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I have a bug that happened a few times and don’t know how to fix it. It seems when i moved around my stash tabs it bugged, and now i have two always linked, and sometimes when i create a new category it links it self to another one. Per my screenshot, the categories i created “-” and “Kategory” are linked it seems, i can only put stash tabs in “-” or “Class”, but can’t interact with “Kategory”.

Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta.txt (253.7 KB)


this bug keeps happening for me too. A quick workaround is to create a new category, move the tabs there, and then delete the old “grouped up” categories. The problem - and reason why I landed here - is that the bug can happen again, and again, … and again. This really needs a fix.

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Any updates?

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Ye I hope this gets fixed soon because I have spent the best part of the last 2-3 hours making new tabs then cleaning out the merged old ones, and putting those tabs into the new categories then deleting the old titles, just to get the newly-created titles I moved merged again with other titles/stashes and it’s really getting on my nerves because I feel like I am just wasting my time trying to sort this out if it is just going to bug out again :frowning:

Like in this Example I am trying to move the Red-labeled stashes back into the actual LEG category and when I click confirm, nothing happens and the stash remains in the Armours Category:

In this same SS, you can see a grey category labeled armours which seems to be merged with the yellow Armours Category as well. I cannot delete that grey’d armours category bc of this, and when I make an entirely new category to fix this then individually move the location of the stashes from these 2 categories, and upon deletion of both the empty armours categories afterwards, then stashes and categories elsewhere immediately merge together, and I’m stuck with the problem once again! Please EHG fix this soon! It is really really frustrating/annoying to not have these stashes in the categories that they are supposed to be in!

Also on a side note, I am experiencing big erratic discrepencies in what items are showing in the categories in the Quick View Menu vs. the categories on the Stash Menu itself. I really hope you guys can get a fix for all of these issues soon.

It’s doing it again without me even messing with the stash tabs, and this time it is worse!

I had 4 of the Stash Tabs labeled in the “Extra Stash” Category, and now they’ve been mysteriously moved under the “Another Legendary Stash” Category while leaving the Extra Stash Category alone (But merged with the above tab at the bottom showing no tabs in the quick view.

***Additionally, I lost a whole category “Keys” with 2 stashes in it when logging in this morning as well. One contained about 2/3rds of a stash in Dungeon Keys, while the other stash contained a little less than 1/2 a stash of Arena Keys, and a row of Arena Keys of Memory. I searched up and down all categories of stashes to see if those 2 stashes might be hidden somewhere, but even the category is missing, so this is new to me. Anyhow, a fix would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: I don’t know what can be done to recover my 2 stashes and lost keys, and I know there are save files I have backed up, but I have a feeling something in the file system went corrupt and broke my stashes. Only a matter of time I guess before all my good loot I have saved up for later crafting will be magically erased I guess :confused:

Yep, just logged in again later this morning, and all the items in my Set items category including the Stash itself is gone! That’s at least 3 stash tabs mysteriously deleted now just because I dared to log into this game, damn, so I guess I won’t be continuing to play this game until this gets fixed. I have contacted technical support on this matter.

edit: I logged back in on my 1st character, and no changes in tabs, but went right back to 2nd character, and not only did the Set Items category reappear but my stash tab with set items resurfaced as well o.0 I am happy that happened but confused as to why it happened through this latest sequence.

When the stash tabs get messed up like this, the only confirmed way of fixing it is manually editing the stash file (after backup obviously) to correct the categoryId and associated tabId entries. Its not that hard but can be confusing/daunting if you dont understand the data structures… Editing it in-game doesnt seem to work properly with weird things happening even after it looks like its ok.

See the following bug report thread from a while ago.:

Obviously the devs know about this… and its probably likely that this will be fixed by the time MP is launched as no-one will be able to use this manual workaround when the savegames etc are all on EHG servers…


FYI, here is a simple way of understanding what is happening and how to fix it if you want to:

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