TriKster's Bleed Puncture Marksman (0.8d)

Beginner friendly. Fast leveling. Easy to gear. All content. Arena 200+ viable.

Finished Build. Please read the Updates. Now capped all Resistances, 1.5k+ Life, over 50% Dodge & 100% Crit Avoidance.

Really fast DoT stacking build. Probably one of the best DoT builds for Marksman. I tested both Ignite Cinder Strike and Poison Detonating Arrow aswell. But Puncture outshines the other skills with both dmg and QoL. I‘m doing 40k-50k DoTs on dummy with current gear. With stutter steps and high movement speed you can easily kite in arena to reach high waves. Build is tanky for a marksman aswell.

Build Overview

Puncture is a really fast Bow skill with high projectile speed and piercing ability. We get 400% bleed chance alone from that skilltree and boost our dmg with poison to bleed chance conversion, 100& phys Res shred and Penetration from Idols. With Shift we only focus on boosting our Puncture dmg, we don’t have any mana issues. Decoy is probably the best defensive skill for Rogue to apply frailty and distance to enemies. Smoke Bomb is our Puncture dmg boost and allows us to stand still and even facetank certain situations with high dodge chance. To round this build up you can either go Hail of Arrows for additional dmg boost and CC or in my case Dark Quiver for some Puncture synergies.



  • You can stack Bleed ailments really fast

  • Really fast story leveling and good for Monolith

  • No Mana issues

  • Good Life on Hit/Attack Speed rating

  • High movement speed

  • Easy to gear, no uniques necessary


  • Ailment build, it still needs some time to get full dmg potential

  • Requires some practice to stutter step and aim correctly, otherwise you miss full dmg potential with Shift buffs.

  • Not the best AoE clear speed build

Gameplay Videos

Short gameplay showcase in arena with lvl 77 Marksman

- YouTube

Recommended Uniques

Belt is the only gear slot where we can not get any dmg boost. So you can swap to one of the uniques if you have enough defensives stats on other gear.

Jungle Queen’s Chaps of Holding

  • 10 Potions, increased dmg & dodge

Ward Trail

  • Flat dodge, 10% Movement Speed & Ward on dodge
  • 15.12.20 0.8d Nerf only received to hit based build version. This build got not affected by the nerf because we are only scaling bleed. Single Target is for both Hit and Bleed based the same, only the enemies behing the main target receive less hit dmg

  • 14.12.20 added new Passive Tree layout for both Rogue & Marksman. Uploaded new Gear Planner. New Blessings setup. Improved defensive layout

  • 10.12.20 Added Gameplay Video & Recommended Uniques


1. Puncture (Main Skill)

  • Over 400% bleed chance from skilltree

  • Frenzy buff always on

  • 100% Physical res shred chance combined with high attack speed

  • Efficacious Toxin & Timing for more dmg multiplier

2. Shift (Dmg boost & Movement Skill)

  • 4 Jade Arrows for 125% increased DoT dmg with the next 4 Puncture hits and poison to bleed conversion

  • Extra Bleed chance + Bleed effect & duration with next Puncture hit

  • No mana nodes, no invulnerability, no movement speed buff. We don’t need it.

3. Decoy (CC+Debuff)

  • Frailty stacks & 5 second Haste

  • 2 charges

  • Additional dodge rating

4. Dark Quiver (Offensive & Defensive Support)

  • 5 second Crimson shroud buff & bleed chance/penetration with next Puncture

  • 5 Dusk Shrouds, you can stack them really high for additional dodge rating (recommended while inside of Smoke Bomb)

  • Until Dawn for Black Arrow chance on Bow hit, therefore we dont have to cast it all the time in a boss fight and can focus on dmg output.

  • Slow duration & knockback for defense

5. Smoke Bomb (Utility Skill & Defensive Support)

  • 200% additional bleed chance with Puncture while inside of Smoke Bomb

  • Silver & Dusk Shrouds

  • 100% Blind on Bow hit



  • High attack speed

  • 5 Bleed stacks from Disembowel

  • 25% Haste chance on hit + dmg per movement speed

  • High dodge rating

  • 80% Poison to bleed conversion

  • Some health and capped Poison Resistance


  • High attack speed and Life on hit

  • DoT dmg while wielding a Bow + Reduced DoT dmg taken

  • Movement Speed & Dodge + Dmg from Concentration buff (It’s easy to keep the distance to enemies)

