Unity crash when after 0.9 when trying online play

I Started getting a Unity crash in online play right after 0.9.

Steps to reproduce

  • Open the game
  • Click on Online Play
  • Select an Online Character
  • Get a Connecting loading screen for ~ min
  • Connecting screen goes away
  • Select the same character
  • Game crashes

I tried everything listed in similar threads and still getting the same error

  • Disable overlay and cloud save
  • Verify game integrity / Clean Uninstall / Fresh Download
  • Upgraded to Windows 11 / Running latest GPU driver

le_graphicsmanager.ini (493 Bytes)
Player.log (66.1 KB)
crash.zip (42.3 KB)
Steam Information Reports.txt (2.4 KB)
DxDiag.txt (90.8 KB)


Got same problem, with similar specs - radeon 6700xt and windows 11. Mostly i crash immediately after i am in the menu screen.

Sadly I have the same problem … game crashes as soon as I try to connect to an online character… I have Core i7 6700k, GTX 970 and windows 10 … so sad I can’t play with my friends after waiting for so long for this patch :frowning: .

I have the same exact problem, using a VPN fixes it and connects normally but using a vpn to play is extremely frustrating and laggy for me, if I dont use it I get the same exact problem, 1 minute connecting then the game crashes.

the game doesnt work online… i just bought it on 2 pcs to play with my kid and cant connect. been trying for a half hour.

I have the same error! What’s problem with this game?

Just here to say I’m having the same problem.

Same steps to reproduce as OP.

Things I have tried:

Doing the same thing 3 times and hoping it would just decide to let me play.
Googling my problem.
Lowering my expectations for the future.

I have the same problem. GTX 1660 here. I’ve played in the past with no problems. Downloaded again to try the multiplayer and it’sd impossible to login. It happens to me, altough less often, in offline play too. I tried fresh install, verifying steam files, disabling cloud save and steam overlay. Nothing seems to work.,

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Played like 6 hours, then gone for a dogwalk and now cant join…
Seems like the problem is in my dog :thinking:

I Have the exact same problem … Okay I found THE SOLUTION GUYS USE VPN YW.

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I hope that the dev will find a solution for customers who do not want to or can not use a VPN…

I tried using a VPN already and it didn’t fix it for me, sadly. My problem may be slightly different too, since I’m having those crashes sometimes when playing offline,

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Same issue for me, exactly as per OP, can we have developers comment here?
Not working VPN for me and same issue for offline mode. I’ve got 170+ hours with this game and all characters maxed, then had a break. Now decided to return, updated to 0.9 and have this issues. Quite annoyed.

UPD: Before crash I’m now having green loading bar, which doesn’t come to the end and game crashed pulling all open applications not working or working very slow (i.e. Chrome/Steam etc)

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Check this thread About memory requirements
Incresing windows swap file to 8gb let me in game for the first time after instaling 0.9 patch.

That guy has 32gb of ram according to his logs. Swap size not an issue for him :smiley:

Exactly!! The system requirements on steam says recommended is 16 gb and I have 32 gb of ram. The odd thing is that offline play works just fine so it is not memory thing, it is for sure something to do with online play

Maybe it will help somebody else. I spend some time trying reinstall a lot of stuff and couldn’t get past menu, character screen or even crash a lot of times at the start of the game. I see you are creator of that topic and you guide me to solution of my problem then i am thankful to you for that =)

I don’t understand why there is complete radio silence from EHG about this issue, they haven’t even mentioned it exists or that they’re working on it, all they’ve posted recently is that all connectivity issues have been resolved and boasting online player numbers, when a large portion of those players are having to use a VPN to even play and an even larger number aren’t playing at all because they don’t want to use one/don’t have a VPN, what’s even more frustrating I never have any problems connecting to any other online game.

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About the connectivity issue, can someone tell me what are the network protocols and ports to allow on routers/firewalls ?
I looked for it on Google but did not get relevant results :frowning:

Had the same issue. Did the same steps but did not help.

Then I uninstalled reshade and it solved the problem, online now works for me.