TriKster’s Ignite Cinder Strike Marksman (0.8c)

UPDATE: This is the finished version of my Ignite Marksman. It is not as powerful as my Bleed Puncture Build when it’s about pushing Arena. But with good gear i think you can still manage to beat wave 200. Far more enjoyable in Monolith though because of great clear speed and sweet visuals.

Build Overview

Cinder Strike is an amazing Bow/Melee skill with great visuals that has a lot of mechanics to stack ignite even faster. It is our main skill for Single Target and can even clear maps pretty good with flying burning daggers. Hail of Arrows is a strong utility skill that supports our clear speed and some Crowd Control with low Mana costs. Dark Quiver is a very unique skill that forces the player to move around more often to get certain buffs for our main skills. Shift is probably one of the best movement skills with a lot of defensive support and is really important to collect all the Black Arrows from Dark Quiver with specific buffs to the build concept. To round this build up, we use Decoy for CC aswell and debuffs. The Build has no mana issues, high movement and attack speed, mixed with some nice dodge mechanics to improve defensive playstyle. Since Cinder Strike does not have enough base ignite chance in the skilltree, we have to figure out whats the best way to balance dmg output and defense for high arena waves. That’s why i converted all the poison chance from gear/tree into ignite chance with Cinder Strike’s Flammable Toxins node.


Q: I don’t have all the uniques that are required for this build, can i still play it?

A: Low level Uniques like Calamity & Invoker Rings really help out to stack ignites early on. But you can simply start with a Hit based Cinder Strike Build and go for Detonating Arrow once you unlock Marksman Mastery

Q: Why not Detonating Arrow, it has higher base Ignite Chance?

A: Yes that’s true, i like having no mana issues with Cinder Strike though and i prefer the playstyle around that skill. Detonating Arrow is a good alternative Ignite Skill since you dont have to rely too much on uniques. Detonating Arrow costs more mana, and i like to mix Cinder Strike with Hail of Arrows, thats why i chose this combo. Ignite Cinder Strike also has a higher DoT.

Q: How good is leveling with this build?

A: Really good and fast! If you have all the recommended uniques you can easily rush through the story and monolith.

Q: All content viable?

A: For story and monolith bosses, yes!

Q: How do you sustain Mana with Cinder Strike and Hail of Arrows?

A: 5/5 Sapping Strikes (Rogue passive): For mana sustain on Cinder Strike (Burning Dagger costs 8 Mana on hit). Backup Volley & Deadly Draw for Mana sustain in HoA tree.

Q: What’s your dmg?

A: Highest DoT around 40-50k in average with current gear.

Q: What Lootfilter do you use and can your share it?

A: I prefer to create my own one, and probably the one that i use will not help you out as much as you want. But i can recommend checking out @Heavy Casual Lootfilter here.



  • Good clear speed together with HoA

  • Fast story leveling and good for Monolith

  • No Mana issues

  • Good Life on Hit/Attack Speed rating

  • High movement speed


  • Almost no ignite chance in passive trees, requires some decent gear (lots of uniques) for the conversion

  • Probably not the best meta/arena build



  • Level with Bow Puncture until you reach level 10

  • At level 10 switch to Cinder Strike

  • At level 10 equip 2x Invoker Rings & Calamity for high ignite chance and Fire DoT dmg

  • After speccing into Marksman we level with Detonating Arrow (fire conversion) for Clear speed. Cinder Strike is still our single target skill. Detonating Arrow has alot of ignite chance with one single hit and huge AoE

Detonating Arrow (Level 16)

  • Equip Soulfire at level 34

  • Remove Detonating Arrow for Hail of Arrow once you unlock it on Marksman tree

  • Finish the storyline

  • Change Invoker Rings whenever you feel like missing some defense

Gameplay Videos

- YouTube



  • Finished the build guide with new Gameplay Video, new gear setup and skills


  • Changed the whole setup to Poison conversion instead of Bleed conversion with Maehlin’s. I can focus more on defense with this setup and switched to Acid Flask, Serpent Bow, Nagasa Quiver and Poison Tipped (Rogue Base Tree) for additional 300% poison->ignite chance.


1. Cinder Strike (Main Skill)

  • Burning Dagger & Firebreathing for extra projectiles that can ignite enemies with 100% chance. Great for AoE aswell. Awesome visuals.

  • Fire Walker for Dex stacking fire damage over time buff. (Basically 10% increased dmg per point of Dex)

  • Oil Coating is our offensive/defensive support together with Combustible (ignite effect and fire pen) + Elusive for dodge stacking to make us more defensive while we are standing still

  • Flammable Toxins to convert all poison chance to ignite chance. Therefore we can use Serpent Bow (up to 60% poison chance) and Nagasa Quiver (up to 60% poison chance) to boost our ignite chance.

2. Hail of Arrows (Secondary Skill+Support)

  • Fire conversion with Scorched Earth and Argonist for more dmg against ignited enemies.

