TriKster's Poison Detonating Arrow Marksman (0.8d)

Beginner friendly. Fast leveling. Easy to gear. Amazing clear speed. All content.

  • You can reach up to 1.4k health, 60%+ Dodge Chance, 60-70% All Res & 100% Crit Avoidance.

  • 70-80k DoT dmg on dummy without buffs. Over 160k DoT with buffs and debuffs activated.

This is my last ailment version for the Marksman mastery class. Inspired by my favorite PoE build, the Caustic Arrow TriKster…i mean Trickster, i tried to rebuild a LE version of it. Detonating Arrow already has a good amount of Poison chance in the skilltree, which makes it easy to apply high numbers of poison stacks instantly. It is probably the best Monolith farmer and boss killer compared to my Ignite Cinder Strike & Bleed Puncture Build.

Most important note: I don’t use any broken mechanics which makes all the DoT builds i shared on the forum save to play in the future without having to worry about that the builds are getting nerfed. (Hopefully)

Build Overview

Detonating Arrow is a strong Marksman dmg Skill that we use to apply high amounts of Poison stacks in a huge area combined with the Barrage skillnode which makes it a Cone Area explosion behind the target that you attacked. DA is a 8 mana cost skill, so we use Puncture as our Mana Regenerator and dmg buffer for DA. The Shift & Acid Flask interaction is very unique and allows us to debuff monsters while also granting us global poison chance for DA. It is really important early on to keep an eye on your mana, since all the skills cost alot of mana. This time we use Decoy for an additional dmg burst only on Bosses and high hp rares to make Monolith farming faster and easier.



  • High amount of Poison stacks

  • Really fast story leveling and good for Monolith

  • Huge AoE for clearspeed

  • No Uniques necessary

  • We can focus on defensive stats on gear without losing too much dmg


  • Ailment build, it still needs some time to get full dmg potential

  • Requires a lot of mana to sustain DA, Shift+Acid Flask & Decoy


You can level really fast through the story and early monoliths/arena runs with low budget gear. Use Puncture early on with bow. Make sure to find a Salvaged Bow (because of high base attack rate) and craft some Poison & Bleed chance on it. Get Frenzy and all the bleed chance stacks (Bloodthirst & Hunger) from the Puncture skilltree to easily rush through the content. Once you unlock Marksman and Detonating Arrow you immediately put points into Scorpion Arrow, then Barrage, then Jolting Charge to reach 500% poison chance with DA. Puncture is still your single target skill and with DA you can clear big group of monsters. Follow the skilltree for Shift, Acid Flask & Decoy once you unlock them. Specialize in Puncture, Shift & Detonating Arrow early on. The other 2 skills you can get later. For leveling gear i always use 2x Arboreal Circuit Rings and Mourningfrost boots. Vipertail is a lvl 6 item that you can keep for this build.

Gameplay Videos

uploading tomorrow



1. Detonating Arrow (Main Skill)

  • Over 500% poison chance from skilltree

  • Barrage (Cone Area) is simply the best QoL feature for DA even though we waste 2 points into Quick Detonation. Instant dmg and fast clearspeed. I tested both Suckerpunch Arrow & Rapid Detonation, but we don’t get any extra dmg with this layout. Barrage still applies both the hit & explosion at the same time with no arming time!

  • Extra explosion dmg & area nodes

  • Homing Arrows makes it easier to hit enemies. Really useful with the high mana costs we have. We want all the arrows to hit the target.

2. Puncture (Dmg boost & Mana Regenerator)

  • Frenzy buff for DA (more stacks we can apply because of higher attack speed)

  • 50% Efficacious Toxin chance for 10% more ailment effect for DA

  • 360% additional Bleed chance for DA that we can scale with Damage over Time affixes

3. Shift (Movement Skill & Dmg Boost)

  • 4 Jade Arrows for additional poison chance & DoT dmg

  • Movement speed buff

  • Procs Acid Flask on departure and arrival to debuff monsters that got hit by the flask and buff us with 100% increased global poison chance

4. Acid Flask (Offensive & Defensive Support)

  • 100% global poison chance while standing in poison pool procced from Shift

  • 100% Blind chance on hit

  • 600% Poison Shred chance on hit

  • 50% frailty chance on hit

5. Decoy (Burst dmg & Taunt)

  • Massive dmg on bosses or high hp rares

  • High mana cost

  • Only one Charge

For Arena i recommend the skilltree i used with my Ignite Cinder Strike & Bleed Puncture version to have 2 Charges and better defensive stats.



  • High attack speed.

  • 25% Haste chance on hit + dmg per movement speed

  • High dodge rating

  • 80% Poison chance

  • Sapping Strikes for mana sustain with Puncture


  • High attack speed and Life on hit

  • DoT dmg while wielding a Bow + Reduced DoT dmg taken

  • Movement Speed & Dodge + Dmg from Concentration buff (It’s easy to keep the distance to enemies)

  • Arrow Storm & Covering Fire for the Silver Shroud boost

  • Elemental Arrows, Siege Quiver & Fire and Steel to abuse the almost capped Elemental resistance mechanic

  • Bow Poison chance & shred

  • Ethereal Arrows & Master Archer for more mana, DA Dmg & AoE



Bow: Serpent Bow (High base attack speed & Poison Chance)

Quiver: Nagasa Quiver (Poison Chance)

Helmet: (DoT implicit)

Body Armour: (Dodge Rating implicit)

Gloves: Engraved Gauntlets (Phys Res)

Boots: Solarum Greaves (Fire Res & high movement speed)

Relic: Stained Tome (Life)

Amulet: Bone Amulet (Additional Resistances)

Rings: 2x Silver Rings for Movement Speed or Jade Rings for Dodge (i prefer movement speed)

Belt: Vipertail for Poison & Slow Chance + Dodge


Up to 30% Poison Chance and 45% increased Poison Damage


This is really up to you and what you prefer because there are not really BiS idols for this build. I don’t use DA AoE because we alrdy have enough AoE. So Poison chance/dmg and some life is imo a good setup. You can also use increased dmg while wielding a Bow Idols but we miss a good prefix with those big idols.


Choose whatever you need and prefer.

Timeline: The Black Sun

  • Grand Echo of Solarum (Phys & Void Res) (Recommended)

  • Grand Shadow oft he Eclipse (Flat Dodge Rating)

Timeline: Ending the Storm

  • Grand Light of the Moon (additional Mana for DA) (Recommended)

  • Grand Chill oft he Deep (Chill on Hit chance)

Timeline: Reign of Dragons

  • Taste of Venom (Poison Chance) (Recommended)

  • Binds of Nature (Poison Dmg)

  • Resolve of Humanity (All Res)

  • Survival of Might (Crit Avoidance)

Thanks for reading. As always feel free to give Feedback. Happy holidays and merry christmas to all of you!


Trikster’s on fire… err… poison! Rogue’s out and he’s firing guides out as if channeling flurry.


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Hmmm…a channeled flurry ailment version. Let’s try that :smiley:

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