Unity crash when after 0.9 when trying online play

That too didn’t work on my RX 6700 XT. I’m giving up on this until EH fixes the god damn crash

Same here

I can’t play this game at all after 0.9 patch!! WTF???

True… over a week and nothing about this issue yet. Getting pretty annoyed. I just wanna play some LE.

@theforsakenking - i noticed two things:

According to your original post, I don’t think you tried deleting your graphics ini file (some people have found this helps with crashes).

Also, your player.log file has timeouts in it, which suggests a possible networking issue. Some folks elsewhere have had timeouts and they were resolved by forcing IPv4 on their router.

I imagine these crashes are very frustrating, but hopefully one of these will work for you.

Also, if they don’t work, you can raise a support ticket directly with EHG at support.lastepoch.com and they may be able to help with your specific issue.

I can assure you that I deleted the graphics.ini file multiple times and still get the same crash.

As for timeouts I tried with multiple VPNs but never once I managed to connect. I also have an open ticket with the support the same day I created this post and so far I got a single response asking me to verify LE files integrity ( which I already did )

I already gave up on this and enjoying myself some D4

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I can confirm your method doesn’t work at all. I tried it many times - this error continue happen and game crashes evry time

Switching dns to / ipv4 fixed unity crash for me. GL GUYS

I just want to update that for me personally I was able to login today for the first time ever since the 0.9 patch (online mode) without using a VPN or anything, not sure if it’s a fluke or they actually fixed it, but for now the game logs in normally for me personally.


Sadly Still not working for me … I’m from Egypt incase it’s a region problem I hope it will be fixed ASAP :frowning: .

same region, still have

Also from Egypt !! Looks like the god damn ISP is blocking some connections to the game servers. We need someone from the support team to help identify the exact IPs blocked by our shitty ISP

didn’t work for me((( still crashes the game with unity error

WTF? I played for almost a year before 0.9 patch! And I cant playing now
offline mode or online - it doesn’t matter. The game constantly crashes

Turns out I was right and they didn’t fix anything, it was just a fluke, not sure why or how it let me in earlier, but now its back like it was ever since 0.9 released, login to character screen, try to connect with an online character, get stuck on connecting for a minute then the game crashes, I was starting to get my hopes up, unfortunate.
Also from Egypt.

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Hey folks. Another chap who was having a freeze or crash had a controller plugged in and resolved the issue by unplugging it.

Try reinstalling other older versions of the graphics card driver

Game crashes for me too, but it’s way worse in my case… I have like 15%~20% chance to crash on every loading screen. Game crashes, browser stops responding, same with discord. I tried turning off all overlays, updating drivers, turning off everything running in background and the game still crashes with unity crash message. Tried few times to ask about it dev that was on in-game chat, got ignored because why not. They (devs) put all those patch notes with stuff they are aware of and what they are working on with “top priority” which is something like combo skills not working but refuse to acknowledge game breaking bug which is unity crash.

this issue has nothing to do with graphics driver, its a connectivity problem

not the same issue, we can’t even connect to the game in online mode, the game crashes after the character selection every single time, unless we use a VPN.

I just Love that we still haven’t gotten any response from EHG about this btw, one of the top posts in their technical support forums and they just pretend it doesn’t exist, cool. I’ve seen more customer support from free to play games.