0.8.3

Potentially a mid July to mid August release date

  1. Updated Druid Class Transformations
  • Confirmed in the April 21st dev stream that they are not coming in patch 0.8.2, but rather the patch after it
  • This may or may not include a new Reaper Form transformation or the third Druid transformation skill, which all we know right now will not be a Werewolf transformation but something else
  1. Various Primalist Skill Reworks
  • Druid skill reworks
  • Summon Bear & Summon Sabertooth skill reworks
  • Tempest Strike skill update
  1. Updated Character Sheet


  1. Crafting Changes
  • Which may or may not contain further Crafting UI updates
  1. Loot Filter Updates

What Did I Miss?

Do you agree or disagree with the list? And what are your theories? One can only assume they’re holding back a few surprises for when the patch gets closer to release.


We are in the same boat. But surprises are always welcome.

Awesome post


Not sure when i missed this teaser, but anyways. Reading it. It allows summoning up to your companion limit by default. Does this mean we going to have to Specialize wolves to get +1 maximum companion and not run wolves OR will some skill tree reworks be coming alongside this one?!

I do like that there spell tagged. Question is:

Will a solo storm crow compete well with spell spriggan as a druid version :slight_smile:

It was teased in the April 2nd dev stream at the following timestamp, 1:17:05-1:18:12. I’m not sure how much longer that Twitch video will be available if you wish to view that moment.

It’s also on YouTube, on the official channel.

Are you sure? The latest one I see is the March 12th stream.

My mistake, they stopped publishing there, you’re right.

Great post and summary. Isnt the storm crow a falconer summon however?

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If I remember well, it was a Primalist skill

It’s a primalist skill, as primalist is the only class with “companions”

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Ah it does say companion which is a primalist skill indeed. My bad

I hope storm crow will be able to do this like the good old days of crows :smiley:

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I knew you would be excited about this skill. Since EHG killed your crow build that could make your PC go negative FPS… :rofl:


From the most recent dev stream on April 16th, we got to see the Volatile Zombie in action. Mike also describes some new controller improvements coming in the first clip:

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I’m just kinda hoping for a fix for volatile reversal or at least a reasonable way to remove the health/mana suicide chance without taking huge amounts of negative modifiers x.x

@AndrewTilley Was the Tranformation overhaul in your summary? They teased the new models.

Edit: Found it in your OP… nevermind!!

But this is what I am just excited for. I really like the transform stuff but the current models and animation kill it for me. :woozy_face:


Not sure if you watched the latest dev stream (April 21st) with Mike and Pat (aka Nifty), but Mike basically confirmed that those Druid class transformation skills updates are coming in the patch after 0.8.2 (or at least that’s the goal) – which actually makes a lot of sense to me.

I’ve always found it odd that there were all these other Primalist updates teased for the patch after 0.8.2, but that 0.8.2 would include the transformations updates. It seemed a bit disjointed, but clearly it’s not.

So yeah, we know there’s some substantial Primalist updates coming in the patch after 0.8.2 (which I assume is 0.8.3). We’ll all just have to contain our excitement for the new transformations a little bit longer. :grin:

We also got another teaser of the new map from Judd. This is the Temple of Eterra, in the Ancient era…long before it comes crashing down:



Ah… thx for the info. Did not watch the stream.

Awesome Artwork.

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We got a little teaser of new Flame Spire in action during the April 23rd dev stream:

We were also shown concept art of the upcoming Forge window that will likely make it’s way into patch 0.8.2 (which I’ve added to the OP).

I understood from this stream that it was not guaranteed for 0.8.2 and could be in 0.8.3 but English is not my primary language so I may be wrong.