Stash Tabs messed up

I re-organized my stash-tabs and the old bug occured in the “online mode” too:

My sub-tabs are gone (i think while deleting another main tab, after moving some sub-tabs before).
if i add new main tab, the missing sub-tabs magically apear in the new main-tab.
If i click on an old “buggy” main-tab , multiple main-tabs got selected (and then i can not delete tab).

Dont know how to solve this bug :frowning:

Similar problems for me. Bumping post to see if this is on the radar of devs at all.

Did you manage to get anywhere with this problem?

What i have done:

I created a lot of new “main” tabs and moved my “sub” tabs to them.
Then i’ve dragged all the buggy “main” tabs to the right.
I didn’t try to delete the old buggy tabs, because this will lead to more buggy tabs.
All i could do was to move them to the right edge (i will ignore them now).
The new tabs i’ve created are all working correctly.
Saddly the old buggy tabs still existing but i will never touch them again.

Important to know while adding the new “main” tabs:
You need to ensure, that the new “main” tabs are created correctly and not get an internal ID
of an old previous deleted buggy “main” tab.
If you click on the tab and multiple tabs are selected (you can see this e. g. in the stash sidebar) then the tab is corrupted (by the void :D).
In this case you need to add another one.
I’ve colored my buggy “main” tabs red, so i can better identify them

Thanks. I did the similar thing that day and did work. :slight_smile:

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