Staves Rework coming in Eternal Legends Update

The Eternal Legends Update is bringing a slew of improvements, changes, and new content. Yesterday we released a Dev Blog about Crafting Changes coming to Last Epoch in the upcoming patch. Today, let’s take a closer look at another weapon group getting an overhaul - Staves.

Similar to Spears, Staves will also get new 2D and 3D art and offer a wide variety of powerful implicit affixes to support even more builds. Check some examples below!

Temple Staff

Dragon Staff

Bladed Staff

Spine Rod

Horned Staff

Shamanic Staff

We hope you enjoyed sneak peek of what is coming. Join us tomorrow, when we will share details about the new rogue skill. :wink:



Those looking sezy


Typo, but yes. And lots of +1 skills.


I can confirm that was intentional and was also commented before reading the post.
But yeah, sezy indeed.

Is that what all the cool kids are saying now?

Hangs head in despair for the future

Staves are my favorite weapon in the game and these changes are all amazing. I can’t wait for the update! Also those visuals are fire

My favourite kind of weapon!

Goddddd my mind is reeling at the possibilities already.

That bladed staff aesthetic with SpellBlade though :eyes::eyes:

Love the staves.

The first bulk orders for the temple staff have just been received! :+1:

Nice staves but why Bladed Staff being superior to Dragon Staff (more adaptive spell dmg) requires lvl 74 while Dragon Staff requires lvl 85?

+1 Elemental skills is more likely to be useful for a pure caster while the Bladed Staff is more for a caster/melee hybrid, like the Spellblade or a Sentinel.

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Like llama said, the +1 elemental skills affect a lot more skills than those with a melee tag where the item base type would be most likely used class wise

These will do! Thanks EHG!

I hope you guys are gonna enjoy another layer of

Forging Potential RNG on gears

since the current crafting is “SO TERRIBLE” and this change is gonna make you feel “less bad”, pfft.

EHG is pure :fire: :fire: :fire: . Every post/reveal gets me excited. It’s pure dopamine. I love the importance they take in communication, action course, finding solutions and giving us quality.

Always lurking for the next EHG post.

I ask myself if staffs now can get -dmg taken from crits with the additon of melee focused staffs.

Temple Staff is insane. Mana is good:P

Duel wield Staff & sword when? Ala Gandalf