  • Arrow Storm for high attack speed boost

  • Silver Shrouds

  • Bleed chance and physical dmg

  • 1 point Elemental Arrows / 3 points Siege Quiver / 1 point Fire and Steel to abuse having capped Elemental Resistances all the time without using an Elemental Skill (Thx @Hybria)



Bow: Obsidian Bow (High base attack speed & physical dmg)

Quiver: Spidersilk Quiver (DoT & Chance to slow)

Helmet: (DoT implicit)

Body Armour: (physical dmg implicit)

Gloves: Engraved Gauntlets (Phys Res)

Boots: Arcane Boots (A little bit of Ward Retention for Silver Shrouds)

Relic: Stained Tome (Life)

Amulet: Bone Amulet (Additional Resistances)

Rings: 2x Silver Rings for Movement Speed or Jade Rings for Dodge (i prefer movement speed)

Belt: Bronze Belt or one of the recommended uniques



BiS Idol for massive dmg


Choose whatever you need and prefer.

Timeline: The Black Sun

  • Grand Echo of Solarum (Phys & Void Res) (Recommended)

  • Grand Shadow oft he Eclipse (Flat Dodge Rating)

Timeline: Ending the Storm

  • Grand Chill of the Deep (up to 50% Chill on Hit) (Recommended)

  • Grand Bastion of Divinity (Ele Res)

Timeline: Reign of Dragons

  • Resolve of Humanity (All Res) (Recommended)

  • Hemmorage of Marrow (Bleed Chance)

  • Cruelty of Strenght (Physical Dmg)

  • Survival of Might (Crit Avoidance)


Can you keep dark quiver going with just the proc? Thx for the idea i never took that node serious. Will test later with multi

You invested a lot of work in the editing. . Very nice looking guide?

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Thx alot! It’s fun making those written build guides, and i saw some people here on the forum that they prefer written guides with gameplay material aswell.

I only press Dark Quiver in a serious situation or boss fight together with Smoke Bomb. You can get so many Dusk Shroud stacks inside the smoke for high dodge. While doing monolith runs i usually dont pick up the black arrows because the random spawn is sometimes too awkward. But yes because of the high attack speed you can keep up some black arrows with 15% proc. It needs some practice though with stutter steps and aiming with your mouse while attacking the target and picking up the black arrows.
DQ is not a must have skill if you prefer Hail of Arrows, i just like to have no mana problems :slight_smile:

great build very well written guide.
gonna try this build in the future for sure!!

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Quick question: Do I do the Rogue Skill Tree First and complete all the points before I move to Marksman or do I split them up… Kinda new to the game so I was curious.

I think you cant do anything wrong. I went 8/8 Swift Assassin, 5/5 Disembowel, 5/5 Agility first in Rogue tree. Then 8/8 Draining Arrows, 8/8 Reflection in Marksman tree to get high attack/movement speed and dodge early on. The rest is completely up to you whatever you need. Evasion and Meditation are giving you a good amount of dodge after it.

Why do you ignore sharpshooter?

Easy to gain stacks and up to 250% ed with a bow. Should work with bleed it doesnt say “hit” i guess… does it?

Maybe even death from afar? I dont know if you have enough hit damage to stun things but if it works it is really strong.

Sharpshooter only increases ‘Bow damage’ and not ‘dmg while wielding a bow’. So only the hits get affected but not the bleed. Tested it, DoT dmg didnt go up. Armour shred also does not work on DoT builds. I do around 2k hits and 40-50k dots, so i dont think stun works out here for 6 point investement. I focus more on chill & slow on hit.

Okay … strange wording it does not say hit either.
Death from avar is onviously out if shotrr does not work on bleed.

Sharpshooter says ‘‘increased Bow Damage with Sharpshooter’’. Increased Bow Damage only works for hits. The Marksman Mastery for example says ‘‘increased damage while wielding a bow’’. So that immediatly affects all DoTs.

Yeah would be a really nice dmg bonus for 5 points if only the wording could be ‘‘while wielding a bow’’ :slight_smile:

That is not true.

It affects everything that is considered bow. For example Hail Of Arrows is considered Bow, but does not hit baseline and it would still benefit from it.

Your other point, that it does not scale bleed is correct though.

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Yep thx for correcting me on that point i forgot about HoA. Was too much focused on the ailment part with bow dmg.

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