  • Skystrike and Condemn for initial hits and great CC (good for arena).

  • Backup Volley & Deadly Draw for Mana sustain.

  • It’s a really good defensive skill if you know how and when to use it

3. Shift (Movement Skill/Buff)

  • Healing, reduced mana cost, increased movement speed, invulnerabillity and dodge

  • 4 Jade Arrows for additional DoT dmg and poison to ignite conversion

  • Really important to position yourself when a black arrow spawns from Dark Quiver

4. Dark Quiver (Offensive & Defensive Support)

  • Surge of Adrenaline is our most important stat to get a 3 second Frenzy duration each time we move or teleport on top of a black arrow with Shift to stack ignites even faster.

  • Free 15% Kill threshold with Cinder Strike! Really strong on high hp monsters. Needs good timing.

  • Until Dawn for Black Arrow chance on Bow hit, therefore we dont have to cast it all the time in a boss fight and can focus on dmg output.

  • Nightfall for Dusk Shrouds.

5. Decoy (Utility Skill & Defensive Support)

  • Frailty stacks & 5 second Haste

  • 2 charges

  • Additional dodge rating



  • High Bow attack speed

  • 5/5 Sapping Strikes: For mana sustain on Cinder Strike (Burning Dagger costs 8 Mana on hit)

  • Steady Hand: Life and Dex (we scale dex for 10% dmg)

  • Poison Res and Dodge

  • Dodge and reduced dmg taken while moving

  • Haste and increased dmg per point of Movement speed

  • 80% Poison chance converted to Ignite chance


  • High Bow attack Speed & Life on Hit

  • Dex and Dodge debuff

  • DoT dmg and reduced Dot dmg taken

  • Concentration: For increased dmg and all the following buffs

  • Life and Leech

  • Arrow Storm: Attack Speed buff

  • Dusk Shrouds

  • HoA AoE



Bow: Serpent Bow (Because of Flammable Toxins in Cinder Strike tree to convert Poison to ignite chance).

Quiver: Nagasa Quiver (up to 60% poison to ignite)– Bow Attack Speed & Dex are the best offensive stats because we get 10% inc dmg per point of Dex.

Helmet: Calamity – High ignite chance and fire damage or BiS Rare Helmet with ignite effect/inc dmg while wielding a bow/Dex

Body Armour: (inc dodge implicit)

Gloves: (Phys Res implicit)

Boots: Fiery Dragon Shoes BiS

Relic: Soulfire BiS

Amulet: Bone Amulet (we need resistances)

Rings: 2x Invoker’s (for leveling) / 2x Silver Rings for Movement Speed or Jade Rings for Dodge

Belt: (Bronze belt for armour)

Recommended Uniques

Fiery Dragon Shoes

  • High Movement Speed / Ignite effect / capped Fire Resistance


  • 200%+ Ignite Chance / Life / Fire Damage if you have killed an enemy recently


  • 150% Ignite Chance / Fire Damage

2x The Invoker’s Scorching Grasp (only for leveling)

  • Ignite Chance / Fire Damage over Time

Hell Reach (New Unique Bow)

  • Only for leveling, we use a rare Bow later


4x with Ignite Effect

Suffix can be ''Chance to slow on Bow Hit/Dodge Rating if hit recently/Poison Resistance
Choose whatever you need and prefer.


Choose whatever you need and prefer.

Timeline: The Black Sun

  • Grand Flames of the Black Sun (Ignite Chance)

  • Grand Wrath of Rahyeh (Fire Damage)

Timeline: Ending the Storm

  • Grand Bastion of Divinity (Elemental Resistance)

Timeline: Reign of Dragons

  • Taste of Venom (Poison Chance conversion)

  • Resolve of Humanity (All Res)

  • Survival of Might (Crit Avoidance)


Hey… Leveling my first Rogue and Cinder Strike Marksman just happens to be the direction the build is going…

Going more on the explosive route and am not sold on Ignite although I have all the uniques and its logical with the Fire damage of Cinder… There seem to be lots of potentially viable routes to take but I am not sure what will work… Gotta put in the hours…

Will see how it goes and compare with your build…


Yep, definitly an awesome skill with a lot of potential. The whole skilltree gives so many opportunities to build around that skill for both melee and bow. Let me know how your version worked out at the end, i’m really excited about all the builds coming out in the next days!

Updated and finished version. Enjoy!

Hi, i use a build close to yours
I’m just not sure what skill used, so i take cinder shot, swift, and the rest is confused.
Decoy totem is basicaly just a taunt and dodge bonus, it’s ok but nothing crazy ( i just finish the story, i suppose the taunt help after ) and i’ve tried the ignite buff on it but it’s useless.
And for the two left it’s big question, hail of arrow is actually low level so i don’t know. ( after seeing your build i give it a try )

But i can’t choose between smoke bomb ( 100% poison chance inside> so 100% ignite chance, shroud for dodge/ward, and shroud for glancing blow/dodge, blind )i’ve tried the 5 added ignite on smoke bomb end, but after some try, it’s look useless.

