So Has Anyone Done a Marksman Build Around Cinderstrike?

With some life on hit it seems quite strong thru the story and it doesn’t use mana…am I missing something?

A Marks with Black Quiver and the spec branch in BQ for Cinder is fun and effective.

Thx just had a quick look at that. All of a sudden you’re using 15 mana per shot? (to follow that branch). Kinda defeats my point about using the non-mana benefit of the skill

I did one guide back when rogue got release but sadly yesterday the topic was closed because of the 2 month restriction. I wanted to update for 0.8.1
It’s basically a dex stacking ignite build and instead of HoA i played with smoke bomb and dark quiver for almost capped dodge and 100% GB.

If you were going hit damage instead of ignite, you could use Mourningfrost boots for even more damage (& more damage taken :wink: ), though you might want to take the elemental vulneratility node to convert it to increased cold damage as well as increased fire.

I can’t remember exactly how much dex i had at the end but around 70% more dmg taken sounds…like a great challenge.

Yeah but you’re ranged, it’s fine, just don’t get hit! Simples!

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I played a build and with the early sets and uniques I was hitting 800% ignite chance at level 20 ish. Even with crappy gear the dot build works like a charm because i was able to stack ~10 stacks per shot.
The only “problem” I met was the lack of other realy good skills that synergize well. I worked with explosive dummys, the shroud and the dash but always thought black arrow is a clusterffff. After all it is fun because you simplay shot enemys once or twice and walk away. I’m just a bit sad that there is no bow like in Wolcen with added projectiles… this would be fun for dot builds ^^.

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Yep calamity, invoker rings and soulfire are insane early on with CS. Additional projectiles would be nice to have, i went for burning daggers to get more projectiles flying around of you. I wanted to play around the ignite version of smoke bomb aswell, but the dmg is totally lacking and i rather prefer the defensive bonuses.

Thx very much for the input guys. I think I’ll just keep messing with it and see what happens right now I’m all fire and ignite and stacking HP on hit. Don’t really want to go down the Dark Quiver line because I lose the mana-free advantage. We’ll see how the damage holds up in end game, I can always respec.

You can use Sapping Strikes on Rogue passive tree to get 8 Mana on Hit for 0 Mana cost skills. Even when you add Burning Daggers in CS tree which will cost 8 Mana every time you proc a Dagger, i still never had any mana issues playing together with dark quiver. Until Dawn node on Dark Quiver tree to have 25% chance to summon a black arrows makes you spawn black arrows also all the time. My mana pool is basically always full.

Ah OK thx for info. I’ll have a look at that then

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