And dark quiver ( culling strike 15%, frenzy and some other thing but only for one arrow )
The fact is dark quiver is really weird to play, move to take the arrow is just a pure dps loss, the 15% finisher is irrelevant, when a mob have 15% or less life he just died from the ignite and for bosses it’s just a little a bonus ( 15% seems a bit low to me)
So i don’t know, i just keep trying.
Oh and i see shuriken can be used to give 150% ( or maybe more ) armor, that could be an idea too.
So if you any advice that could help me

And sorry for my english, it’s late, i’m tired, and i’m not that good in english.
thanks :slight_smile:

Hey no worries, i’m not a native speaker aswell :wink:
So yeah Cinder Strike and Shift are mandatory, but you can use Shift also in a different way.
For example you can use Acid Flask with 100% global poison chance (converted to ignite) and only proc it with Shift (Parting Gift/Arrival Gift nodes). Takes some practice to position yourself against the enemy to get that dmg buff.
The ignite buffs from smoke bomb and decoy i also found myself useless, that’s why i chose to gave those 2 skills a defensive role.
Decoy is probably the most op defensive skill for rogue. Especially in arena or hard monolith fights. Together with 2 charges and frailty/dodge/haste this skill. In Monoliths i don’t use it that often because there we are tanky enough without decoy.
Dark Quiver is weird to play for a DoT build especially because you wanna keep up ailment stacks to provide good dmg. Running away from the target to collect a black arrow takes some time, that’s why i use Shift every 3-4 seconds to teleport onto black arrows granted by the Until Dawn node mainly for the frenzy buff. I tried to build an allllrounder build for both arena/monolith and the 15% culling strike helps alot with mono bosses.
Hail of Arows i just use for extra dmg because it’s easier and faster to clear trash mobs fast. And also the crowd control effect from Skystrike-Condemn helps alot. With Cinder Strike alone we have no mana issues, so i took that skill into my build.
Shurikens i never tried with this build and could be another idea. But our main focus should be around dodge and resistances at the end. Let me know how the armour buff works out at the end, i’m at 20% armour right now which is not much and focus to get dodge always over 70% with cinder strike.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
After some test, shuriken indeed look’s useless, bonus armor is good but cause we have low armor, multiplier is not really interesting, and cast it every 5s is annoying.
( maybe it can be good on poison/melee or other build )
and i’m curious about the boots you use, ignite effect is not additive? it’s more like “more damage” i guess? cause that’s the only really interesting part of the boots.
And what about’s the maehlin’s hubris in glove slot? stat is ok and the bleed chance to ignite chance can be cool i guess ( with smoke bomb we have access to crimson dance for example)

Finally i’ve a more generic question, cause we play a lot with dodge is it really important to be capped for all element, void and so on? or some are more dangerous and are more important to be capped ( to reduced some big dot aoe for example )

Yes ignite effect is a ‘more’ multiplier. If you dont have the unique boots you can also use rare Solarum Greaves or Heoborean Boots for additional Res. Look for High Dex, (because each point of dex gives you 10% increased dmg; 4% for cinder strike and another 6 from flammabile toxins), movement speed and then crit avoidance/dodge/hybrid health or set resistance depending on what defensive stat you lack.
Maehlin’s i used before when i played bleed conversion instead of poison. But with poison conversion you get get more dmg with dex scaling even though maehlins and the disembowel node from rogue base tree can give you high ignite stacks aswell. But i switched to rare gloves because i needed some defense on my gear. I had too many uniques.
I think dodge & high health is the most important defensive stat together with movement speed and your own playstyle :smiley: thats the best defensive if you can manage to play fast and stay away from mobs. After reaching a good amount of dodge & health and 100%crit avoidance you can focus on getting additional resistances. The Gear Planner that i linked shows you that you can get around 40-50% res. Don’t forget that the 52% dodge is without Elusive buff from cinder strike. I always have over 70% dodge when i attack with cinder. Poison is the only one you dont need to focus on gear, because you can get some points on rogue tree.

Thanks for the guide, Trikster.

I’m running a Cinder Strike Marksman honestly because I found a Calamity, Prism Wraps, and Vipertail early.

That said, I love the sounds, visuals, and feel of the skill.

I tried the Overexertion/Tireless branch and frankly the mana cost appears too high. Maybe someone with good math skills can decide if there is an acceptable breakpoint where the mana cost becomes bearable.

I will try the Daggers next since I don’t use much mana.

Glad you like it and welcome to the community!
Yeah i think overexertion is meant to be a good aoe nuke clearing skill while having puncture or flurry as mana regenerator, but because of the high mana cost its hard to stack ailments with this on single target. Prob more hit/crit orientated. Let me know how you like the burning daggers added to your build.

thank you for this build. Cinder strike on marksman’s playstyle is very fun.

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